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Most people have many problems with their hair and they are always looking for solutions, JVN shampoo and conditioner brand provides solutions to hair problems.

The parent company of JVN Hair is Biossance which uses squalane plants in its skincare product.

Squalane has a high emollient factor and is found naturally in the skin, which it’s very good at both hydrating and preventing loss of hydration, so no surprise that a key ingredient of JVN shampoo and conditioner is squalane in the form of hemisqualane as an alternative to silicone.

JVN shampoo and conditioner

Types of JVN shampoo and conditioner

There are three types of JVN shampoo and conditioner each one deals with a certain hair problem.

Embody Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Free sulfate shampoo with a luxurious lather that builds hair without drying out your hair, It works to intensify the hair without making the hair frizzy.

Nurture Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Daily shampoo that hydrates a color-safe thoroughly cleanses while minimizing frizz, adding smoothing and shine, to strands from root to tip.

Un damage Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

A reparative shampoo that gently cleanses, conditions, and strengthens sensitive, damaged, and over-processed hair without stripping it of moisture.

JVN shampoo and conditioner and also hair oil were able to solve hair problems and take care of hair.

Here are the most common hair problems in women and men 

Hair dandruff

- Dry skin is one of the common causes of dandruff during cold months, skin becomes drier and this makes dandruff appear.

- You're not shampooing enough or the shampoo you use isn’t strong enough to remove the oil so oil accumulates on the skin and can cause dandruff.

- Allergic: if you have any allergy to your hair care products this causes dandruff.

JVN shampoo and conditioner products can solve this problem because Jonathan Van Ness' vinegar concoction works better than many other anti-dandruff solutions.

He added tea tree oil to moisturize the hair and tamp down the smell of the vinegar but still, you can notice the vinegar smell. 

Dry Hair

Using harsh soaps or alcohols and excessive hair washing lead to stripping away all of the hair’s natural oils.

Dry air due to the climate or excessive blow-drying or using shampoo or conditioner contains chemical products.

Give dry hair instant hydration by using JVN shampoo and conditioner that contain natural herbal and free sulfate and Panthenol and boasts Aloe Leaf Juice for the deep, lasting moisture     

Hair Loss

It is often caused by medication, stress, and changing hormones in women (menopause), and many hair styling products (chemicals/excessive heat) can lead to hair loss.

JVN shampoo and conditioner brimming with sustainably sourced ingredients like stimulating Rosemary extract and calming Neem Seed extract, which nourishes your scalp for stronger hair and promotes balance and strength for healthier hair from root to tip.

Hair Split Ends

Split ends happen when the ends of your hair become dry due to Exposure to weather conditions.

Use hair care techniques such as straightening, and curling may cause split ends and chemical hair products. 

So using JVN shampoo and conditioner can fix this problem.

Frizzy and dull hair

JVN products contain hemisqualane ingredients such as scalp oil, camellia seed oil in the conditioner, and moisturizing aloe leaf juice in the shampoo. 

One user said her scalp felt calm and without any irritation after using it and hair frizz was reduced. 

This is because it contains natural ingredients such as turmeric extract to soothe and strengthen the scalp.

JVN shampoo and conditioner

JVN shampoo and conditioner advantages

- Founded by hair stylist Jonathan Van Ness, JVN shampoo and conditioner provide special haircare that serves all types of hair (Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily) to improve the health of hair both instantly and over time. 

- Jonathan combined the best in effective, clean, and natural ingredients driven to change the beauty industry to treat damaged hair.  

- Products are packed with some of the latest technologies (including bio-fermentation) and high-performance ingredients(Hemisqualane in JVN Hair products).

Hemisqualane is our “one ingredient revolution”, is sustainably sourced from bio-fermented sugarcane, and is environmentally friendly, it is present in all JVN Hair formulations and improves hair instantly.

- JVN shampoo and conditioner are silicone, parabens, and sulfate free 

- Sustainability. All JVN hair jars, bottles, and tubes are made of “infinitely recyclable” glass and aluminum. 

- Provide hair routine by using Pre-wash scalp oil then use JVN shampoo and conditioner, and finally use air dry cream.

- The scent is pleasant –blackcurrant, lemon, sandalwood, white orchid, and vanilla. It doesn't linger strongly but there’s a kind of freshness that stays.

JVN shampoo and conditioner disadvantages

- Some of the reviews of shampoo and conditioner users say that results appear after a long period of use.

- Reviews say that shampoo and conditioner treat frizz for a short period.

- Some reviews say that the price is too expensive compared to some other brands of the same product.

- Reviews say that to get an ideal result, it is necessary to use a hair routine of shampoo, conditioner, oil, and cream, not just one product.


Anyone, whether a man or a woman, whatever the type of hair (Straight, Wavy, Curly, or Coily) can be treated with JVN shampoo and conditioner because they have been proven by reviews that it is effective, whether in the short or long term.

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