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A regular visit to the Veterinary health center is important as animals can't speak. They need your care and attention to look after them. Most people love raising a pet as they make them happier and more active.

As Pets are good friends without benefits, They will always be there for you.

So let's begin with the reason why we can go to the veterinary health center.

Veterinary health center services:

Veterinary health center

1) Digital radiography and ultrasound:

If your pet has a broken bone or has a problem with his dentist, or has a problem with his lungs, or it has swollen a foreign body, an x-ray will be the best choice to diagnose its problem.

The veterinary health center can find the problem with your pet by using an X-ray image of your pet [It is a way that uses electromagnetic radiation that penetrates the body and shows black and white images on a TV monitor].

However, ultrasound is another way to better diagnose the problem with your pet, using sound waves on the soft tissues of your pet such as muscle, joints, heart, blood flow movement through blood vessels gastrointestinal and nervous system.

Unlike x-ray, ultrasounds show three-dimension images on computer screening in a live video which provides better diagnoses.

Veterinarians will use a layer of gel on the area that needs to be diagnosed which promotes the waves to transmit from the transducer to the pet's body through the gel.

Instead of going to the veterinary health center to get the x-ray or ultrasound results, Some of these centers present the x-ray image on CD to take with you to your home or sent via the internet.

Veterinary health center

2)Laser Therapy:

Some veterinary health centers use Co2 laser light to remove injured tissues and treat bleeding blood vessels.

This process will promote the healing of tissue and reduce pain and inflammation by causing a series of chemical reactions, releasing endorphins that relieve pain.

Laser sessions last from 15 to 30 minutes and have no side effects, help in faster healing of the wounds, and are more comfortable for your pets.

They can use laser light in conditions such as osteoarthritis, ear disease, skin infections, and oral disease post-surgical pain.

veterinary health center

3) Cardiology:

Have you noticed that your pet has short breath during its rest or it has been weak and collapsed recently, or it has exercise intolerance? if the answer is yes, it indicates that your pet has a problem related to the cardiovascular system.

Thanks to the right investigation and diagnosis, the Veterinary health center will deal with conditions such as heart failure, irregular heart rhythm, and others.

Veterinary health center

4) Dermatology:

One of the services that veterinary health centers offer is dealing with skin problems or allergic dermatitis or any disease shown on your pet's skin or nail.

Veterinary health center


Neurologists treat problems with the brain such as seizures, spine disorders, unusual behavior, or problems with balance.

veterinary health center


Another service that the veterinary health center offers is to treat any problem with your pet's eyes such as glaucoma, cataract, corneal disorder, and dry eye.

Veterinary health center


Some veterinarians use inhalant anesthesia drugs such as halothane gas or isoflurane gas to control the movement of pets, relax their muscles,  and make them don't feel pain.

All of these make it easy for veterinarians to diagnose pets and give them therapeutic drugs.

Dentistry, cleaning teeth, removing tumors, surgery, or diagnostic imaging are some of the conditions that veterinarians use anesthesia drugs for.

veterinary health center


When your pet has a bad breath or it can not eat or drink, of courseit won't say hey there my teeth hurt me badly!

You should keep your eye on it and try to find out where the problem is.

Cleaning, repairing broken teeth, preventing any further bacterial infection in teeth that will end with the removal of pets' teeth, all of these conditions need you to go to the veterinary health center.


Finally, looking after animals is a noble job, even if you don't like animals this won't change the fact that you will seek a veterinarian someday.

Because Some viruses such as the rabies virus which transmits from the saliva of animals to humans, you will need to go to the veterinarian to get the vaccine if you are bitten by an infected animal.

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