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I found a lot of arguments about the state farm pet insurance cost in light of that, I wanted to clear up some points to help you make the right decision. First, since you own a pet animal, that means you have a chance to take care of a special creature that can change your life, and personality through many benefits.

State farm pet insurance cost 

Let me mention here some benefits could you get from owning a pet:


1- You will be a more responsible person because there is a weak living creature that depends on you.

2- They can make you feel positive feelings and change your mood.

3- They help you to exercise by walking with them in the garden.

4- Owning a pet will give you the confidence to make social interactions easily.

5- Be sure that the friendship bond and love won’t break up for any reason. 

After you have known the importance of having a pet let's back to our topic of state farm pet insurance cost but Do you know, What State Farm insurance is?

State Farm is one of the largest insurance companies which presents to customers different of the best insurance policies and lately, she got a partnership with Trupanion that is known for its quality of medical pet insurance.

I’m sure the insurance plans which are provided to your pet will make you get rid of financial worries you may carry by a special State Farm pet insurance cost.

That sounds convenient, isn’t it? Certainly.

However, What is the importance of Pet insurance?

1- It makes you focus on your pet's health, treatment, and vaccination.

2- Saving your money from an expensive treatment.

3- you will get a peaceful mind and not worry if any emergency accident would happen.

4- There will be many options of treatment and will be able to take the best one

of what you want.

State farm pet insurance cost

SO, How much does State Farm pet insurance cost?

State Farm pet insurance cost will be according to your kind pet and what he needs, your location, and the deductible. Dogs’ insurance cost per month premium for most breeds is between $36 and $100, but for cats’ is between $23 and $57. You have to remember those costs will be more if the breeds have the genetic illness. Also, Trupanion carries 90%of medical costs minus the deductible.


You can choose the suitable deductible that State Farm offers to you which starts from $100 to $1000. As well, when you choose a $100 deductible of the State Farm insurance pet insurance cost premium will be higher than when you choose $1000.


State Farm pet insurance has a sustained level of reimbursement including 90% that is the best figure of reimbursement.

Waiting period:

It’s a period before activating the policy of insurance which is 30 days for illness and 5 days for either injuries or accidents.

If anything happens during the waiting period, the insurance will not be covered.  

State farm pet insurance cost

Now let’s find... What does State Farm pet insurance cost cover?

State Farm pet insurance cost covers the following:

1- Injuries and illnesses of pets.

2- Diagnostic tests.

3- Surgeries and hospitalizations.

4- Hereditary and congenital cases.

5- Prescription medication.

6- Herbal therapies.

7- Veterinary supplements.

8- Prosthetic devices and services.


1- State Farm can pay directly to the vet in most cases.

2- Its insurance plan includes a lot of protection.


It doesn't cover the following:

1- Prevention.

2- Examination fees.

3- Injuries and illnesses that occur in the waiting period.

4- Cosmetic procedures.


Loving your pet requires you to maintain your health and the State Farm insurance was created to make you feel comfortable and take away any worries you may have about your pet’s treatment. Furthermore, The State Farm pet insurance cost is considered reasonable, compared to the State Farm services that are offered for pet curing.

Written by: Dr.Naglaa AbdAllah



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