Pet Health Insurance Options Covers The Pre-existing Conditions

Some breeds of dog and cat to have the best medical care must inlet them into pet health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions in their life.


Pets animals:

Most houses have pets inside as one of its members.

The health of family members affected by pets' health because it may be a source of infection of many diseases.

Pet animals include several species such as dogs, cats,  birds, fish, hamsters, ants, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, turtles. but the common pet's  living with us are cats and dogs.

Because pets are domesticated, they usually contact humans so you must take care of their health status.

The most popular pets in the world are dogs than cats because dogs have several aims for rearing as guarding but cats reared for fun.

Some breeds of dog and cat are very expensive so you must make pet health insurance that covers preexisting conditions in their life.



Pets health:

Most of the diseases affecting the dog and cat are transmitted to humans as a zoonotic disease.

Either these diseases are curable or not curable that may expose human life to danger as toxoplasma so pet health insurance that covers preexisting conditions is very needed.


Pet health insurance:

Some companies provide payment facilities for pet insurance as it may partially or payment. Also, it bears all costs of veterinary care and medications.

Some insurance companies insure your pets with the high expensive breed. As pet health insurance that covers preexisting conditions is very important because they may be exposed to incurable diseases these lead to financial loss.




Insurance options:

Pet Health insurance that covers pre-existing condition characterized by short term insurance, medical care, affordable care act( ACA)plans, and other options differ from insurance company to another.

All covering insurance company:

An only insurance policy that covers anything that may be exposed accidentally .but no company does such this offer because it may be with high cost.



Free pet insurance companies:

Some companies provide free pet health insurance that covers a preexisting condition  for young babies or young kittens  for a certain period (several weeks)

Pet Health insurance that covers pre-existing condition:

Some insurance companies give coverage to preexisting conditions but in the case of pet health insurance, there is no coverage depending on if your pet is suffering from curable disease or not as some chronic disease is not treated only controls which interfere with insurance coverage.


Pre-existing conditions means any disease diagnosed before the pet insurance plan has been put by the insurance company.


A curable preexisting condition does not interfere with pet insurance as urinary affection, ear infection, upper respiratory tract infection, diarrhea, and GIT infection 

If your pet has any above curable case, it can get health insurance easily just as it completes its treatment.


A pre-existing condition that interferes with pet health insurance is a chronic incurable disease like cancer, diabetes, feline immunodeficiency virus, feline leukemia virus, heartworms, intestinal worms, high rise syndrome, rabies and allergy, genetic disease, arthritis, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, kidney infection, patellar luxation, skin affection, and hyperplasia.

SO; the best pattern for your pet to get health insurance with full coverage is when it is a healthy newly born bubby and kitten because the insurance provides your pets with preventive care to protect them from diseases.

How does the insurance company discover the pre-existing condition?

By full medical examination of the pet animal and by asking the owner. You must be honest about the case history of your pet because if you give mistakes, these will cancel the health insurance of your pet



Insurance plan:

Individual plan

Group plan

Family plan

Pet health insurance undergoes individual plans.


The best pet insurance plan:

1.Pet Assure: the best one

2.Pet Frist: for routine care

3.Geico: good discounts

4.Embrace: for emergency

5.Aspca: for multiple pets

6.Figo: for holistic care

7.Hartville: for older dogs

8. 24pet watch: for chronic disease

9.USAA: for service members


Cost of pet insurance:

It differs according to age, species, breed, life site, and rate of coverage that you needed

Generally, it ranged from 10 to 100$ per month.

Commonly 30 to 50 $ is the owner needed in most companies with satisfying coverage.

If your pet has a chronic disease, you can get a bucket for its treatment but out of the insurance plan and these will lower the cost of the veterinary medication


Pet insurance coverage:

1-life time: cover all life of your pet and renew every year.

2-time limited: cover your pet for a certain period. 

3- accidents: cover your pets when exposed to accidents only.

4- maximum benefit


The best pet health insurance companies:

  • Direct line advanced cover

  • Bought by many complete

  • More than classic or premier

  • M&s  bank premier

  • Tesco bank premier

  • John lewis finance pet insurance-plus or premier

  • Animal friends prestige

  • John lewis finance pet insurance - essentials

  • Sains burg's bank premier plus

  • LV- premier

  • Petplan-ultimate





The best pet health insurance companies in America:

  1. Healthy Paws

  2. Lemonade

  3. Pumpkin

  4. Embrace

  5. Spot pet insurance

  6. Trusted pals

  7. Pet plan

  8. Progressive

  9. ASPCA


Pet health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions should be put into your considerations if you have a pet animal in your house. choosing the insurance company is very important because this will lower the financial cost. determine the insurance coverage and plan suitable to you and your pet.

As early as possible; you should make health insurance for your pet. Because in young age the cost is less and the health status is better.

Written by: Dr. Asmaa Bashir

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