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There is no doubt that every one of us seeks a charming look. Le vite straightening hair brush will provides you with the bright look you always want to have.

As hair styling is the cornerstone of your look, le vite straightening hair brush will take care of your hair styling providing you with sleek, frizz-free hair.

We all know that in any celebrity straight hair is the most favorable hair type, due to its high ability to be reshaped to any hair form. Many people think that hair straightening is a harmful thing for their hair, so we will see if this opinion is true.

Le vite straightening hair brush

Is hair straightening a useful or a harmful thing for your hair?

Anything that exceeds its limits turns into a harmful thing. of course straightening your hair gives you a wonderful look, but over straightening will lead to fragile and damaged hair. If you use the methods of straightening which depend on chemicals or heat that will lead to more and more damage. 


Advantages of straightening:

  • Provides you with shiny, sleek, frizz-free hair.  

  • In permanent hair straightening it will cost you less than any other ways and expose your hair to less frequent heat. 

Disadvantages of straightening:

  • Hair follicles damage and that will lead to thinning and hair loss due to high heat.

  • In permanent hair straightening, chemicals may lead to breakage and dryness of your hair.

  • May cause keratin damage. (Keratin is a natural protein found in our hair, nails and teeth. as our age is increase, keratin begin to decrease and this will make our hair to look dry and frizzy )


How to choose your hair brush?

  1. Ceramic plating:

Hair stylists advise anyone when looking for a hair straightening device to look for a ceramic plating one. ceramic plating helps the straightening device to move easily through your hair without pulling or catching, that will minimize the chance for hair damage. That is one of le vite straightening hair brushes. 

  1. Heat settings at or below 375 degree:

High heat degrees can cause irreversible hair damage. It is known that fine hair types start its keratin degradation at almost 390 degrees and coarse types start its keratin degradation at 410 degrees, so we have to stay at a safe zone and not exceed 375 degrees.  

  1. The right size brush for your hair type:

It is recommended for people with dense or thick hair to obtain a larger brush, while people with fine hair or less dense hair can obtain a smaller brush. 

  1. A device which maintain a consistent heat

So you don't have to pass your device through your hair many times, and that will reduce time loss and reduce hair damage.


le vite straightening hair brush


Types of hair straighteners:

  • Natural hair straightening ways:

  • Hot oils.

  • Milk spray.

  • Milk and honey mixture.

  • Egg and olive oil mask.

  • Rice flour and egg mask.

  • Permanent or chemical methods: 

1- Hair rebonding

Depends on altering the structure of hair bonds in order to get a new shape.

It is a very expensive way and may cause great damage for your hair.

2- Hair relaxing

Depends on restructuring hair bonds also, but it is less expensive than hair rebonding.

3- Japanese or thermal reconditioning

Similar to hair rebonding technique. 

4- keratin or brazilian treatment

Soaking your hair in keratin to make it straight and give it a fizzy free look. expensive but more safe and give your hair sun protection.

  • Temporary or non chemical methods:

(At home, not expensive,fast options)


le vite straightening hair brush

1-Straightening iron

It is the commonly used way nowadays 

Make hair reshaping by using heat production.

2-Hot comb 

3-Blow dryer

used for damp hair types.

4-Straightening brushes

Electric devices that depend on heat production through large bristles.


le vite straightening hair brush:

 A brush provides you with the power to get your hair straightened and the simplicity of the ordinary shape of classic hair brush.

About this device: 

  • Le vite straightening hair brush is the best way to get straight, frizz-free hair that you are always looking for, whatever your hair type is curly, straight, wavy, or highly coiled.

  • In half the time you usually spend,  you will get smooth hair with a single stroke.

  • Best for: hair types that are difficult to straighten or curl easily and hair that is usually styled every 1 to 2 days.

  • Good for: hair types that are easy to straighten or curl, mid-length or long hair and hair that is styled less frequently.

  • Its heat elevates quickly and you can control its temperature as you want that will save your time and reduce the risk of damage.

  • Contains LCD digital interface through it you can control its temperature. 

  • avoid using it or any other one on wet hair that will lead to great damage.

  • le vite straightening hair brush

How to use le vite straightening hair brush?

You have to get your hair fully dry and then use le vite straightener brush to get your smooth hair. to get better results it is recommended to slide the brush from root to tip at slow to moderate speed.


Advantages of le vite hair brush:

- Straight hair with zero static:

For making smooth and frizz free hair, le vite straightener hair brush uses double negative ion technology which makes your hair straight with zero static.

-Maintaining moisture:

Ceramic bristles found in that hair straightening brush emit far-infrared heat which can penetrate the cuticle of the hair and smooth hair strands gently from inside out.

- Temperature control: 

le vite hair brush takes half the time of traditional straighteners, so it minimizes the risk of damage. 

- Nylon cool-tipped bristles:

To ensure there is no injury for your scalp or your fingertips.

-Auto shut-off:

Whenever you forget your brush working , it will shut down automatically in 30 minutes.


Features of le vite straightening hair brush:

  • Dual-voltage: 110-240 volt.

  • 9 ft. 360° swivel cord.

  • Default start-up heat of 370° F.

  • Temperature range: 170° F:450° F

  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60Hz

  • Rated Wattage: 45W

  • Weight: 0.86 lb 


It is really obvious that hair straightening is not a bad thing at all times. You have to take care when you choose your hair brush and choose the suitable one for your hair type. If you are pregnant, you should ask your doctor before doing straightening. and never ever use your brush on wet hair. 


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