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Using alum powder for canker sores is the best, cheapest, and fastest way due to its astringent properties that may help shrink tissues and dry out your sore.

Alum Powder For Canker Sore


What Are Canker Sores?

Canker sores are white mouth ulcers surrounded by a red area that develops inside the mouth and at the base of the gums.

Canker sores are not cold sores:

Many confuse canker sores with cold sores

Cold sores occur on the lips and are caused by the herpes virus. The big difference between them is that cold sores are contagious.


Symptoms of canker sores

Canker sores usually disappear within a week or two. Using alum powder for canker sore can help reduce your pain and speed healing.

Typical symptoms include:

1.A small yellow or white round patch in your mouth.

2. tingling sensation in your mouth.

3.The ulcer has a red edge around it.


5.Feeling sick.

6.Swollen lymph nodes.


Alum Powder For Canker Sore


Alum Powder For Canker Sore

Bad news

It may be difficult to treat a canker sore because of its location and the moisture inside your mouth, making it very difficult to heal a wound.

Good news

Alum Powder is found to be beneficial to remove the moisture from the ulcer and speed up the healing time.

Using Alum Powder For Canker Sore can help shrink tissues due to alum astringent properties, and produce relief of the pain within 24 hours.

Our Secrets Of Using Alum

1.Put 1/8 of a teaspoon in a small cup.

2.Add one drop of water.

3.Stir into a paste.

4.Put a little of the paste on cotton then apply on the ulcer and leave it for about a minute or two.

5.After a few minutes, rinse the area completely.

The sores may stay for a day or two after application, but the pain will disappear. If the pain does not disappear within 24 hours, reapply the alum.

That’s it! So easy and effective. Next time you must use alum powder for canker sore and be sure to try this method out!

Other home remedies for canker sore.


Where Do Canker Sores Come From?

We know that they’re not contagious, but the exact cause of canker sores is unknown. Doctors do agree that they are probably genetic, and a few suspected triggers of canker sores are:

1.Hormone-related, specifically for women.

2.Injuries, like when you bite your lip.

3.Braces, which can cause dangerous abrasions on the inside of your mouth.

4.Acidic food or drinks like orange juice.

5.Lack of vitamins like iron, B12, and folic acid.

6.Food allergies.

7.Excessive stress.

8.Menstrual cycle.

9.Immune system problem.

10.Viral infection


Alum Powder For Canker Sore


Complications of Canker Sores

When canker sores are left untreated for weeks, it may cause multiple serious complications, such as:

1.Discomfort or pain during talking, or eating.


3.Sores spread outside of your mouth.



So contact your doctor if these complications happen. Bacterial infections can spread fast, so it’s important to stop a possible bacterial cause of a canker sore quickly, using alum powder for canker sore in this case is useless.


Why do they hurt so much?

A canker sore may be due to an injury to the inner layers of your mouth. Your mouth has high levels of digestive enzymes and acids that eat into the sores, which causes remarkable pain. Although there isn’t a way to prevent them from occurring, using alum powder for canker sore might help ease some of your pain.

How To Prevent?

Canker sores have a high rate of recurrence, so there’s no magic way to prevent them, but there are a few precautions you can take to try and prevent them:

1.Reduce Stress:

Some people find that they get more canker sores when they’re stressed. If that’s happened to you, you might consider taking a few precautions to reduce your stress.

Meditation, yoga, and guided.

2.Take Care of Your Teeth:  

The best way to avoid developing a canker sore is to keep your mouth clean. Getting rid of bacteria in your mouth will help you have a chance of keeping your mouth away from canker sores. Try to brush your teeth regularly, and avoid the kinds of toothpaste that irritate your mouth.

3.Protect Your Mouth: 

If you have braces or other injuries, be careful and use wax to prevent scratches and scrapes. 

4.Choose The Right Foods: 

Try to avoid salty or acidic foods that may irritate your mouth, stay away from them when you can. 

5.Talk to your doctor to choose a good supplement if you have any specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies. 

6.Use alum powder for canker sore fast, once you notice them.


Good news for many men

While anyone can be at risk of developing a canker sore, women are more susceptible than men.

Notes From Dew Treats 

As we said above, canker sore + alum powder = relief within 24 hours.

But take care of:

1.Alum is toxic in large amounts so do not swallow it.

2.Apply alum powder directly on the canker sore as it is more effective and let it for about 60 seconds.

3.Use crystal salt not powdered alum for mouth rinsing.

4.Usually, one application is enough, but sometimes, if the ulcer is severe, you may need to reapply the next day.

5.Do not ever use salt directly on your canker sores as it could make it worse. Instead, use a saltwater solution.


Canker sores are common, painful sores occur in your mouth caused by various causes from genetics to lifestyle, hormones to food, and many more. These appear as white patches surrounded by red area lesions and often cause a tingling or burning sensation in your mouth. Using alum powder for a canker sore is a good decision to dry out your sore and relieve your symptoms.

Dr:Mahmoud Khaled Fadel

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