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Most women suffer from pus bumps on private area, especially during summer. Some people find it not an important thing so they try to treat it by using home remedies while others consider it as a harmful lesion so they tend to visit doctors.

Definition of Pus Bumps on Private area

Bus Bumps on a private area is a benign bacterial infection mostly staphylococcus bacterial infection.

Pus bumps may have several synonyms like Furuncle or skin abscess, it affects the follicles of the hair and oil glands.

They are sometimes painful and increase in pain as it grows, they start as inflammation in the skin that may develop into full pus. If the infection is mild, it could be treated at home.

They appear at the groin area or buttocks, they may be yellow or red.

pus bumps on private area

Causes of the Pus bumps on Private area

  • Contact dermatitis as there is severe itching so it facilitates bacterial infection

  • Tight clothes increase the incidence of friction and may aggravate the pain sensation

  • Using other personal items that may be infectious

  • Obesity or just being overweight allows Skin fold to be a good media for bacterial growth

  • Excess hormones at puberty time

  • Shaving or removing hair by wax facilitates bacterial entry.

  • Low hygiene

  • Diabetes, Anemia, and other debilitating diseases aggravate bacterial growth

  • Acne

  • Insect bites

  • Being in touch with people who have pus bumps

  • Very low immunity makes the body unable to fight against infection

  • Skin cuts lead to open wounds that increase the risk of infection

pus bumps on private area

Symptoms of pus bumps on private area

  • A pus bump starts with redness, and hotness which is painful to touch then it becomes full of pus with severe pain.

  • It may be associated with raised body temperature and swollen lymph nodes.

Could Pus bumps on private area be contagious

Yes, it may be contagious if you share personal items or become in contact with someone who has a boil. 

Treatment of Pus bumps on private area

The home treatment of the pus bump is very easy as it is treated by:

- Wash the bump with warm water not hot water, washing the infected area by antibacterial soap, or antiseptic solution. 

- Use a cloth with warm water and wipe the area of the boil three to four times for fifteen to twenty minutes every day this will increase the circulation and enhance white blood cells to fight against bacterial infection.

- Try to dry this area as much as possible to avoid further infection or inflammation.

- If the pus bump is not mild then it is a must to visit a doctor, especially if there is blood in the pus or there is a sign of systemic infection such as fever.

- Use topical antibiotics.

- If the lesion is severe or extensive use systemic antibiotics.

- Losing weight is much better.

- Enhance your immunity by eating healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. 

- If the pus bump is recurrent you have to do a complete blood picture and a blood glucose test. 

- Take a painkiller or anti-inflammatory to lessen the inflammation and the sense of pain. 

Do not use it alone as it has a burning effect on the skin. So mix the tea tree oil with coconut oil and swap it with cotton on the skin. Do this every day until you observe the relief. 

- You can use a Turmeric powder whether topical or systematic.

If you decide to ingest it, try to mix it with water or milk and drink this mixture two to three times every day. And if you decide to use it topically try to mix it with water or ginger. 

- Use Epsom salt as it helps the boil to dry, also it is used for relaxation and refreshing.

Dissolve the Epsom salt in water and immerse a cotton cloth in this solution then put it on the affected area, use this mixture two to three times per day.

pus bumps on private area

Healing of the pus bumps on Private area

Pus bumps will take two to three weeks to be healed on their own, but there is not a definite time of healing; it differs according to the immunity.

Is it necessary to visit a doctor if you have pus bumps on private area

- If the pus bump does not heal on its own within three weeks.

- If the pus bump increases in size every day.

- If it becomes very painful and you can not tolerate such pain.

- If there is severe hotness and redness in the pubic area.

- If the patient suffers from a high fever.

- The patient has a cold sweat and chills.

Preventive tips to avoid pus bumps on private area

- Avoid sharing clothes with others.

- During hot weather you must wear loose cotton clothes, it is a must to avoid friction in this area.

- Change your clothes frequently.

- Avoid using street toilets.

- Avoid using perfumes.

- Avoid itching.

- Some precautions we want to consider are not to use wipes or perfumes in the area of the bump.

- Avoid squeezing the bump.

- Avoid using other towels or soap.

- Sanitize your hand properly before touching the genitalia.

- Don’t prick the pus bump because this will spread out the infection.

- It is better to shave in a shower or in a bath and add moistures like lotion or creams to avoid friction.

- Trimming the pubic area with sharp scissors rather than using different shaving techniques.

- Exfoliate the area around the pus bumps to make it always clean.


Pus bumps on private areas are bacterial infections that may affect people at any age. Most of the time it is not dangerous but be cautious if they change in color or become painful so you should visit a doctor.

Self-hygiene is the first line of prevention from pus bumps on the private area so be sure not to use others items.

If you have pus bumps on a private area don't panic it will relieve soon in just two to three weeks by using a home remedy don't worry too much.

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