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Before you start using the best Acure shampoo for oily hair you should know some information about your hair.

What is oily hair

It means that there is a lot of natural oil in your scalp that makes your hair look greasy. 

During this time you should make some changes to your hair routine and use suitable products for your hair.

Causes of oily hair

It's normal that the scalp secretes sebum (natural oil) .it is very important for moisture and to make hair healthy. 

Some people are abnormal because their scalp secretes an excessive amount of sebum that causes oily hair or greasy hair.

 So those people search for the best acure shampoo for oily hair to change their hair from a greasy look to freshness look. 


The best Acure shampoo for oily hair

Why do people with oily hair search for Acure shampoo?

Because the excessive amount of sebum secretion causes some troubles such as:

Trap dust 

That makes the hair unclean all the time and you want to wash it daily which is harmful to your hair.

Trap dirt

The same as trap dust.


Excessive amounts of sebum with impurities trapped in the oily hair.

That causes fungal infection to the scalp that takes a yeast shape that feeds on the sebum of the scalp and causes dandruff.

How can I choose the best acure shampoo for oily hair

Which shampoo is the best for oily hair?

If you suffer from greasy or oily hair you should pay attention to the product or the shampoo that you will put on your hair.

Because shampoo is very important for cleaning and removing the excess sebum from your scalp, and making your hair fresh, you should be careful during choosing it.

Search for a natural shampoo that clarifies the hair and sulfate-free shampoo.

Search for a light shampoo that is gentle on your hair.

Avoid using a shampoo that builds up your hair.

 Also, avoid choosing a shampoo that contains silicon as it is harmful to all types of hair.


Types of the best Acure shampoo for oily hair

- L'oreal Paris extraordinary clay shampoo

It is good for oily hair and scalp as it cleans the hair from roots to tips from excess sebum and leaves hair soft and shiny to keep it fresh.

- Biotique bio green apple  daily purifying shampoo and conditioner

It is considered the best Acure shampoo for oily hair As it contains pure extract of green apple and sea algae.

That provides the hair with main minerals and protein that are excellent for daily care.

- Essentials daily clarifying hair shampoo

It is easy to clean and remove dirt and excess oil. As it is lightweight and keeps the hair moisturized with great value.

- Garnier Fructis (full and plush shampoo) 

It makes you feel clean and keeps your hair from weighing down.

- Head and shoulders shampoo 

It isn't the best acure shampoo for oily hair only but, it is the best shampoo for fighting dandruff also.

It contains material that fights dandruff on the dry scalp. It has become trusted by more people.

- Kèrastase Bain dialect shampoo

It contains vitamins B6 and glycine which moisturize the hair and treat the scalp from excessive sebum.

- Herbal essences shampoo 

It cleans excessive sebum by weighing the hair down and is safe on color-treated hair.

- Pantene is truly a natural clarifying shampoo

Pantene shampoo reduces the secretion of excess sebum in the hair.

It cleans the hair from roots to tips and leaves it more refreshing.

- Vichy oil control (treatment shampoo)

Vichy shampoo is the best acure shampoo for oily hair for some people. It is rich in amino acids such as citric and Tartaric acids.

It is suitable for sensitive scalps as it is free from silicon. It reduces the secretion of sebum. 

When you apply it to your hair, massage the scalp with it thoroughly.

- Bumble and bumble

It cleans the hair deeply and removes excess sebum that goes continuously. 

- Acure (daily workout watermelon and blood orange shampoo)

It is very good for oily hair. It's paraben-free, mineral oil-free, sulfate-free, and formaldehyde free.

 It helps your hair thrive with soothing hydration and botanical ingredients. 

Best acure shampoo for oily hair reviews

Someone said that the best acure shampoo for oily hair is amazing.

It's really good, it has a fresh scent and it is silicon, sulfate, and paraben free.

Another one said that once I started using this shampoo my hair is less oil, not dry, and not oily.

Others said that this shampoo gives good moisture to my hair.

Hair feels much softer and more manageable after usage.


Oily hair care routine 

1- Wash your oily hair twice per week.

Because washing your hair daily leads to the removal of sebum.

That promotes glands producing more sebum to compensate for the loss.

You should wash it twice weekly by using the best acure shampoo for oily hair.

2- Apply dry shampoo for oily hair

It is good as it absorbs the excess sebum from your scalp within one minute.

Take note if you apply dry shampoo on your oily hair wrong it will damage your hair. 

The right way is to use a small amount and apply it to your hair far from your scalp.

3- Apply baby powder on your hair roots

Baby powder is safe and good as it absorbs the excess sebum and cleanses the hair from impurities. 

4- Apply hair conditioner 

The right way to apply conditioner is to wash the hair with the best Acure shampoo for oily hair.

Then put the conditioner on the hair away from the roots to make your hair softer. 

Avoid applying it on the scalp as it increases the secretion of sebum.

5- Always clean your hairbrush or change it every three months

The excess sebum makes the brush more sticky which spreads sebum to all hair and falls down more hair.


6- Do an oil bath that suits oily hair

Is tea tree good for oily hair?

The oil bath is very important to maintain the health of the scalp and restore vitality to it.

The best one is tea tree oil as it contains antibacterial and antifungal substances, that open the pores of the scalp and reduce the secretion of excess sebum, eliminate bacteria, and promote hair growth.

Then wash your hair with the best care shampoo for oily hair.

7- Apply masks

There are many masks suitable for oily hair that are made from natural ingredients.

That nourishes hair and gives it strength, luster, and beauty.

Such as:

A- Shea butter hair mask

It contains moisturizers and anti-inflammatory substances and is full of vitamins A, E, and essential fatty acids that nourish the hair's roots.

B- Apple cider vinegar 

It contains acetic acid that balances the acidity level in the  sebum production in the scalp


If you wash your hair with the best acure shampoo for oily hair and apply the mask.

You will get good results that make your hair fresh, strong, and healthy.

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