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ASPCA pet health insurance is well known for the special care that it gives to pets. It refers to the "American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals". 

ASPCA doesn't cover any illegal procedures like organ transplants, cosmetic procedures, and other non-veterinary services.   

ASPCA pet insurance gives the pet owners the right to choose a plan for their pet needs and options for reimbursement percentage for claims, deductible, and annual limits.aspca pet healthy incurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans:

It has two plans:

1- Complete coverage plan:

ASPCA pet insurance plans cover visits, procedures, alternative therapies, behavioral care, and microchip implementation.

2- Accident only plan:

Includes emergency and urgent care. 

You can add a preventive care plan to the existing plan that covers things like heartworm prevention, flea and ticks medication, wellness visits, and other care. 

Wellness plans are available that cover different services like vaccines and dental cleaning 

 aspca pet healthy insurance

Advantage And Disadvantages of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance:


1- Offer many plans to be customized including accident, illness, and wellness coverage.

2- Give the right to the owner to choose their reimbursement percentage, deductible, and annual limits.

3- Pet owners can visit any vet in the U.S. or Canada without thinking about who is in the network.

4- ASPCA is the only one that provides insurance to horses besides dogs and cats.

5- Pre-existing conditions can be covered after 180 days of symptoms-free faster than other Insurers.


1- Filling claims take up to 30 days. it's a longer period than other rivals.

2- No coverage of the same dental conditions that are covered by other rivals.

How much does ASPCA Pet Health Insurance cost?

The cost of pet insurance depends on a few different keys: breed, age, gender, and zip code.

You can choose a premium plan appropriately for you: annual deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement percentage.

Wellness plans need other costs; each service has a separate cost unrelated to the normal plan's costs.


For Dog:

Breed: Dalmatian.

Age: three years.

Zip Code: 98260.

Coverage: 10.000$

Deductible: 250$

Reimbursement: 90%

Plan cost: 66.20$ per month.aspca pet healthy insurance

For cat:

Breed: Maine Coon Cat.

Age: one year.

Zip Code: 98260.

Coverage: 5.000$.


Reimbursement: 80%.

Plan cost: 30.62 per month.

Another sample:

Breed: mixed breed living in the Dallas area.

Gender: female.

Age: one year.

Cost:32.21$ per month with a 5.000$ annual benefits limit, 500$ deductible, and 90% reimbursement rates.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Account:

ASPCA has an application for easy management from any place and device.

The benefits of this application:

1- Fill and track claims.

2- Pay the bill and see the billing history.

3- Find a nearby vet clinic.

4- Easy update for information.

5- Cancel Claims if you need.

6- In direct contact with insurance.

7- Find answers to your questions.

8- Find and say any review.

9- Get reimbursement for covered care fast.

10- Check out the insurance plans to choose the premium plan for you.

Comparison between ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and their rivals:

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance vs. Trupanion:

1- Trupanion plans are more expensive than ASPCA plans.

2- Trupanion plans don't have an annual limit like ASPCA.

3- Trupanion contains more care than ASPCA.

4- Trupanion has only a 90% compensation percentage offer but ASPCA has 70%,80% and 90% offers.

5- Trupanion's deductibles are per conditions not per annual one like ASPCA.

6- Trupanion has a more complex deductible system, Unlike ASPCA. 

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance vs. Healthy Paws:

1- Healthy Paws are expensive in some dog samples and cheap in some cat samples, unlike ASPCA.

2- Healthy Paws plans don't have an annual limit like ASPCA.

3- Both have the same deductibles.

4- Both let pet owners visit any vet and seek reimbursement for late aftercare.

5- Healthy Paws doesn't cover pre-existing conditions, except for certain acute conditions like ear infections that slightly have related recurrence but ASPCA covers Pre-existing conditions that have been cured and symptoms free for 180 days.

6- Healthy Paws doesn't add wellness, preventive medicine plans, and behavioral care, unlike ASPCA Pet.

Companies similar to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance:

1- Nationwide.

2- Petplan.

3- Embrace Pet Insurance.

aspca pet healthy insurance

FAQs about ASPCA Pet Health Insurance:

What do you need to do to buy pet insurance from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance?

Submit a claim on the website by adding information about your pet's age, gender, zip code, and animal type, choose premium cost annual limit, deductible, and payout percentage, choose what you need accidental only or full coverage plan, get the discounts to offer like 10% discount for multiple pets.

How can I contact the customer service of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance? 

By calling ASPCA's customer service from 8 a.m. to 8 a.m.or sending an email or fax.

That have separated number for vet offices for connection 

Filing a claim online in ASPCA Pet Health Insurance's application.

How can I cancel a pet insurance plan from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance?

You can cancel pet insurance by email or phone and select the date when you need to end the insurance and you will refund your money paid.

ASPCA can cancel your plan under certain conditions like if pet owners lie about something or don't pay Their premium.

What are the deductibles ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has?

ASPCA has an annual deductible exceeding before reimbursement the cost of veterinary treatment.

Pet owners choose the best deductible by getting lower premium costs with higher deductibles.

Is there a waiting period for plans in ASPCA Pet Health Insurance?

Yes, ASPCA Pet has a 14-day waiting period for illness plans but there's no waiting period for accidents or preventive care plans.

What time does ASPCA Pet Health Insurance take to fill a claim?

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance takes 30 days or less to fill a claim.


ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is good at caring about pets and has a high level of care.

ASPCA has a different plan in caring and paying on the other hand it doesn't cover any illegal procedures.

ASPCA gives the right to pet owners to choose the premium plan and premium cost.

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