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Before talking about natural remedies for warts on feet we need to know what warts are.

Warts are (benign) noncancerous, rough bumps that form on the skin, they appear when HPV, the human papillomavirus enters a cut or break in the skin and causes an infection. 

They are common in children and teenagers. However, anyone can get them, these types of warts can be painful, and the resulting raised bumps are uncomfortable, plantar warts or foot warts may also have tiny black spots that some people call “wart seeds.”

These spots in nature are blood vessels. While not necessarily harmful, plantar warts may grow and eventually make it uncomfortable to stand and walk.

Natural remedies for warts on feet

Types and nature of warts

- Common warts: mostly occur on the hands.

- Plantar warts: grow mostly on the feet soles.

- Flat warts: they can appear anywhere and often occur in large numbers.

- Filiform warts: they resemble thin threads.

Warts are contagious, the virus may spread from person to person or from different parts of the body by:

- Touching any surface contaminated with the virus, like towels, doorknobs, and shower floors.

- Sexual intercourse (genital warts)

- Nail biting and cuticle picking

- Shaving

Anyone with warts should avoid touching them unnecessarily. If they need to touch warts to apply a treatment, they have to wash their hands immediately after doing so.

What are remedies for warts

Warts vary in appearance They may look dome-shaped, rough, flat, or Skin-colored, brown, gray, or black.

Most common warts heal without treatment, also it may take a year or two and new ones may develop nearby. Some people choose a doctor to treat their warts because natural treatment is not effective and the warts are spreading, or a cosmetic concern.

The goals of treatment are to crash the wart and stimulate the immune system to fight the virus or both.

Treatment may take weeks or months. Even with treatment, warts may recur or spread. 

Foot warts and how to treat them

It’s often possible to treat plantar warts at home by using natural remedies for warts on feet, but it’s also important to know when you should see a doctor for medical treatment.

When it comes to natural remedies for warts on feet, you have options! 

First, it is better to go to a specialist in podiology to diagnose the skin lesion because corn or callus may easily be mistaken for a plantar wart. However, there are natural remedies for warts on feet that can be effective.

These remedies can take up to 2 to 3 months to eradicate, the aim is to eliminate the hard skin of the wart.

Before applying the natural remedies for warts on your feet, soften the skin by soaking it in warm water for up to 5 minutes, then dry it thoroughly.

Natural remedies for warts on feet

The best natural remedies for warts on feet

Castor oil 

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects and is classified as one of the best natural remedies for warts on feet.

Apply castor oil on the wart daily, it might take three or more weeks for the wart to fall off.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is acidic and made of fermented apple juice, it’s like salicylic acid, a wart treatment that peels away infected skin and removes the wart.

Banana peel 

Anecdotal research suggests that banana peel can help get rid of warts.


Garlic is a natural traditional remedy!

Garlic has a long history of being used to heal skin conditions like psoriasis, keloid scars, and corn, it’s also used for bacterial, viral, and fungal infections such as warts.

In an older studyTrusted Source, garlic extract got rid of warts within four weeks.

Tea tree oil

Sometimes we need to combine two natural remedies for warts on feet.

Put some amount of the oil on your wart for a few hours. What you can do is combine a few drops of tea tree oil with castor oil and apply them with a cotton piece on the wart. Repeat it twice a day.

Tablets of Vitamin E 

Bring a vitamin E capsule and put the oil on the wart. Put a bandage over the wound. Repeat for at least 2 weeks and see the results.

Aloe vera 

Aloe vera gel is used for some skin conditions like psoriasis and burns. If your wart is itchy or painful, the gel will relieve the pain.

If symptoms don't improve or any side effects occur, stop these natural remedies for warts on feet immediately and contact your doctor.

Natural remedies for warts on feet

Medical treatment of warts

We talked about the natural remedies for warts on feet, now we will talk about some effective medical treatments for wart removal.


Your doctor may treat your wart by applying p cantharidin on the wart, a substance that will cause a blister to form under the wart. One week after treatment, your doctor can cut off the dead wart.


It is the most common treatment and involves a doctor freezing off your wart, but you may need to repeat treatments. Sometimes it causes dark spots on dark skin people.


Electrosurgery means burning the wart after a local anesthetic is applied, while curettage involves scraping off the wart with a sharp tool. These two procedures are usually used together.

Laser treatment

Doctors go to this procedure for warts that have not responded to other therapies.

However, medical treatment is more effective but a lot of people prefer using natural remedies for warts on feet (especially females) because they are usually painless.

So, it’s better to try these natural remedies for warts on feet first, they are easy, painless, and priceless.

How can you prevent warts

There are some people who are more prone to get warts than others:

- People who usually walk around barefoot.

- Butchers and meat handlers.

- People who always bite their nails.

- Immunosuppressed people, sometimes due to cancer or HIV treatment.                     

Ways to prevent warts:

- Always wear shoes in bathroom areas like the gym.

- Wash your hands many times to prevent the spread of HPV.

- Don't share personal items like towels, razors, scissors, or even pumice stones.


There are many types of warts. First, you have to know the nature of your wart and try to treat them with natural remedies for warts on feet, if there is no response go to your doctor to choose the best way of treatment.

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