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Pbs animal health, Animal health means having no disease and having normal behavior noted by humans. And keeping animals healthy is very important in any society as they provide us with food, clothes, milk, and others. On the other hand, diseased animals are very harmful to us. And we can provide our animals with preventive care via vaccines, healthy food, a healthy environment, care in handling, and others. Thus, we will talk with you about Pbs animal health

Pbs animal health

1.What is pbs animal health? 

It is a domestic distributor ( in the United States in Ohio, Massillon, Wooster, Circleville, St. Henry, and Wilmington Stores. ) of animal health and animal products. They don’t ship products outside the United States, but you can use an Intermediate party located in the USA, where they ship the desired products,  then you can make arrangements to have your orders. They have been in the animal health business since 1941. They have the experience to help you find answers to your animal health needs and questions


2.What does pbs animal health provide?

They work on Monday-Friday. They can make Prescription orders that may require additional handling and processing. They ship Drop- items from the manufacturer to your door and estimated shipping times are written on the page of the product. 


Also, pbs animal health provides; boots, heated items, gloves, dewormers, rodent control, balling, guns, artery forceps, transfer needles, vaccines, automatic syringes, also offers books including information on the health of livestock. To know the updates Flow pbs animal health page on Facebook. If you have an EMERGENCY NEED for any product, you can call them. Pbs animal health customer Specialist speaks English. And You can speak with them in many languages, As they have interpreters who speak Dutch, French, Spanish, and other languages too. 


Temperature Sensitive Products (Vaccines and Others) are shipped separately from the rest of the order and contained in an isolated container which is suitable to the year months, which protects your products 

from freezing during freezing cold winter months, and also protects your products from baking hot weather during non-winter (summer) months. 

Packs that are frozen cold also be present in this isolated container. Don’t worry if you notice these packs are thawed, you Simply should refrigerate your heat-sensitive products. And this is normal. 

Pbs animal health

3.Order livestock Prescriptions from pbs animal health.

You can send your valid Prescription via mail, fax, and phone. They have printable Prescription forms. The written prescription should include the right and clear product name, the number, and name of the refilled authorized, using directions, And veterinarian license number and phone number. 


4.How can I know other products offered? 

 All products are offered through the catalog and website of pbs animal health. 

Pbs animal health

5.How can you get these products? 

To make an order online you should have an established account with pbs animal health, if this is your first Order you will use phone or mail, and just if you have an established account you can place your order on it. 

6.Health and safety in pbs animal health:

They use face masks, disinfect their hands regularly, disinfect and clean the store and surfaces. 


Keeping animals healthy is very important in any society to prevent infectious diseases, and also for the best achievement benefits from the livestock in industry, agriculture, and others. Pbs animal health helps you to achieve this. 

By: Zainab Magdy 


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