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St Elizabeth Women's Health built a new Women's Health Center, and they announce the opening of its 15,000-square-foot building at 600-610 Medical Village.

Located conveniently on the Edgewood campus, the center offers a comfortable, state-of-the-art setting for women’s health needs, including screening mammography, bone density scans (DEXA), pelvic floor physical therapy, and urogynecology services.

St Elizabeth Women's Health

St Elizabeth Women's Health

Highlights of the center include

Physicians of St Elizabeth Women's Health develop urogynecology services to provide universal care for a variety of pelvic floor disorders, including bladder control, bowel control, pelvic organ prolapse, and sexual dysfunction.

Expert Care for Women’s Health and Their Services

St Elizabeth Women's Health supplies a vast range of services to meet the needs of women, including preventive services such as age-specific health recommendations and their Hereditary Cancer program.

Breast Health

They provide a full range of services to prevent and treat breast cancer, including personalized support and assistance from their nurse navigator team. 

Heart Health

Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in women, but several women don't consider their risk. They offer a free program with education, screenings, and events to help you prevent heart disease and lead a healthier life.

Maternity Health

They're known for their comprehensive services for moms and babies. All staff work with you to create a personalized birthing experience, including natural childbirth.

Pelvic Floor Health

Their urogynecology part delivers universal care for pelvic floor disorders– everything from education about lifestyle changes to physical therapy and the latest minimally invasive treatments.

Bone Health

Women and men with osteoporosis, women have a great risk of this disease.

 They supply preventive screening and education to help prevent or slow bone loss and help you stay active and longer.

OB/GYN Health

If you need a routine checkup, you’re pregnant or trying, or if you have a specific condition or concern that requires special attention, their women’s health experts are here to help support your continued health and well-being.

St Elizabeth Women's Health

Health Recommendations for Women

At St. Elizabeth Women's Health, they're obliged to improve the health of women in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati, and experts have developed this recommendation because Women have unique health needs and concerns, and it's important to keep them well-formed.

Women have different needs at different ages; they've created health tips for different life stages.

Age-specific Health Tips for Women

These tips about lifestyle habits, self-exams, and screenings are important for women during each decade. See your doctor regularly, and follow their recommendations to improve your health and well-being.

Download health tips for women:

All Ages

Ages 20-29

Ages 30-39

Ages 40-49

Ages 50-59

Ages 60-69

Ages 70-79

St Elizabeth Women's Health

Hereditary Cancer Program

If you have a family history of cancer and you’re concerned about your risk, their genetic counselors can provide answers.  

This is the only cancer program in Northern Kentucky. Their genetic counselors have more experience about 40 years 

You can take steps to prevent cancer or identify disease early when you know the risk and when it’s treated most successfully.

The most common cause of cancer is non-genetic factors — such as environment, lifestyle, or age —  about 10 percent of cancer is the result of a gene mutation that is passed down from generation to generation. This is what’s called hereditary cancer.

You will know if you carry a cancer gene mutation and determine if you’re at higher risk of developing certain cancers — or second cancer if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer by genetic testing. 

St. Elizabeth Women's Health supplies universal genetic testing to all patients with breast cancer and is the first and only center for that. Genetic testing was reserved for a small subset of cancer patients in the past.  

However, studies are suggesting that this approach may be missing a significant number of people with a risk of cancer that is “running in the family.” 

In line with their mission for health and prevention in Northern Kentucky, They now offer this test to all women with a diagnosis who wish to address this concern.

Universal genetic testing is for all patients with pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, and advanced prostate cancer.

In another effort to provide cutting-edge care to their patients, St. Elizabeth Women's Health also supplies genetic testing for metabolic response to certain chemotherapy drugs, which is called Pharmacogenomic Screening, which will be discussed with you by your oncologist if you are an appropriate candidate for testing.

Genetic testing results provide important information and can

You should guide your cancer care team in planning your treatment (if you’ve already been diagnosed with cancer).

And help your care team manage your increased cancer risks through screening and prevention education.

Provide information for your family members.

Their specially trained genetic counselors help you make informed decisions about genetic testing, cancer treatment, and screening plans.

They support and offer resources to help you handle the emotional impact that genetic testing results may have on you and your family

St. Elizabeth Women's Health opened a Cancer Prevention Clinic, staffed by oncology and genetic specialists.

They develop your cancer prevention plan and work with you and your care providers to ensure that you are receiving the right care at the right time, year after year. 


In the end, St Elizabeth Women's Health is a good place for you. This place has experienced experts with high qualifications and you will find good treatment in it. 

By: Dr. Eman Abo Eleneen

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