Vanilla Extract For Toothache During Pregnancy Safe Relief

Vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy is an easily accessible home remedy. Having a Toothache is an extremely unpleasant experience, especially during pregnancy.

Can vanilla extract help tooth pain?

Vanilla Extract For Toothache During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings great joy to the life of a woman. However, certain illnesses may accompany the pregnancy, one of such those is in the form of toothache which is horrible, especially during pregnancy.

Why are your teeth extra sensitive during pregnancy

There are many reasons, but the main reason is high fluctuations in hormone levels which can cause sensitive teeth.

Increased teeth sensitivity can cause a high incidence of tooth decay and cavities, as It's always common for a pregnant woman to lose a tooth or two.

Tips of advice

During your pregnancy, you should follow up with your general dentist at least once out of your pregnancy duration. He will examine you and decide if you need any dental management or treatment.

This will prevent any unexpected dental problems that may cause you any unpleasant pain. Also, you should keep good oral hygiene.

How to keep good oral hygiene

- Brush your teeth regularly after eating and before going to bed.

- Use dental floss to clean food stuck between your teeth.

- Avoid using wooden toothpicks as they may injure your sensitive gums.  

- Keep on good nutrition and eat a balanced diet, especially during pregnancy to enhance your immunity, protect your general health, and consequently your teeth health.

In addition to using vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy, there are so many easy home remedies for a pregnant woman can use.

Numerous toothache remedies during pregnancy

Do toothache home remedies really work?

Using strong over-the-counter painkillers during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester is contraindicated, as this could harm your growing baby.

So certain available home remedies are useful for soothing severe pain of toothache such as:

- Baking soda

- Warm salt and water, gargle

- Vanilla extract

- Whole clove 

- Clove oil

- Teabags

- Guava leaves

- Thyme

- Wheatgrass

- Garlic

Generally, All of the above-mentioned home remedies have common anti-inflammatory, soothing, and relieving effects on toothache and some have antiseptic antimicrobial properties that protect your teeth and gums from growing germs.

Does vanilla extract for toothaches work?

Vanilla Extract For Toothache During Pregnancy

Is vanilla extract safe during pregnancy?

I'm not sure that a lot of people heard about using vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy. Vanilla extract is always linked to cakes and ice cream, it is used commonly to add flavor.

But the amazing thing is that it has much more than you realize. It is really important for your skin, body, and heart, can lower your cholesterol, and is incredibly important in relieving toothache.

You have a magical choice in your kitchen, which is the vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy.

To understand the work of vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy we will show the:

Vanilla extract and pregnancy

How vanilla extract work for toothaches?

Ingredients in the vanilla extract that help in relieving toothache:

Clove oil called also eugenol

Ingredients in the vanilla extract that help in relieving toothache

Clove oil is a natural organic aromatic oil, it has an anti-inflammatory effect on your teeth and gums. So it will soothe and reduce any pain due to increased teeth sensitivity during pregnancy.


To get the pure Vanilla extract the vanilla beans should be soaked in at least 35% alcohol solution.

Alcohol has an antimicrobial effect. It decreases the number of germs inside your mouth thus restricting germ growth, this fights bacteria that cause teeth decay and cavities.

Alcohol also has the powerful effect of numbing the tooth and the surrounding tissues, so eliminating any pain sensation.

So the above-mentioned ingredients explain why it is widely used in the ingredients of many dental materials, such as temporary tooth fillings and mouthwashes.

But you better know using only pure vanilla extract that is with pure ingredients will help in pain relief and dealing with toothache.

An inauthentic vanilla extract will not perform the same as a pure vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy especially.

How to use vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy

Vanilla extract for tooth pain relief is commonly used, but how to apply it?

On a piece of cotton

You can Apply some of the vanilla extract liquid to a piece of cotton, then put it under the affected tooth or next to your inflamed gum and bite on the cotton piece.

This will soothe the pain immediately, leave the cotton in your mouth for only two to three minutes to prevent irritating the gum tissues or the teeth.

Direct application

You can Directly apply the vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy with your fingertip, just put some of it on the affected tooth and or affected or inflamed gums.

It will be like magic soothing your pain immediately.

Safety of vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy 

Is vanilla extract harmful to pregnant women?

One thing which is very important to you as a pregnant woman and a future Mother is to know that:

Yes, It is safe to use vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy

But Make sure not to swallow the liquid vanilla extract, because vanilla extract contains alcohol which can be harmful to your growing and developing fetus.

The important thing you have to keep in mind is that using vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy May not be enough to cure your pain.

Vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy will not treat the root cause it may only be a temporary relief or soothe the pain. 

So you should see your dentist as soon as possible if you have a persistent toothache.

Your dentist will examine you and give you the right treatment and proper prevention from any current or future teeth-related problems.


Having a toothache during pregnancy would be a very unpleasant hard experience, try vanilla extract for toothache relief!

Sometimes over the counter, strong painkillers can not be taken or prescribed especially during the first trimester as it may be so harmful to the growing and developing baby.

So using easily accessible home remedies would be very helpful for soothing and reducing your pain.

It is your best choice to try vanilla extract for toothache during pregnancy so feel safe to try it.

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