Stomach Cramps In Children Home Remedies | When You Shouldn't Try

Stomach cramps in children home remedies are a highly needed thing to know because none of us don't have this painful sensation in the abdomen area, rather to adults or children particularly.


So before we start to know what are the stomach cramps in children home remedies let's first know the basics information about it.


Stomach cramps are a term used when there are contractions, irritability, or pain in the area of the abdomen. It may be in the stomach or intestine.

It  is not a disease itself, but it is a symptom of many different causes that may be common and not dangerous or show very serious problems

Usually, the stomach cramps continue for a short time, but if they last for more than a day you must visit a doctor because it may indicate something dangerous.


Stomach cramps in children are more annoying especially when the child can not express or know what is the matter with him.

But fortunately, there are a lot of stomach cramps in children home remedies.

But first, let's know the reasons for stomach cramps in children.

Stomach cramps in children home remedies

The most common reasons for stomach cramps in children are:

1-Flatulence is one of the common reasons for stomach cramps Especially in neonates.


2-Constipation may be associated with flatulence or alone.


3-Diarrhea that may be acute moderate or severe indicate a serious problem.


4-Mal digestion because of overeating or junk food that contain a lot of oil and fat.


5-Vomiting that may be because of infection or maldigestion.


6-Sometimes the stomach cramps are not internal but only show muscle spasm in the area of the abdomen.


7-Microbial infections by bacteria or viruses because of eating polluted foods.


8-Parasites infections.


9-Food allergy, especially milk products, nuts, and berries.


10-Lactose intolerance has become very common nowadays.


11-Multiple food allergies are one of the most exhausting reasons for children stomach cramps especially before diagnosis.


12-Taking some medications may cause stomach cramps.


Sometimes the stomach cramps show very serious problems as:


1-Gallbladder stones when there is sudden severe pain in the right side of the abdomen and right shoulder.


2-Urinary tract infection when there is burning during urination, difficulty, and sometimes blood in the urine.


3-Appendicitis when The pain begins around the navel and reaches the lower right side of the abdomen.


4-Kidney stones if you feel severe pain in the lower part of the abdomen and also in one or both sides of the back.


5-Hernia especially in neonates the pain increases during defecation and flatulence and swelling in the groin or navel area.


6-Intestinal obstruction is very dangerous in that there is severe sudden pain, vomiting, constipation, and blood in the stool.


7-Food poisoning when consumption of unclean food, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever are the most symptoms that happen.


There are more specific reasons, but more in adults especially in female as:


-Menstrual period as in this time there are uterine contractions that may be severe or moderate.


-PCO is polycystic ovary syndrome. Females that suffer from this condition may have stomach cramps.


-Uterine fibroids are one of the Possible causes of stomach cramps.

Stomach cramps in children home remedies


Don't try stomach cramps in children home remedies when:


-If there is a fever it indicates an infection that may be dangerous.


-If there is bloody stool it indicates intestinal obstruction or infection, never try stomach cramps in children home remedies.


-If there is bloody urine because of kidney stones or urinary tract infection.


-If there is severe pain especially in one side of the abdomen or back.


-If there is blood in the vomit by stomach ulcer or esophagus.


-If there is sudden severe pain or continuous pain for more than a day.


-If you see the parasites like worms in the stool.


-If there is vomiting.


-If there is chronic constipation.


-If there is severe diarrhea.


-If the child is unconscious.


However, there are a lot of stomach cramps in children home remedies if the case is not serious or dangerous. For example, avoiding stomach cramps is the most important thing as the saying goes. Prevention is better than cure. It's easy to avoid stomach cramps.


How to avoid stomach cramps?

-Eating healthy balanced food rich in fibers and with a low amount of carb and a moderate amount of protein is the first stomach cramps in children home remedies.


-Drinking enough water at least two and a half liters daily to avoid constipation and ensure correct body functions.


-Avoiding junk food and drinking contain soda to avoid maldigestion and flatulence.


-Making sure that your food comes from a known source and is clean to avoid infection and food poisoning.


-Wash your hands before eating correctly.


-Eat your food slowly and chew it well to enhance digestion.


-Consuming a proper amount of vegetables improves intestinal movement and gets rid of constipation.


-Avoiding the source of food and medicine allergy.

Stomach cramps in children home remedies

What are stomach cramps in children home remedies?


-Drinking mint tea it's one of the wonderful stomach cramps in children home remedies as it has a tasty flavor, good for flatulence, and also is a digestive.


-Use hot water compresses in the abdomen.


-Gently massage the abdomen to relieve pain and help get rid of gases.


-Avoid stimulants such as black tea and coffee.


-Tray to make the child sleep and rest.


-Drinking a glass of boiled cumin is very useful for flatulence and digestion.


-Castor oil for relieving constipation helps in stomach cramps.


-Purp Especially infants. It's a good tip to get better easily.


-Caraway seeds tea is excellent in flatulence.  


-Chamomile tea has sedative anti-flatulence properties and is considered one of the most useful stomach cramps in children home remedies.


-Ginger one of the best remedies at home as it contains digestive properties helpful in nausea vomiting and relieves stomach spasms.


-If the children stomach cramps associated with diarrhea you can prepare rice and starchy sold food to solidify the stool.


-There is a very effective exercise to get rid of annoying gases by bending the legs from the knees towards the abdomen with pressure and stability for several seconds and then straightening the legs and repeating this exercise several times gives immediate results for stomach cramps in children home remedies.



Finally, we talk in this article about stomach cramps in children home remedies, causes, how to avoid it, when you must visit a doctor.


But if you try any of the stomach cramps in children home remedies and there is no improvement in symptoms please direct them to the nearest hospital or doctor and keep your child safe.


By/ Dr. Sahar Eisa


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