Camille Rose Growth Serum | The Ultimate Growth Serum

For no longer stubbornly short brittle hair and for reduced hair loss, you have to use Camille rose growth serum. 

Camille Rose's Cocoa Nibs & Honey Ultimate Growth Serum is a healing hair oil mixture made for combating thinning and hair breakage.

Camille rose growth serum is one of the most recommended natural hair serums, it is made to restore hair strands and help your hair to reach its optimal strength. 

Camille Rose Growth Serum

Camille Rose Cocoa Nibs and Honey the Ultimate Growth Serum

This natural hair-growing serum helps to clear blocked hair follicles and stimulate the scalp. It provides strength and moisture to prevent the breakage of hair. 

The Camille rose growth serum also features sweet hints of cocoa and honey, and will not leave your scalp greasy or oily. A wonderful aide if you want to restore the natural color of your hair.

Luckily, it is ideal for all types and textures of hair, so everyone can have amazing long locks.

How to use Camille rose growth serum

How do you use Camille Rose growth serum?

- Before each use, the serum should be well-shaken. 

- Pour a small amount onto your fingertips then massage into your scalp.

- Use every other night before bedtime, or when needed.

- Finally, wash and condition your hair as normal with Camille Rose Naturals for best results.

Camille Rose Growth Serum

Camille Rose growth serum ingredients

Virgin Amla Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Sesame Seed Oil, Golden Jojoba Oils, Virgin Olive Oil, Pressed Macadamia Oils, Aromatic Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Honey, Biotin, Shebu Ws, MSM, Remblica Officinalis, Bhringraj Herbs, Brahmi, BTMS, Tea Tree Oil and Naturally-Scented.

Also, Camille rose serum is Phthalate-free, Sulfate-free, formaldehyde-free, and butylparaben-free and it contains shea butter.

Advantages of some Camille rose growth serum ingredients

- A Nutritious oil elixir of coconut and sesame seed is mixed with golden jojoba and olive fruit extracts for moist hair intensely. 

- In addition, Virgin Amla Oil strengthens hair follicles to condition and improve overall hair health. 

- Brahmi thickens and nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth. 

- While both Amla oil and Brahmi herbs work to open blocked hair follicles for circulation improvement and optimal hair growth using this refreshing hair mixture. 

Camille Rose products

Camille brand now being available for purchase in over 300,000 total locations in national retail chains. 

You can get that recipe of beauty from many websites. 

Basically, you can find it on its official website which carries the same name, the Camille Rose website. 

Camille rose growth serum is available also on Amazon, Iherb, Ulta, Target, Sally’s Beauty, and many other websites that are considered in selling beauty products. 

Camille Rose Growth Serum

Camille rose growth serum in Amazon 

It’s one of the best sellers on Amazon with high rates. 

On the website, Camille rose growth serum is rated 4.6 out of 5. 


It costs 17$ on the Amazon website.


Brand: Camille Rose

Scent: Coconut

Item Weight: 0.5 Pounds

Item Form: Serum

Active Ingredients: Teatree oil

You will also find a Camille rose collection that contains many products. 

Besides finding similar items to Camille rose growth serum you can compare with. 

Product information 

There is some product information on the website that may help to know more about the product like manufacturer, age range, best sellers rank, and recommended uses for the product. 

Camille Rose growth serum review

There are many helpful customer reviews that can aid you to judge the product and decide to buy it or not.

Customer Questions

If you ask can you put the serum on your head? 

Or how long does it take to see the result and get the advantage 

Or Camille rose growth serum is used on dry or wet hair 

Or even any other questions that may come to your head, you will find the answer in the customer questions provided on the website. 

Founder of Camille rose growth serum

Janell Stephens is the CEO and founder of the well-known brand Camille Rose. 

She was a leader in the radical shift in the beauty industry since its conception in 2011. 

Janell launched a website to support the sales of the eczema creams she created.

Soon after, she created and produced additional products. 

The brand quickly became proof of what a businesswoman could achieve when she devoted her time, energy, and resources to something she is passionate about.


Camille Rose growth serum is Such a miracle in a bottle! 

You have to experience it and you will not be disappointed and you are finally owning the perfect oil!

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