The Best New Luxury Watch Brands In 2021,More Than 30 Type

Everyday we wake up, The first thing we do is look at our watches to see the time. Most people prefer to have luxury watches brands that are suitable for work or friends meeting. Our luxury watches complete our outfits.


luxury watch brands types:





is always the best selection of luxury watches worldwide.

Rolex made many first steps in the world of watches, like the self-winding watch in 1945.

The most popular model is the submarine.

You can discover the new Rolex collection on the previous site.

Patel Philippe

 is one of the top swiss watch brands luxuries which maintains a unique identity.

The most popular model is the Patek Philippe nautilus in 5711.

Audemars Piguet 

has a modern and innovative style with the most popular one Royal Oak.

A.lange & Söhne

It's a German luxury watch brand which is considered as favorite timepieces for royalists and celebrities, the most popular one is lange1.

Omega watch

is a fabulous exceptional wristwatch brand luxury to get, it traveled to the north pole, space and descended to the depth of oceans in submarines, the most popular one is the Omega Speedmaster.

Blancpain watch brand 

is considered an exclusive watch brand luxury due to the limited number produced by the company, all Blancpain watches are created with balance springs made from silicone so they are precious with magnetic resistance.

IWC Schaffhausen



is a rare uniquely designed luxury watch brand that combines between the American production technique and the swiss traditional skills.

IWC design takes the advantage of cutting-edge technology and peerless engineering, it's such an elegant watch and the most popular one is IWC Portugieser.


Jaeger LeCoultre 

is a creative imaginary designed brand watch luxury and highly precious true luxury watch especially with the most popular model; Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso.


is the most popular brand for its happy diamonds line, the brand luxury has a fabulous feminine Imperiale collection.

The most popular one is Chopard LUC full strike.



is one of the famous watch brands as it is a pioneer in the ultra-thin watch calibers. 

Piaget watch is powerful and unique, the brand also presents jewelry styling.

The most popular model is the Piaget Altiplano ultimate.



is a German luxury brand which presents high-quality watches for both men and women. Montblanc combines between the cutting edge engineering and traditional swiss skills. The most popular one is the Montblanc Heritage.



is a famous jewelry brand, but it has become one of the best brands watches luxury nowadays with unique styles, the most popular one is the Cartier tank.


Cartier presents a new collection of unisex royal medels of pasha watches 2020.

Vacheron Constantin watch

is unique with high quality, the most popular one is patrimony.


Ulysse Nardin 

is a luxury brand watch manufactured with accurate marine chronometers, the most popular model Is Freak Wristwatch?




Other luxury watch brands like Panerai luminor, Girard Perregaux 1966, Hublot Big Bang integral titanium, Bulgari serpenti, NoMos tangente, Vincero icon Automatic in Rose Gold, Breitling Navitimer, TAG Heuer Aquaracer, about, Authentic, Hamptom, Rado Centrix, and Masterpiece le chronographe luxury brands.



Luxury Watch Brands for women:

Being a lady, wearing a watch is one of the beauty tools to enhance your elegance and so you have to find the suitable watch matching with your makeup look and your clothing perfectly to be more charming.

Having a new watch is really an exciting feeling for every woman.

Women watches are always categorized as jewelry-like styles more than timepieces, so each lady wants her special set of new brand watches luxury, at affordable prices.


Here are some of the best brands for women;


  • Coach.

The watches are affordable with various styles, the brand also presents jewelry, handbags, and accessories.

  • Micheal cross.

The watches are oversized with different models.

  • Burberry.

The watches of the Burberry brand are simple. Burberry brands also provide other products like fashion accessories and glasses.

  • Breitling.

The best watch for bold women and for a pilot, they are functional and accurate watches.

  • Patek Philippe.

  • Christian Dior


  • ROLEX.

  • GUCCI.


An Italian brand that is well known for high-end products. GUCCI watches are modern and stylish.


Besides to the well-known others like; 

Piaget, Channel, Cartier, Bell & Ross, and Longines luxury watch brands.



Vintage watches:

Let's start a mysterious journey to the past to explore historical watches.

The watches’ history started in about 16th century Europe. The watch as a device has developed from portable spring-driven clocks which appeared in the 15th century to a mechanical device powered by a winding mainspring between 16th to 20th centuries, then the event of a quartz crisis arose replacing the mechanical device. This exceptional revolution turned the watches into people's hands smoothly. 


The trench watch or so-called (wristlet), these watches were firstly used by the military in world war l as the pocket watches were not practical for the soldiers.


Queen Elizabeth I of England received a wristwatch from Robert Dudley in 1571. Firstly described as the armed watch which was the oldest surviving one, then called a bracelet. The Funny thing is that the wristwatches we're only for women, but men used pocket watches up till the early 20 century.

Old Is Gold so if you are crazy by collecting these antiques, You can buy vintage watches from several online stores. Additionally, you can shop pre-owned vintage watches on watches of Switzerland.



How to make your favorite collection of luxury watch brands? 

We provide a mysterious solution with affordable prices and unique models for luxury watch brands:

If you are looking for the quality therefore the prices so get this trick. 

Before you shop a swiss watch, you have to know that it won't be cheaper in Switzerland than in the United States, also the models there will be different. For sure it deserves any price, you can buy your new swiss watch luxury like Hamilton Ventura, Victorinox Swiss Army, Tissot, Movado, Radodiamaster; you can check prices on Amazon also. 


Going to Tissot which presents luxury watch brands which is considered better than the Japanese brand Seiko; also Seiko watches are fashionable and effective with the latest technologies to make them tough.


You can check your new watch collections on Fossil; either you love classic models or new smartwatches. Fossil offers watches for men and women.


TAG Heuer watches are good with reasonable prices, these sites sell them online. You can buy either new or pre-owned Swiss watches on it.


Ethos Watch Boutiques.

To buy Omega watch tax-free online you can visit this site millenary, or omega watches


Watchbox is a global trade to buy and sell pre-owned luxury watch brands.

Walmart is the top luxury retailer in the US.Amazon, Kroger, and Costco. 

To get an authentic Hublot you can shop on the previous site.


Many luxury retailers start to open after a period of closure in the pandemic coronavirus. 

For repairing issues, TAG Heuer is a certified tag official service center in the USA which is approved by TAG Heuer central customer service in Switzerland.


Our dew treats for you today are about how to get your exceptional luxury watch brands for you and your spouse freely with the highest value and the minimal cost. 

Note on vintage watches; you can get your new watch as a luxury not only as a timepiece, and some links to buy either new or pre-owned watches online or in a luxury retailer.



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