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People search for home remedies for yeast infection as it causes annoyance and even embarrassment for many people, especially women. 

In this article, you will find out the best yeast infection treatment either with many home remedies or with OTC supplements and suppositories.

But before administering any home remedies for yeast infection, you should make sure that the diagnosis is candidiasis as many other infections are misdiagnosed as a yeast infection such as STI & bacterial vaginosis, so if you are unsure talk to your gynecologist first.

Home remedies for yeast infection

What is yeast infection & how it develops?

Yeast infection is also known as candidiasis caused by Candida Albicans. It's multiple types and causes infection at many regions of the body like:-

1- The mouth: yeast infection can cause a bad odor of the mouth, swallowing difficulty, and taste abnormalities.

2- The skin between the toes of the foot and the nails. 

3- The vagina: it can cause a bad odor, itching, pain & white discharge.

Candida is present in the vagina normally in equilibrium with other bacteria as the normal flora, When this equilibrium is disturbed either by hormonal changes during pregnancy, Antibiotics intake, or changing the medium PH, this can lead to its overgrowth and symptoms appear.


Causes of recurrent yeast infection:

1- If the primary infection isn't treated properly:

Your gynecologist should give you long term antifungal

2- Sexual activity: if your partner didn't have a treatment course like you, then infection could be transmitted to you again during sexual intercourse.

3- It may be another infection with similar symptoms like STI & bacterial vaginosis.

4- Resistant yeast strains to antifungal could be behind your chronic infection, then your doctor could prescribe a multidrug combination to eliminate the infection.


Best home remedies for yeast infection:-

1- Boric acid

Boric acid is one of the most effective home remedies for yeast infection, especially when taken as suppositories at bedtime for 7 -10 days.

New research found that it's effective as azoles containing drugs and can even replace them. It helps to restore the balance between yeast and bacteria. 

You can get it from grocery stores and pharmacies.

Side effects: 

boric acid was reported to irritate some women, and it could be toxic if taken in a large dose.

Boric acid shouldn't be taken orally or if the patient is pregnant. 

You should ask a medical professional first before administering it.

Home remedies for yeast infection

2- Probiotic

Probiotics are very useful as home remedies for yeast infection with antifungals and lowering the incidence of recurrence. It plays an important role in restoring the normal flora balance as it consists of strains of Lactobacillus Acidophilus (healthy bacteria) which replace the yeast. Probiotics could be administered as oral supplements and foods such as yogurt, for at least 10 days to start getting results. But for rapid results, you can take it as vaginal suppositories.


3- Hydrogen peroxide

It's an antiseptic that kills both yeast and bacteria & Naturally it's produced by lactobacillus.


never use it undiluted as it irritates the mucosa.

Hydrogen peroxide douches prepared by mixing ( half water to half hydrogen peroxide)

Or you can add it to your bath.

Home remedies for yeast infection

4- Vitamin C

Vitamin C is present in many supplements and food such as citrus fruits and plays an important role in treating yeast infection by enhancing the immune system so that the body can fight by itself.

Home remedies for yeast infection

5- Apple Cider vinegar bath

Apple Cider vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal properties which can be useful as home remedies for yeast infection.


Add a half cup of Apple Cider vinegar to a warm bathtub and soak yourself for 20 minutes at least. That is very useful and better than douches that act by washing out bacteria and this may lead to other infections.

Apple Cider vinegar shouldn't be applied directly as it causes irritation.

Home remedies for yeast infection

6- Tea tree oil 

Tea tree oil has been proven to have an antifungal activity to treat yeast infection as adjacent to other therapies. 

Some new research found that tea tree oil has a great effect against the resistant strains to antifungals.


Don't apply essential oil directly to your body or it Will cause vaginal irritation, it should be diluted with another carrier first. Also, don't administer it orally.

Home remedies for yeast infection

7- Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the most famous home remedies for yeast infections. It's a fatty essential oil taken orally alone, mixed with food, or applied directly to the infected area. It has great benefits for health generally 

And an antimicrobial activity especially.

Home remedies for yeast infection

8- Cranberry juice and bills

Cranberry juice is useful in urinary tract infections and contains also a high amount of vitamin C, but no proven evidence that it can cure yeast infection alone.

Home remedies for yeast infection

Avoid using garlic as one of the home remedies for yeast infection. although it has great action as antimicrobial and antifungal thanks to its components, especially allicin, introducing it into the vagina can cause irritation, and there is no evidence that garlic is effective alone to treat yeast infections and the recurrence. You should ask a physician first before trying it.


How to avoid yeast infections and their recurrence?

1- Wear cotton clothes especially underwears

2- Avoid wearing wet or bathing clothes for a long time.

3- Avoid taking antibiotics unnecessarily as it kills the good healthy bacteria giving a chance for many infections to arise.

4- Don't use douches or vaginal deodorant without medical advice as it washes out and kills the normal healthy flora and also might cause irritation.

5- Eating a healthy diet containing probiotics.

6- Maintenance of personal hygiene.

7- Change pads and tampons often.

8- Always wipe from front to back when using the bathroom.

9- Avoid spending too much time in hot tubs and very hot baths.


When to call a doctor!

  • Take a visit to your gynecologist if you have a recurrent infection or you are pregnant.

  • If the symptoms get worse or home remedies for yeast infection have no results you should go to your doctor to give you a suitable pharmacological therapy. 


Yeast infection could be very annoying and the treatment can take several days. Prevention is better than cure so it's better to avoid getting infected and maintain your hygiene.

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