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"Seven Hills women's Health" Center is one of the most wonderful ideas that care for women's health and take care of them from adolescence to the age of Elias Features pimp or specialists in The seven Hills women's Health Hospital with skill and skill in dealing with women and taking care of health as it is available all modern technologies and new sciences to care for women health and psychologically safe and gentle on the women. 


Now, you can know that Seven Hills women's health Hospital offers a lot of services to you.

Amazingly, Specialists at seven Hills women's Health Hospital strive to provide all the services that make women enjoy a healthy life by receiving comprehensive care. let know more and more about these services such as gynecology.



Do you agree with me that  Specialists in the diseases of gynecology are interested in providing all the required care in the hospital of seven Hills women's Health So they do their best to take care of the health of the reproductive system, uterus, ovary, vagina, and fallopian tubes from the age of the patient until the age of Elias? Therefore you have to go to the center of seven Hills women's Health where the doctors answer all that worries you about sexuality and menopause to help you use contraception and tests for all sexual diseases.



Menopause is the last stage that illuminates women, which is menopause and lack of childbearing, and this period passes for women with mental and health disorders, and here appears the role of the doctors of seven Hills women's Health Hospital to take care of women healthily and psychologically so that this period passes safely for women, and we will talk about the hospital mechanisms in finding suitable solutions for a woman to compensate her for This uphill mouse for her.


The main role of Seven Hills women' S Health Hospital in relieving the symptoms of menopause for women

The role of seven Hills women's Health Hospital in relieving the symptoms of menopause for women appears in the following ways

  • Hormone replacement therapy is good for you

When replacing the woman's body with hormones that are no longer secreted by the body, we will allow her to feel comfortable and there are many methods in Seven seven Hills women's Health Hospital for this path of treatment.

  • Laser treatment for lower symptoms 

Pain during sex is a common symptom after menopause, so the doctors at seven Hills women's Health Hospital follow the Monalisa touch method, which is the use of a laser to relieve the symptoms of sex and urination.

  • Self-care is important

Seven Hills women' S Health hospital doctors advice following healthy nutritional methods during this period to take care of the health of the woman's body so that this period passes safely.



3.Breast cancer risk:

Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases suffered by women, which arouse fear and anxiety within them, but it is recommended that the specialists of seven Hills women's Health Hospital have continuous tests which provide a good opportunity to identify guardianship early and provide appropriate treatment available at all stages of treatment in the hospital as follows:

  1. Mammogram.

  2. Clinic exam.

  3. Breast self-awareness.

  4. Hereditary cancer screening.



4.Birth control:

When you want birth control, you will not find the best of the staff at The seven Hills women's Health Hospital, which is taking carefully studied steps that allow you to control the birth without side effects and maintain reproductive health in a way that suits you, where there are many ways in the Hospital of Seven, which as follow:

  • Harmonic birth control:

Specialists at seven Hills women's Health Hospital are advised in this way to women who suffer from disorders and pain before the period of pregnancy because it uses estrogen or progestin to prevent pregnancy and has many pictures available in the hospital as:

  • pill.

  • Injectables.

  • Vaginal rings.

  • Copper IUDs.

  • Hormonal IUDs.



  • Barrier birth control:

Doctors at seven Hills women's Health Hospital are advised by this method in the absence of women suffering from the nations before the menstrual period and are represented in the following pictures

  • Male condoms.

  • Female condoms.

  • Diaphragm.

  • Sponge. 




Many women suffer from endometriosis disorders so the doctors of The Seven Hills women 's health hospital do their best to recognize the symptoms and access the appropriate treatment that relieves pain and protection from any complications. Now we can know the start of treatment for Endometriosis.

  • Conversation 

First, the doctors are contacted and talk about the conditions that the patient feels, and the doctors of seven Hills women's health Hospital recommend tests to identify the type of diseases in the uterus, and these tests are available in the hospital as follows:

  • Pelvic.

  • Ultrasound.

  • Laparoscopy.

  • Determining the treatment  perfect for you.

Then,after confirming and determining what type of diseases the doctor will determine the perfect treatments for you. 

  • Medication.

  • Surgery.

  • Lifestyle changes.




Doctors recommend the Hospital of women ships infected with uterine fibroids after anxiety and fear because it is a benign tumor that is the most widespread in the pelvic area does not cause serious diseases.


Starting,when going to the doctor :

Doctors at seven Hills women's health Hospital recommend visiting the doctor when feeling the symptoms of the following weight in the pelvic area increased urination, severe pain during the period of intercourse of the leg pain decreased the number of red blood cells difficulty of pregnancy.


Now,let's go to know how to treat fibroids at seven Hills women's health? 

Only three steps to treat fibroids at seven Hills women 's health:

First, watchful waiting:

This course of treatment is specific to women who do not show symptoms of the symptoms we mentioned earlier or symptoms that hinder their daily activity.

Secondly, medication:

This pathway is for women who show symptoms mentioned earlier, and some medications that reduce bleeding are prescribed by regulating the menstrual cycle and which reduce symptoms.

Finally, surgery:

Seven Hills women's health Hospital is characterized by its highly skilled doctors and surgeons at the highest level to perform minor surgeries to reduce symptoms and get rid of the tumor with the provision of appropriate nutritional advice for the condition.



7.Cynecobgic cancer:

Seven Hills women's health doctors note that there is no anxiety and tension when conducting examinations for cancer diseases, due to the delay in providing appropriate care to women who suffer from cancer, and that early detection of the disease is one of the most effective steps that increase the speed of recovery and enjoy a more healthy life.


Types of cancer can seven Hills women 's health treat:

  • Cervical cancer

  • Ovarian cancer

  • Vaginal cancer

  • Uterine cancer

  • Endometrial cancer

  • Vulvar  cancer

Steps for lower your risk according to doctors of seven Hills women 's health:

Seven Hills women 's health Hospital specialists confirm that there is no sure way to prevent cancer diseases that affect women, but they always recommend several steps to reduce the risk of these diseases, which are as follows:

  • Adhere to a healthy balloon.

  • The genetic testing tool of Seven Hospital can be used to find out your family's history with cancer.

  •  Reducing your alcohol intake. 

  • Take care to boost your immune system.

  • Take care of natural care.




Sexual diseases provoke fear and excitement for their news, which are caused by the papillomavirus, and here the specialists at Seven Hills women 's health Hospital appear in the treatment of these diseases and that until now they are unable to challenge when and how the infection is, but what they confirm is that it has many treatment paths to get rid of these diseases, so what we will discuss about distance.


Seven Hills women 's health  help you for HPV:

Do you know that there is no confirmed treatment for the papillomavirus, but what is confirmed by the doctors of the Seven Hills women's health Hospital is that good and accurate follow-up at Seven Hills women's health Hospital is the most important steps for rapid treatment and cervical swabs are also among the most important steps that meet in the center based on which doctors determine which stages of the disease are required to wait where Some viruses expire with time, and if they are not eliminated, doctors recommend that we treat SPM with topical creams or surgeries to get rid of the effects of the presence of the virus.


Our dew treats today for every woman is that When you feel anxious and fearful about any of the gynecological diseases that do not threaten your healthy pills, you will not find a better haven than the seven hills women 's health hospital in which you put your trust. When you go to Seven Hills women's Health Hospital, you are in safe hands.


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