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Animal health rewards are programs that allow animal owners to earn points. These points can be redeemed for reward cards which owners can spend on the veterinary care of their animals. There are a variety of programs owners can participate in.

These programs were created and widely spread because leading veterinary clinics and animal health specialists are aiming to attract new customers and cultivate brand loyalty and therefore business grows.

All Pets Veterinary Hospital Care Rewards:

At All Pets Veterinary Hospital, they created a Pet Grooming Rewards Program to express their gratitude for being chosen as your pet's veterinarian. 

Through this program, clients can earn nearly ten rewards during the year and collect annual membership dues.

 Program highlights include: 

  •  Get a 5% credit bonus for every $1 spent. 

  •  Take 2 free exams (up to $76 per exam) for any pet in the family. This is a $152 value. 

  •  1 free nail trimmer (up to $22) for your pet to use at any time during your 1-year membership.

There is no limit to the number of rewards you can earn. The registration fee for the 1-year membership is $90.

It is convenient to register the same day and start earning rewards immediately after registering and also redeem the same exam you registered for .

There are bonus offers for greater rewards and your earned rewards will not expire with your current membership.



Firehouse Animal Health Center Rewards Programs:

Firehouse animal health center is an Austin-based vet hospital that was named after the 100 years old neighborhood fire station it firstly opened in. 

Now, Firehouse animal health center is a pioneer in pet healthcare in central Texas.

Members are automatically enrolled in the animal health rewards programs in the center with no paperwork and clients are informed when they get points to collect their rewards.

The client earns 1 point for every dollar spent and points never expire as long as firehouse is honored by your membership.

For more than 1 pet, points are added together to maximize the benefits.

If you spend $250 in one visit, you get a $5 credit that can be deducted from your bill or you can kindly donate them to their animal welfare groups.

Clients also get a 24/7 service with a free customized pet name tag and a bottle of wine is ready for them.

Also if you like the service you can recommend it to a friend and get $25 in your account upon referral.

In Firehouse animal center, there are 3 types of membership:

  • Silver:

The client becomes a silver member when he gets 2500 points.

  • Gold:

With 5000 points, the Client gets gold membership with a 2.5% discount on all products and services.

  • Platinum:

Once 10,000 points are earned, the Client gets the platinum membership with a 5% discount on all services and products.

All memberships give unlimited pet tags, nail trims, dental exams, and health certificates for traveling within the US.



Chastain Cashback Pet Care Rewards:

Another animal health rewards program that depends on membership-based cashback rewards.

Clients simply get cash equivalent rewards on every purchase made from the US.

To join the program, the client signs up for an annual membership and pays the fee then rewards dollars are collected in his account and used as money for future purchase of services and products at Chastain Veterinary Medical Group.

Annual membership gives:

  • Two to three vet examinations at any time during the year membership. This costs at least $160.

  • 5% cashback pet care reward loaded into account and used for future purchases.

  • Clients also participate in Chastain Life Guardianship Trust as Chastain Veterinary Medical Group donates 2% of every dollar spent by rewards members.

  • Basic Kennel Bath for any pet in the household during your birthday month. This costs about $35.

 To sign up for this program, visit Chastain Veterinary Medical Group


Animal health rewards are programs that benefit both clients and service providers. Pet owners are encouraged for repeated purchases and Veterinary care providers benefit from increased sales and the growing trust and loyalty of their clients.


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 By Dr/Rana El Mallah


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