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The main mission at Animal Health Associates is growing a veterinary practice for pets through client education, communication, and follow-up.

There you will find a dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff who will practice modern treatments with high ethical standards.


Animal Health Associates Services 

There you will find many services that you may need for your pets you will find puppies and kittens plans, dentistry, surgery, vaccination, parasite treatment, and end-of-life care.

All these services are provided to you by highly qualified veterinarians and specialists.


Animal Health Associates

1-Puppy & Kitten Plans

Do you have a new puppy or a new kitten? You are a lucky one now you will learn the meaning of “unconditional love.”

In Animal Health Associates they learn you how to give your pet the best care that you can.

They have puppy and kitten health plans which are designed specially to provide your pets the most important services that they will need in the first year of life.

This plan includes:

-Baseline wellness testing.

-Parasite testing.

-A full series of core vaccinations.

-Up to four wellness exams.

-Feline leukemia and FIV tests (cats only).

-Routine dewormings and nail trim.

These plans could save you up to 40% on these services it depends on your pet gender, age, weight, and species.


Animal Health Associates


As humans need annual dental cleaning also cats and dogs need dental health care as poor dental health may lead to many other health problems that can range from minor problems like bad breath to life-threatening conditions like heart disease and kidney failure.

So in Animal Health Associates, they understand that it is essential for the pet to have good dental care to maintain its overall health. 

Pets dental care may include regular prevention care like brushing, dental diet, or dental chews.

It is also important for your pet to have a dental examination regularly to discover any hidden problems.

In Animal Health Associates you will find a wide range of dental health products this product includes: 



- Water additives.

- Toothbrushes and toothpaste (with flavors like salmon and beef).

-Dental diets.

And they will help you to choose the suitable one for your pet.


Animal Health Associates

3- Surgery

In Animal Health Associates you will find routine surgical services for example (foreign body removal, abscess repairs, spaying and neutering, and laceration.)

The surgical care in Animal Health Associates starts with routine screening by highly qualified veterinarians who do their best to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and pain-free they also aim to reduce the risk of complications after surgery.

They follow AAHA guidelines including:

-Anesthesia safety.


-Full vital monitoring.

-Intravenous catheterization with fluid support therapy.

They also will tell you the aftercare instructions such as the plan for pain management and the expectations during the recovery process.

They also follow a surgery and anesthetics protocol which is slightly different than other clinics.

First, they have certified technicians who are responsible for critical issues such as intubation, anesthetic induction, and assistance during surgery.

Second, during the procedure, there are three persons present the surgeon, the certified technician, and the assistant ( for vital signs monitoring).

Finally, they will provide pain management for your pet before, during, and after the process.

They also provide intravenous fluid support during and after the surgery to maintain organs functions.

There is also a full-body warming system that prevents hypothermia during surgery.


Animal Health Associates

4- Vaccinations

Like human bodies, animal bodies contain a multitude of antibodies that make the immune system fight specific viruses and bacteria these antibodies are produced when the body is exposed to pathogens but if the infection is very strong the body may not be able to produce antibodies quickly enough.

Vaccination gives the chance to the immune system to produce antibodies by exposing it to a weak version of pathogens.

Vaccines contain little amount of infectious agents that let the immune system produce antibodies without making the patient sick.

Vaccines are a great tool in the modern medicine and it helps to maintain people health and animals too.

Animal Health Associates adhere to the American Animal Hospital Association‘s vaccination guidelines.

Types of vaccines available for your pet:

1-Rabies Vaccine

Rabies is a fatal disease that may affect animals and humans, rabies vaccine is initial at 12 weeks then should be boost one year later and then every three years after that.

2-Distemper/Adenovirus/Parainfluenza/Parvo (DAPP) Vaccine

Start at 6 to 8 months then boost one year later and then every three years after that.

3-Bordetella Vaccine

Start at 8 weeks and should be boosted annually. And this vaccine is recommended for dogs that visit dog parks.

4-Canine Influenza Vaccine

This vaccine is recommended for dogs that may contact other dogs or dogs that may travel away.

The canine influenza vaccine is against both (H3N2 and H3N8).

It starts after 8 weeks and must be boosted after three weeks.

5-Lyme Vaccine

This vaccine is recommended for dogs that might be exposed to ticks.

It starts after 9 weeks and should be boosted after three weeks and then boosted annually.

6-Leptospirosis Vaccine

It is recommended for dogs that expose to wildlife.

It starts at 10to 13 weeks of age and should be boosted after three weeks and then boosted annually.


Animal Health Associates

5-Parasite Treatment

Parasites are a common problem that may happen to your pet in most cases they are just annoyance but sometimes it leads to serious problems like allergies, hot spots, anemia, or Lyme disease.

Parasites also may transmit from animals to humans causing the same disease.

So it is important to protect your pet from parasites.

Parasites include many types like fleas, ticks, and others in Animal Health Associates they have a wide range of products against those parasites and they will help you to choose the suitable one for your pet.


Animal Health Associates

6-End of Life Care

Your pet is a member of your family and it is not easy to say good bey to it but sometimes it is a necessary decision.

In Animal Health Associates they will give you advice according to the pet condition.

If your pet is always in pain, have no appetite, loss of hydration, can't maintain its hygiene, is not happy, can't move without assistance, become dangerous to you or other animals, and its bad days are more than the good ones in such cases they may recommend euthanasia the procedure will be done in a calm and dignified way.



Animal Health Associates is the  place that will help you to provide your pets the best services they need to be healthy and happy.

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Written by: Dr. Shimaa Makki 

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