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Jersey women’s care center is from the first healthcare centers for women in OB & GYNs. They have many services to help you, my lady. Let’s know more about them and see how they can help you.

What Type Of Services Can Jersey Women’s Care Center Give To Me?

Jersey women’s care center can present many services to you either you are a virgin or want to pregnant or don’t want to be pregnant or already pregnant or even in menopause. 

Here You Are Some Of Their Services For These Diseases:


Polycystic ovary syndrome is a frequently occurring disease. It occurs in one out of ten women all over the world. It occurs in many types of women all over the reproductive years. 

Pelvic Pain:

It’s a syndrome that is caused by nerve or muscle irritation of the pelvic floor. It may have other causes than reproductive such as digestive or urinary causes. It’s a sign of many serious diseases such as Ectopic pregnancy, Menstrual cramps, Ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Uterine fibroids, Vulvodynia, Urinary tract infection, Colon cancer, Appendicitis, Constipation, Crohn’s disease, Diverticulitis, Interstitial cystitis, Irritable bowel syndrome. So you have to make the right decision and go to your doctor to detect the right cause.


This case occurs when the uterus gets ready for a fertilized ova and then no pregnancy occurs, at this time the wall is supposed to be fallen, but the wall continued to thicken towards the fallopian tubes and then out of the reproductive system to lower the abdomen that may interfere with the fertility.

Pap Smear:

Pap smear is taken periodically from the cervical cells at least once every three years from 21:65 years old. You can also take a smear for Human papillomavirus (HPV). Whenever there is any abnormality they use colposcopy to evaluate:

  1. Cervix inflammation.

  2. Cervix genital warts.

  3. Noncancerous growth on the cervix.

All of this is to protect you from cervical cancer.


Urinary tract infections can be transmitted easily to your reproductive system. The Jersey women’s care center can help you with this also.

jersey women’s care center

They Can Offer For You Many Tools To Delay Childbearing Or Prevent Childbearing Such As:


Nexaplanon by implanting a thin, plastic, flexible rod under the skin between your biceps and triceps muscles as birth control after only one week of implantation by thinning the wall of the uterus so it will not be never ready to receive a fertile ova.


It’s one of the birth control methods that Jersey women’s care centers can help you to have by using many tools such as barriers, hormones, natural and surgical. Jersey women’s care center helps you to choose the suitable and effective tool for you as it differs from one person to another. Every tool has an efficiency percent, but also there is individual variation. You can have a look over their percentages:

  • IUD: 99%

  • Patches: 91%

  • Implants: 99%

  • Diaphragm: 88%

  • Withdrawal: 78%

  • Tubal ligation: 99%

  • Pills: 91%

  • Condoms: 85%

Tube Ligation:

Tube ligation is a type of female sterilization. It's considered a type of birth control. In Jersey, women’s care centers can apply by cutting trying, or blocking the fallopian tube to prevent pregnancy permanently.

Jersey Women’s Care Center Can Give More Attention And Help During Pregnancy Through:

Pregnancy Consultation:

Jersey women’s care center can help with your pregnancy, speak about your medical history and make a plan with you till the end of your pregnancy.

Prenatal Care:

Jersey women’s care center will offer you many examinations and analyses especially at your first trimesters. You will have much attention if you suffer from diabetes or hypertension.

jersey women’s care center

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Ultrasound:

It's an advanced ultrasound device that will detect more details of your baby. It will enable you to see your baby’s heart, face, stomach, spine, brain, kidneys, arms, legs, bladder, hands, gender, feet, and umbilical cord. That will make you feel safe about your baby.

Fibroid Uterus:

These noncancerous masses appear at childbearing methods vary in size and number. In Jersey, women’s care centers are treated either by surgical interference or by a healthy lifestyle if it has a minimal effect upon you.

Most Of The Women Should Make Many Examinations That  Jersey Women’s Care Center Can Give To You:


Sexually transmitted diseases should be detected frequently:

  1. Under 25 years old sexually active women should be examined for chlamydia and gonorrhea.

  2. Women between 13:65 years old should be examined for HIV at least once.

  3. Pregnant women should be examined for syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B.

All of these tests are found in the jersey women’s care center.

Well-Woman Examination:

It's an exam done once yearly as a check-up for your reproductive health. Can be done before birth control, pregnancy...etc.

Minimally Invasive Surgery:

It's a type of surgery that is done by the advanced method and the jersey women’s care center has a really good review for them such as vaginal, hysteroscopic, laparoscopic, robotic surgery.

And this approximately all the services that jersey women’s care center can present to you.

jersey women’s care center

Who Are Your Provider At Jersey Women’s Care Center?

At Jersey women’s care center, there are two main providers:

Dr/ Elizabeth Ramirez:

She has experience of more than 17 years in obstetrics and gynecology. She also has really good reviews from many ladies especially in advanced surgery such as robotic hysterectomy. She is also active in many important obstetric and gynecology organizations. There is an important property in Dr/ Elizabeth that she speaks both English and Spanish.

Dr/ Hou:

Dr/ Hou is an Asian American doctor that is educated in very important colleges and makes important presentations in laparoscopic hysterectomy, endometrial cancer, and bilateral salpingectomy. 

Both of them have many good reviews, and you can choose your doctor during determining your appointment.

What Is The Location Of The Jersey Women’s Care Center?

They have two offices both of them in New Jersey:

Jersey Women's Care Center, Fair Lawn, NJ:

  • Phone (appointments): 646-809-1750.

  • Phone (general inquiries): 201-720-6100.

  • Address: 12-35 River Road, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410.

Jersey Women's Care Center, Jersey City, NJ:

  • Phone (appointments): 646-809-1759.

  • Phone (general inquiries): 201-217-5600.

  • Address: 435 Central Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07307.

How Can I Contact Jersey Women's Care Center?

You can call them on their phone numbers, fax, email, or send a message through their site.

Does Jersey Women's Care Center Accept Insurance Or Not?

They accept many insurances as:

Health Plus, AmeriHealth, Horizon, Clover, Oscar, Oxford Health Plan. There are about another 10 insurances that Jersey women’s care centers deal with.

What About Jersey Women's Care Center reviews?

They have marked 4.85 out of 5 stars on their site, but on google, it ranks 4.6 for the Fair Lawn Office and 3.6 for the jersey city office. Most of Jersey women’s care centers’ reviews are positive, but they only have comments about long waiting periods.

 Are There Any Alternatives For Jersey Women's Care Center?

There are many alternatives in New Jersey as:

  • First Choice Women's Resource Centers.

  • The Women’s Care Source.

  • Women's Health Center.

  • Jersey City Medical Center Women's Health at Grove St.

  • Center For Women's Care.

  • Women's Care Center- Dr. Ferrante, Dr. O'reilly, Dr. Austin.

The most recommended one is First Choice Women's Resource Centers which has 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Overall idea:

Jersey Women's Care Center overall is good. It has excellent doctors and many reviews show how perfect they are so I recommend it for you if your insurance will cover it.

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