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Bella natural women's care clinic is dedicated to helping you to be the best version of yourself, without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. 

They offer the best treatments for both the face and body which allows us to tailor treatment programs to help you achieve your looking.

bella natural womens care

Bella natural women's care services

- They aim to make our patients have natural satisfying-looking results, to make them feel their absolute best.

- Your happiness and satisfaction are always their primary goals.

Their services:

- Lip enhancing

- Lip augmentation

- Face contouring 

- Botox and filler

- Laser hair removal

- Face rejuvenation

- Breast augmentation

- Cellulite and body lightness

- Skin care service

- Fitness service

Lip enhancing

- Bella natural women's care clinic does lip enhancement to improve lip appearance, prior wrinkles, and improve sagging labial corners.

- It is also indicated to correct atrophic scars on the face.

- It works to lift the lip rather than add excessive volume so it’s ideal for those seeking a natural look.

Lip augmentation

- It is a cosmetic technique that makes your lips fuller.

- They can use different filling materials injected into the lips such as hyaluronic acid, fat, and collagen.

- The best material used nowadays is hyaluronic acid because it's a natural substance with no side effects.

Face contouring

- Bella natural women's care clinic performs different treatments to have a perfectly satisfying face shape according to your complaints such as Nefertiti lift, facelift, double chin treatment, gummy smile treatment, jawline refinement, and Texas look.

Nefertiti lift

- It's a treatment to redefine the jawline and soften lines on the neck to give a more contoured look.

- It can be done by botox injection into the neck and the jawline to give you an uplift result.

- Also, they can use hifu, acupuncture, microcurrent, threads and multi-polar radio frequency according to the problem found.


- The facelift is a non-surgical procedure helping to restore the normal facial appearance and treat localized facial problems like sun pigmentation, wrinkles, and loss of skin texture.

- It is done by a mix of cosmetic treatments including liquid facelifts which increase the face volume and decrease wrinkles, micro-needling RF, microcurrent, acupuncture, hifu technique, and threading lift.

- All these previous procedures make you look younger by restoring your collagen network.

Double chin treatment

- Double chins make people look older and insecure about their appearance.

- Now Bella natural women's care offers treatments that can refine the shape and the size of the chin.

- 3DHIFU reaches the deep fat layer and helps in building the collagen network.

- 3DLIPO causes freezing of the fat and lifting of the skin firmly.

- Mesotherapy also can be used.

Gummy smile

- Patients who have gummy smiles feel uncomfortable with their smile because it shows excessive gingival tissue.

- So they have the solution for you without any pain and long-lasting results for about 6 months which is injecting botox in the upper lip.

- Botox is now used instead of surgical intervention that is painful and annoying.

Jawline refinement and texas look 

- The v-shape jaw can be obtained by several non-surgical procedures  

- These procedures decrease the width of the lower face making you look much younger.

- Dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid, micro hifu fat dissolving, anti-wrinkles injection, skin tightening, and thread lifting are examples of techniques that Bella natural women's care clinic can do for you to sharpen your chin.

bella natural women's care

Botox and filler

- In Bella natural women's care, we believe that we help you to look younger in a very natural way.

- Botox is a safe treatment that is widely used nowadays to treat the fine lines formed in the upper face such as perioral lines due to smiling, horizontal lines in the forehead, and frown lines between eyebrows.

- Its result lasts from six months to 12 months.

Laser hair removal
- Growing body hair makes you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, especially in visible areas.

- Diode laser devices are used for hair removal targeting the hair follicles and causing damage to their bases.

- After each session, you will notice a reduction in the amount of growing hair in this specific area.

- Finally, the hair will stop growing without any pain caused by the laser devices due to powerful contact cooling down to 0 c.

- You need at least 6 sessions of treatment.

bella natural women's care

Face rejuvenation

- Acne is a problem that many generations suffer from which affects their confidence.

- In Bella natural women's care clinic, we do a successful treatment depending on a multimodal approach as a combination of home care and in-clinic treatments as:

- Anti-acne peel in the clinic: that helps to get rid of dead skin and decrease sebum secretions.
- Laser resurfacing also in the clinic: clarify skin by destroying acne-causing bacteria.

- IPL: destroy bacteria in the skin and inflamed sebaceous glands.

Cellulite and body lightness

- Micro and macro hifu are the latest technology delivering a 24-line matrix of focussed energy at a depth of 1.3cm+9mm.

- This technology depends on the controlled thermal effect that results in the destruction of targeted fat and the contraction of collagen in the treatment area. 

- Bella natural women's care clinic guarantees faster treatment time and a more targeted focus.

Bella natural women's care staff

- In Bella natural women's care clinic, the main priority for our employees is efficiency.

- Our beloved team is professional, hard workers, dedicated and cooperative.

bella natural women's care

Bella natural women's care departments

Our clinic has highly qualified specialists that you need for your beauty.

- A dermatology

- Plastic surgery

- Fitness department

Fortunately, we are the best at our work.

 Patients' reviews

- What a wonderful clinic.

- Oh my God, the fat is gone.

- My skin looks amazing with no wrinkles thanks to Bella natural women's care clinic.

- The clinic is very clean and the staff is very nice and professional.


Bella natural women's care clinic is dedicated to helping you to be the best version of yourself, without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. 

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