Top 10 Home Remedies For Viral Infection In 2023

Home remedies for viral infection play an essential role in relieving viral infection signs and symptoms.

Due to the spread of viral infection and mutated viruses these days such as “ covid-19 “ we will talk about home remedies for viral infection so keep reading to know more.

First, let us know what is a viral infection and the difference between it and a bacterial infection.

What is a viral infection? 

Viral infection is any disease that happens by a tiny organism uses human cells to reproduce such as colds, flu, covid-19, and others.

Difference between viral and bacterial infection: 

Viruses differ from bacteria where viruses aren't cells and need a host to reproduce but bacteria don't need a host and can live inside the human body or outside.

Bacterial infection responds to antibiotics but viral infection doesn't so we need some home remedies for a viral infection to reduce the severity of symptoms.

Causes of viral infection: 

  • Viral infection can occur due to more reasons but the most common disease that occurs due to viral infection is cold and flu and increases body temperature beyond 39c which is called viral fever. 

  • If infected droplets spread from an ill person during coughing or sneezing and a healthy person inhales it, he may become infected. 

  • Contaminated food and drinks may cause a viral infection. 

  • Animals and insects which carry viruses may cause a viral infection. 

Signs & symptoms of viral infection: 

Most viral fever comes with a raising body temperature and some annoying symptoms such as  

- Headache. 

- Muscle aches & joint pain. 

- Sweating.  

- Dehydration.

- Coughing.

- Sneezing. 

- Sore throat. 

- Chills. 

- Loss of appetite. 

- Weakness in the immune system.

These signs and symptoms almost remain for one or two weeks but home remedies for viral infection can reduce these symptoms and make you feel better.

What are home remedies for viral infection? 

Home remedies for viral infection are like natural medication which may be present in our kitchen and can relieve signs and symptoms of viral infection and shorten the duration of colds and flu. 

Home remedies for viral infections are safe and without side effects.

What are the types of Home remedies for viral infection? 

 1. Honey:

Honey is one of the best home remedies for viral infection and is very helpful because it has antimicrobial properties and can fight bacteria and viruses.

Honey can relieve a blocked nose and sore throat because of its anti-inflammatory features.

In children above 1 year old honey is effective in suppressing coughing and relieving symptoms but we shouldn’t give it to children younger than 1 year old fearing botulism.

Put some honey in a cup of water or milk or mix honey with lemon to make it more effective and rich in vitamin c which is helpful for the immune system.

You can find honey in markets and online stores.

home remedies for viral infection

 2. Soups:

Such as chicken soup which is the best choice for supporting your immunity and staying hydrated.

home remedies for viral infection

3. Fluids:

We lose fluids during colds and flu due to runny noses and sweating so water is very important during viral infection to keep us hydrating. 

Also, juices and beverages can be helpful. 

home remedies for viral infection

4. Ginger:

These roots have anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful for sore throat and coughing.

home remedies for viral infection

 5. Garlic: 

This is the best herbal medicine and is suitable for cold and flu symptoms because it contains an allicin compound that has antimicrobial properties so adding garlic to the diet may protect you from infection.

 6. Tulsi:

Tulsi is a perfect solution to improve your immunity because it contains vitamin c.

Tulsi leaves are rich in antibiotic and antiviral features which help to get rid of colds, flu, viral fever, and headache. 

Add some of the tulsi leaves to one liter of water and boil them, leave it to cold down then drink tulsi water about 2 to 3 times per day.

 7. Vitamin c:

There are many sources containing vitamin c such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, avocados, and vegetables.

Adding enough amount of lemons to your diet may reduce upper respiratory tract infections.

Vitamin c is helpful to your immunity needs.

 8. Warm baths: 

You can reduce body temperature, cold, flu symptoms, and fever through warm baths.

 Steamy showers feel you relax, reduce nasal congestion, and have a soothing effect. 

  9. Saltwater: 

Put 1 small spoon in a cup of water and gargle with it, may help with a sore throat and protect you from upper respiratory infections.

 10. Rest: 

Your body needs rest to recover and help the immune system to make his function.  

 When should you ask for medical help or visit the doctor?

Generally, signs and symptoms of viral infection may persist for 2 weeks. 

 Despite home remedies for viral infection may reduce the severity of symptoms but if symptoms last for more than 10 days without any improvement you should seek medical help and visit the doctor.

 In infants younger than 3 months who have a viral fever, their parents must take them to the doctor.  

Remedies don’t work for viral infection:

  1. antibiotics

Used for bacterial infection, not a viral infection so don’t take antibiotics or don't ask the doctor to prescribe them because the wrong use of antibiotics may lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

 2. Cough medications:

 In kids younger than 6 years old cough medications may lead to dangerous side effects so FDA prevents using them for children.



We can’t prevent ourselves from colds and flu or viral infection but we can protect ourselves and reduce cold and flu symptoms by home remedies for viral infection, water, healthy food, vitamins, and resting.

If you catch a viral infection you prefer to stay at home and avoid contact with people in the street or the work to prevent the spreading of the infection to others, you return to a normal situation rapidly, and become healthy.

If you don’t feel better within 10 days you must visit your doctor.

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