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If you are a woman you rest assured about your health, you are safe, because Providence women's clinic east Portland is found and cares for your health. 

Providence women's clinic east

What is the Providence women's clinic east Portland? 

Providence women's clinic east Portland is one department of a great institution that offers various health services in many regions in the United States of America. 

Providence health and services in Oregon is a network of hospitals, clinics, and physicians that provide health services and care with non-profit goals. 

It branches into many parts in different regions, Providence Portland Medical Center is part of it.

Providence Women's Clinic East Portland is one clinic of  Providence Portland Medical Center beside its other clinics. 

Take a glance at Providence health and services: 

It is a great network of hospitals with services in California, Alaska, Montana, Washington, Oregon. 

History of the beginning:

The Sisters of Providence began in 1843, there were  Catholic women founded in Montreal, Quebec, soon to be called The Sisters of Providence.

The Providence institution grew and grew over time then became one of the greatest health services entities.  

The organization offers good patient care and research in areas such as cancer, women's health, heart, orthopedics, behavioral health, and rehabilitation services. 

Providence women's clinic east portland information for calling: 

Office location: 

545 NE 47th Ave

Suite 102

Portland, OR 97213

Phone: 503-215-6262

Fax: 503-234-5437

Office hours

Mon-Fri: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Providence women's clinic east

What are the services that Providence Women's Clinic East provides? 

Without a doubt, any woman seeks full health care during its different age stages, so Providence women's clinic east provides the following: 

  • Exams for women periodically and when needed. 

  • Family planning and advice for contraception. 

  • Visits as needed for health support and care. 

  • Planning for pregnancy, care for pregnancy, and follow-up. 

  • Menopausal care, consultation, and advice. 

  • Obstetrics and gynecology.  

  • Adolescent gynecology problems and how to deal. 

  • Minimally invasive surgery. 

  • Disease prevention and treatment. 

  • It provides certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) a lifetime.

Service of midwifery that Providence women's clinic east Portland offers: 

Women need a very good provider for their care especially when it comes to delivering their child, the Providence saves practitioner nurses and midwives for this purpose to take care of childbearing women,  pregnant women,  during labor,  after birth during the postpartum period. 

What is the midwife's care included?  

1-Continue and examine the physical, and psychological investigation via monitoring of the mother through the childbearing period.

2-Introduce education, counseling, and prenatal care, during labor and delivery, and provide postpartum support which minimizes technological intervention from problems that may appear and refers to women who require obstetrical attention. 


Providence women's clinic east Portland offers a board-certified and well-trained obstetrician to be beside the woman from the beginning of childbearing until the labor to keep it satisfied and healthy. 

Care for mothers and babies: 

The sense of happiness that makes the mother once he knows with the baby's presence in its uterus makes keen to take care of her health and follow pregnancy and to take advice to avoid any health problems they get. 

So Providence women's clinic east Portland supports moms during their pregnancy, advanced tips, and adequate instructions for their safety and examination periodically through office visits. 

Monitoring of babies' health during pregnancy until delivery and transition to parents. 

Repeating visits to ensure that the baby is safe after birth and free of health problems and genetic diseases to help intervene at the right time if there is any health problem. 

Providence women's clinic east

Specialized services: 

The institution has experts in the field of gynecology, critical pregnancy, and experts in handling miscarriages as well as monitoring the normal development of the child during pregnancy through regular check-ups and scheduled visits.

Maternal-fetal medicine doctors (perinatologists) examine your health and your baby’s development during a high-risk pregnancy. 

A genetic specialty to evaluate genetic risks before and during pregnancy and baby after birth. 

Fertility assessment and medical discussion and refer. 

There are two neonatal intensive care units (NICU) available 24/7 in the Portland metropolitan area. 

Delivery in Providence women's clinic east Portland, what you should know about. 

When the pregnant woman prepares for delivery she must know

information on Providence service, how to select a physician for her baby, childbirth and parenting classes, information on breastfeeding clinics, and support and follow-up methods.

What are the steps you should do until reaching the Providence women's clinic east Portland for delivery? 

Call the doctor or midwife before reaching the hospital and tell him/her about the progress of delivery symptoms because they must evaluate the progress.  

If the following occurs you must come quickly To the hospital: 

  • You have bloody secretions or vaginal bleeding.  

  • Your bag of water breaks and so much water comes down. 

  • Contractions increase every 4 to 5 minutes for more than an hour. 

  • Your baby movement decreased markedly. 

When you arrive at the hospital the medical team will evaluate the case and whether you complete 39 weeks pregnancy or not, your case requires Cesarean or normal birth. 

After entering the hospital and recording your data for admission hospital staff will accompany you to the maternity unit and you enter through an alternate entrance or use the emergency department entrance when your case is urgent. 

The providers select the room which is equipped for a safe vaginal birth if delivery is normal.

If a cesarean section is required, you will be taken to a nearby surgery suite.

You may need a person to stay with you for support during delivery, Providence allows this for you. 

After birth, the baby will be checked and examined to exclude any health problems and to ensure his safety. 

The providence offers a medical insurance plan for mother and baby according to instructions and policy.

Education by nurses to mothers after birth ensures how to deal with a new baby and take care of him and breastfeed well.


Providence women's clinic east Portland provides services to women of all ages and stages of life, caring about their health, following up pregnancy, breastfeeding, dealing with a baby after birth, with nonprofits. 

Written by: Dr. Amany Ali Eldeen

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