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White vinegar for ringworm is a natural remedy that you can find in your kitchen. White vinegar can help you to get rid of ringworm or tinea that you can get in different areas on your skin.

Why white vinegar for ringworm?

 White vinegar is acidic as it is a diluted form of acetic acid. So it has antifungal properties as it can help to slow the growth of many types of ringworm and avoid the spreading of the infection. So we can use white vinegar for ringworm. Surely it is safe as we can put it on our food.


white vinegar for ringworm


How to use white vinegar for ringworm 

Prepare a solution of water and white vinegar as one part white vinegar to four parts water then soak a piece of cotton in white vinegar then clean the area of ringworm gently.


White vinegar for athlete’s foot

  • We can use white vinegar for ringworm as in the case of athlete’s feet which include itching, burning between your toes or on soles of your feet and blisters on your feet.

  • It is caused by a fungal infection called Tinea pedis that affects the skin of feet and commonly in athletes.

  • In this case we can use white vinegar for ringworm as Vinegar foot soak: soak your feet in a solution of white vinegar and water for 15 minutes twice a day.

- Also you can wear the shoes with vinegar to prevent the reinfection and wear clean socks.


white vinegar for ringworm


White vinegar for itchy scalp:

  • We can also use the white vinegar for ringworm as in the case of an itchy scalp which is caused by the ringworm of the scalp (tinea capitis)

  • It makes you scratch your head. The white vinegar can help you to kill the itch and have the scalp's natural pH level.

  • You just follow this steps:

1- Prepare two Tablespoons of  white Vinegar with one Cup of Water and pour it into an empty bottle.

2- Mix them up

3- Put a little of the solution on your scalp and let it sit for two or three minute.

4- Rinse with warm water

 You can do this several times a week until the itch disappears.

Jock itch:

  • It is caused by tinea cruris which is a ringworm infection in the groin area. If untreated, it can spread to the thighs or the genital area.

  • It is similar to the athlete’s foot.

  • It is found in the people who sweat a lot which make it prominent in areas with tropical climate.

  • You can follow the same direct way of using the white vinegar. You just spray it on the area but make sure it is saturated with the vinegar then leave it to dry completely.


There are some warnings when you use White vinegar for ringworm:

1- Vinegar can irritate your eyes if it gets in them so keep it away from your eyes.

2- It can burns your skin so you should first test it on a small area of your skin if it burns or hurts, you should dilute it with water

3- Don't use it if you have an open cut or a sore on your skin.


You can easily use the white vinegar for ringworm at home by applying the solution of vinegar and water on any affected area in your body.


By / Dr. Alaa Abdou

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