Can You Grind Coffee Beans in A Food Processor? Enjoy at Home

Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor? Enjoy at Home

If you have no coffee grinder you can grind it in a food processor to enjoy a special taste at your sweet home.

To drink your coffee mug with pleasure; you should know your favorite taste and the available types to get it. This is our top 10 tips to get your favorite coffee.

best organic coffee beans

Coffee beans:

Firstly the seeds of the coffee plant are in the shape of colored cherries, red, pink, yellow, and orange. The cherry has two beans inside.


After collecting the best organic coffee beans, they are dried and then roasted.

For a rich coffee cup, choose the golden base; the freshest ones and richest taste. Always ask Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor?

If the beans are stored in a sealed container with no gases, the taste will be still rich up to two months.

Coffee unlike wine; if it becomes old it will be inexpensive and bitter.

how to grow coffee beans

Roast has three types:

*Mild roast:

 with pale brown color and high acidic taste so milk is preferred with it.

*Medium roast:

 with more brownish color and oily texture. To drink it you may add milk or not.

*Dark roast:

with dark brown color, with faint oily traces and lower acidity. It is used widely as an espresso roast.


Coffee beans list:


sweetest softer type with a high acidic fruity taste, most popular in North America and it is the most expensive type.


*Robusta coarse surface beans: 

is the most used in Europe and Africa. It's bitter with more caffeine.

For a strong espresso creamy coffee, we can mix about 80% arabica and 20% robust.



and a subtype of it called excelsa which has the taste of both light roast and dark roast in a unique fruity mix.

haden coffee maker

Plastic free coffee maker:

After we got an idea about different coffee beans, let's talk about coffee types and how to make your special coffee cup

If you are searching for coffee nearby, you should first know more about coffee taste and choose your favorite one. 


Reading the coffee menu in the coffee shop, you will find about six types of coffee listed as: 


2) Macchiato 

(which is creamy stained espresso)


(espresso with milk addition)


(with more froth on the top)

5)Flat white 

(may describe as a small latte)


(cold brewed with nitrogen which gases it) and it has a darker base than the top.

plastic free coffee maker

Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor at home?

Instead of searching for the coffee nearby, you can make a perfect coffee cup at home by your plastic free coffee maker or food processor.


just follow some rules:

-The quality of coffee depends on the water type, so filtered water is better than tap water.

-One teaspoon of water is appropriate with one coffee cup ( it is according to your desire and your favorite taste)

-The ideal temperature is about  90 C. i.e blew the boiling point.


Take our following tips if you use a French press coffee maker:

-Make your coffee beans grounded.

 N.B) it is preferable to obtain a coarse ground.

-Preheat the French press and also the coffee cup then add coffee and water.

-Brew it for 4 minutes then push the plunger down slowly.

-A French press is also called a press pot or coffee brewing device. 

keurig ice cream maker

Coffee machine:

Let's talk about the coffee machine at your home.

There are different types of coffee machines:

-Pod or capsule.

-Manual espresso machine.

-Semi or full automatic bean-to-cup.

-Electric filter.


You can make your choice of a suitable according to your favorite coffee type and your budget. 

There are many types of coffee:

Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor or not? The coffee capsules are the best choice for those who are not interested in grinding coffee beans by themselves, by buying pre-packed plastic pods with high-quality ground coffee beans. Also, the traditional brewing ensures that the beans are fresh ground but the coffee pod is the easiest choice widely used in America.


The coffee machine technique depends on the idea of quick heating of the water to the perfect temperature then the water is pumped through narrow paths to increase its pressure (passing through metal vessels containing ground coffee).


Both hot water and high pressure can release the flavor of the ground coffee then you can enjoy your ideal coffee mug.

best organic coffee beans

Coffee shop:

Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor or not? You resort to drinking your favorite cup of coffee in one place.

When you are in the coffee shop and the seller asks about your favorite grinding degree, you should choose it according to your coffee maker type! 

Check our tips:

-Coarse ground coffee is preferable to French press and cold brew.

-Medium-coarse for pour oven.

-Medium-ground like sea salt is suitable for machine drip.

-Fine ground like table salt texture for Moka pot.

-Extra fine like powdered sugar for Turkish coffee pot.


Keep in mind that coarse consistency keeps the coffee beans flavor as it is a less extracted method for brewing.The extra-fine is highly extracted coffee so it is unpleasant with a bitter taste.


We advise you to take your coffee with coffee cake muffins (brown butter glaze)with a coffee cake base and you can make the easy coffee cake recipe at home.


The coffee cake took its name just as it is better to eat with a warm coffee cup. Coffee and walnut cake are also a perfect choice. Coffee and walnut cake is a normal sponge recipe with adding coffee, butter on the topping, and walnut pieces.


If you are in love with coffee and cream, keep in mind to put the cream immediately as it cools about 20% slower than the plain coffee I.e the fat can retain the heat and reduce liquid evaporation.

Also, Coffee and cream are usually added to breakfast in France. Do you know that French people never add milk to coffee in the afternoon?

Coffee and cream is also called (cafe au lait).


By coffee and cream you can make your favorite art:

Coffee art always adds a magic effect on your coffee mug, the basic rule to make coffee art is the slow-motion. 

You can design latte art by pouring microfoam in a certain pattern on the top of the espresso shot; pour to get the milk first then end with foam coffee art you can check here for slow -drawing techniques.

presto dorothy rapid cold brew coffee maker

Coffee bar design:

Now after we knew about coffee types, how to obtain our special cup, and can you grind coffee beans in a food processor?

The place where we drink should be inspiring and quiet either if you take your coffee at a coffee bar outside or if you have a coffee corner at home.

To design a coffee corner simply do what you love, choose the most comfortable corner at home. design the place to accommodate all your needs to drink a perfect coffee cup, put your coffee machine or plastic free coffee maker, and some cups around, besides suitable water and sugar.


Coffee corner decoration:

You can decorate the coffee corner with some plants around, coffee accessories, and coffee quotes are written on it or you can write your inspiring coffee quotes like:

-Coffee is life.

-Life starts after coffee.

-Coffee is a beautiful girl with brown eyes.

-I love you more than coffee.

-Coffee is happiness.

Coffee quotes may be written on woody templates, on paper, or even on the wall. You can place a coffee table or coffee bar with high chairs.               


         Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor

Coffee benefits:

Coffee is your best friend, especially in the morning. It makes you feel alert and increases your energy and performance.

Coffee advantages:

  • Caffeine is believed to increase the adrenaline hormone in your body. This hormone can energize your body. 

  • Coffee is rich in antioxidants.

  • Coffee, in some studies,  can lower the risk of certain diseases like diabetes type two.

  • Coffee can activate a certain part of the brain so reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

  • Coffee also may lower the risk of skin cancer(basal cell carcinoma) and liver disease(hepatitis and fatty liver).

  • Coffee helps burn fat so you can lose weight.

  • Coffee enhances your mood and reduces sorrow feelings.

  • Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor? You will provide more and get well grounded coffee.

Coffee disadvantages:

  • We mentioned before that coffee beans should be either fresh or well stored as its quality will diminish and so when you drink bad coffee, headache and insomnia will attack you.


  • Pregnant women should reduce their intake to only one cup per day as the caffeine can reach her baby blood.


Generally, you should limit your coffee intake to six cups of coffee a day as studies show that over drinking can affect your heart and blood pressure. 400mg caffeine per day is safe. 


Coffee without sugar is more healthy but you must tolerate its bitter taste so you can drink it with other healthy sugar alternatives like stevia, cocoa powder, and little cinnamon as it reduces the glucose level. 


People who love coffee without sugar have a high desire for strong black coffee with no milk or cream. 

Eating coffee beans has a quick caffeine absorption, they may be covered by chocolate.

Eight coffee beans have the same amount of cup of coffee.

dorothy cold brew coffee maker

Our dew treats for you today are the choice of your favorite beans with the optimum roasting for your mood and enjoy preparing your cup in the morning at your sweet coffee corner to start your warm day as you prefer💕.

Here you will read information about coffee origin, different ways to make your perfect cup, and how to design your coffee bar easily.


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