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The UCSF women's health care center is a recognized international medical center that provides comprehensive care specialized for women with an emphasis on education, prevention, and patient participation.

The University of San Francisco has been one of the world's leading sciences universities since 1864 which was founded by South California surgeon Hugh Toland who founded a private medical school in San Francisco.

The UCSF medical health center provides many services for all ages from infants to seniors such as children’s health, organ transportation, neurological diseases, cancer, sexual health, and Women's health.

As a woman deserves healthcare and health policy guarantees her a good and pleasant life, in the following lines, Let’s talk about UCSF women's health primary care center.

UCSF Women's Health Primary Care

UCSF women’s health primary care medical center service providers

Services in the UCSF women’s health primary care medical center are Offered by an elite of internal medicine specialists, family medicine specialists, and nurse practitioners with high experience and interest in caring about women's health issues. 

What types of services are offered in the UCSF women's health primary care medical center

The UCSF women’s health primary care medical center provides a wide variety of services ranging from prevention to early diagnosis and management of chronic medical diseases.

It treats a full spectrum of women’s concerns including many issues related to gynecology and obstetrics and provides continuous care for gynecologic conditions such as menopause, pelvic pain, endometriosis, menstrual complaints, abnormal uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, and many other conditions.

Regarding pregnancy and lactation, services include:

- Centring  pregnancy program

The UCSF women's health primary care medical organize this program, where a pregnant woman takes into groups consisting of eight to twelve women who have the same due dates after being complete the medical history and physical exam in the doctor's clinic.

These groups are formed between twelve to sixteen weeks of pregnancy and they meet regularly every month for four months and then bi-weekly throughout the pregnancy period and also through the postpartum Period to discuss their health concerns in a supportive setting.

So, we can say that  groups help in:

- Selfcare.

- Support and friendship through pregnancy.

- Make birth outcomes better.

- Midwifery care

In UCSF women’s health primary care medical center,  the certified nurse-midwifery is registered with additional graduate training in midwifery to provide the women care and attend their birth.

They have more time to discuss a wide spectrum of pregnant women's concerns from birth plans to choosing a car seat.

In other meaning, the midwife’s goal is to discuss what’s in the woman’s


So, many women choose to place their prenatal care, labor, and delivery with a midwife in a hospital rather than a home.

At UCSF women’s health primary care medical center doctors and midwives work together to offer maximum care for pregnant women and at the same time overcome any expected complications that may be occurred during pregnancy and labor.     

- Great expectation pregnancy Program

The UCSF women’s health primary care medical center offers a variety of classes throughout the great expectations pregnancy program to help the expecting mother and their partner to know more about pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, and childhood.

These classes are divided into

Breastfeeding classes (Second Trimester)

The UCSF women's health primary care support breastfeeding classes that teach the parents all breastfeeding basics and how to overcome the challenges at the beginning to establish a successful breastfeeding relationship with their upcoming baby.

Childbirth Classes (Third Trimester)

These classes include about six classes that aim to provide the parents with an overview  of the stages of labor and its preparations as mentioned below:

- Childbirth preparation integrated methods.

- Intensive childbirth preparation. 

- Childbirth preparation (Birth Alternative). 

- Pain relief and labor.

- Birth center orientation. 

- Expecting twins or more. 

UCSF women's health primary care 6

BabyCare classes (Third trimester and After)

The UCSF women's health primary care medical center offers special care to a pregnant woman during the third trimester to provide necessary information about the baby care within the first hours of delivery through a group of classes such as:

1- Parenting during the first few months.

2- Infant and child CPR.

3- Infant Massage and pre-delivery.

4- Infant Massage with a newborn.

Postpartum Support (After Delivery)

As the UCSF women's health primary care medical center supports women during pregnancy and prenatal stages, it also plays a significant role in supporting the women after delivery through organized meetings for new mothers to encourage them all over the time.

- Postpartum support group for new mothers Six-week

A six-week postpartum support group of new mothers with their babies to

Learn about the emotional changes that may occur after labor, self-care and 

relaxation tips.

- Milk(Mother& infant) lactation support group 

This is a support group led by a lactation consultant where the breastfeeding

mothers are invited to share their experts with each other. 

- Pumping and returning to work

A workshop helps to get tips and advice on continuing breastfeeding after returning to work.

- Women’s health resource center

The mission of the UCSF women’s health primary care resource center is to provide the women with all resources, information, and referrals that support and encourage the women and their families to make all decisions regarding all women’s health issues.

This can be reached throughout the women’s health webinar series, zoom classes, health education, and book store.      

- Lactation consultant support

Lactation consultant support is one of the services offered by UCSF women’s health primary care medical center whose goal is to provide the woman with

all the help she needs to have a good and a pleasant breastfeeding experience with her baby.

In addition to the breastfeeding classes and milk support group offered by the UCSF Women's health primary care medical center through the great expectation program, the center also offers the rental and sale of breastfeeding equipment and supplies.

UCSF Women's Health Primary Care

Locations of the UCSF women’s health primary care medical center

- Obstetrics, gynecology, and perinatal specialties at mission bay-fourth street 1825  Third Floor San Francisco, CA94185

- Obstetrics & gynecology of Mount Zion 2356 Sutter st., San Francisco CA94143. 

- Women's health primary care clinic. 2356 Sutter st, Third and Fourth Floors Francisco CA94143.

- Health Reproductive center at Mission Bay 499 Illinois st., Sixth Floor San Francisco, CA94158.

- Clinic for Young women 2356 Sutter st., Six-Floor San Francisco, CA94143.

- Gynecologic Dysplasia clinic2356 Sutter St., Seventh Floor San Francisco,



How is UCSF womens health-Mount Zion rated?

Chris W.

‘’  This is for mammography on the first floor .that was the best mammogram I've ever had no pain, not kidding’ 

Venus S.

‘’I would give Dr. Pettigrew 10 stars if I could. Wonderful doctor who took the time to listen to me’’


The UCSF women’s health primary care medical center provides a top quality care that accommodates each woman's needs and wishes .

It can treat the full spectrum of women’s health conditions.

The main goal is healing, caring, teaching, discovering, and providing services to all patients regardless of color, religion, national origin, or other characteristics.

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