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What About Dexter Vet Clinic? & The  Best Care About Animals. 

Dexter's Vet Clinic is your best choice to provide the required care for them, as it includes experience from veterinarians in all specialties.

It's located at 1823 MO-114, Dexter, MO 63841, United States. 

Owning a pet is a great responsibility, so let us help you with that responsibility through the Dexter vet Clinic, which provides many services to care for your pet, whether preventive or medical services, dental care, or taking the appropriate vaccinations in life stages.


About Dexter Vet Clinic:

Dexter's pet clinic is the best high-quality clinic equipped with all possible tools, it was established in the Dexter area, it was established by Dr. Jane Azoveva and Dr. Anna, and cares about the health of the animal and the strong bond between it and its owner, which makes you participate in making any decision on it. 

Dexter vet Clinic

Medical care:

The clinic helps keep your animal healthy and happy for as long as possible during the different stages of its life.

In terms of emergencies, we have a selection of the best veterinarians from emergency specialists and their team is always ready to receive your calls.

They also have elite veterinarians in all different fields, whether in medicine, surgery, or others. For example, they have Dr. Jane and Dr. Anna, who is considered one of the best surgeons and have high experience in emergencies.

Do you also want to take care of your pet's teeth clean and keep them fresh? So, Dexter Vet Clinic is the perfect solution. They have a team of dentists to keep your pet's teeth fresh and treat abscess, pus, inflammation, and heart diseases related to dental hygiene. 


Treatment financing methods:

By obtaining pet insurance at the clinic, you avoid a lot of costs.

It is best to try to get insurance at Dexter vet clinic because they also offer up to 90% compensation for unexpected vet costs in case of accidents and illnesses. You can also pay by credit card.

Dexter vet Clinic

Dexter Vet Clinic's people:

1- Dr. Jane Azoviva, 

Dr. Jane is a medical and surgical hobbyist, a graduate of Ross University College of Veterinary Medicine, and is the owner of Dexter Vet  Clinic.

She loves caring for the deep wounds and injuries of animals and enjoys seeing them, especially exotic species. Her love for animals is also reflected in her home; She lives with her family members (husband, daughter, and son) and raises Hyland cows, peacocks, and chickens, and she also loves parrots and cats.

Her life was not limited to work only, as she loves to spend most of her leisure time with her family, jogging, and reading.


2-Dr, Anna Calderon, 

Dr. Anna also graduated from the University of Edinburgh School of Veterinary Medicine in Scotland in 2012 and started her practice in treating small and exotic animals in England. She is the owner of Dexter vet Clinic, too

Dr. Anna very much enjoys watching dogs and cats, and she also has a special interest in teeth to protect them from many problems. She also loves to talk to you about your pet's problems and this helps her a lot in diagnosis and treatment and gives you many tips on how to take care of your favorite animal.


3-Dr: Courtney lingo:

Dr. Courtney is interested in internal medicine and dentistry and is highly skilled in this field. She is also responsible for hospital, anesthesia, nursing cases, laboratory monitoring, and equipment maintenance.


Clinic's assistant:


One of the best full-time veterinary assistants, she has been working in the veterinary field for 4 years. She loved this profession with her special needs dog, Emma.

She also loves to practice a lot of outdoor hobbies, such as handicrafts, and devote herself to spending fun times with friends and family.


Sasha started working with Mivet in 2020, then started working at Rusvm Veterinary School in 2021 and worked at Dexter as a part-time veterinary assistant. She has been working in the veterinary field for 6 years, mostly in emergencies. Sasha loved the veterinary profession as her mother by seeing it in action.

One of her most important hobbies is lifting weights, playing with her dog and cats, and traveling to new places.



The profession of veterinary medicine is one of the professions that take care of your pet and take care of it to the fullest, and through Dexter's Clinic you can check on it, and they provide him with the required vaccinations during his life and give you many tips for that. 


By: Dr, Nada Elashkar. 

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