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Home remedies for cat vomiting white foam are used widely among people who have cats. It's the fastest and easiest way to treat your sick cat till the vet's appointment.

As a pet owner, there’s no doubt you have seen your lovely cat vomiting a white foam at some point. That may indicate a sign of abnormality in its health. 

Generally, cats have a sensitive digestive system that requires special care. So there is no need to be scared as it is common for cats to vomit and there are many home remedies for cat vomiting white foam. 

Cat pukes up white foam

What does the color of cat vomit mean?

First of all, there are different colors of cat vomit, they indicate several reasons.

So, according to the color meaning, you will apply the appropriate home remedies for cat vomiting white foam or any other substance. 

- White foamy vomit shows that your cat is vomiting hydrochloric acid or gastric juice.

- While if your cat’s vomiting has a green color that means your cat is chewing grass or other plant material regularly. 

- Reddish vomiting may be a sign of internal bleeding.

Your differentiation between vomiting colors will guide you to the correct treatment.

Now if you ask, Why is my cat vomiting foamy?

Home Remedies For Cat vomiting White Foam

Why would my cat vomit White Foam cat's upset stomach

Before knowing the home remedies for cat vomiting white foam, let us first know some reasons that can cause your cat to throw up white foam 

Excess eating 

In the case of kittens, vomiting is frequent as they don’t know when to stop eating, so they release the white foam to relieve themselves.

Starving for a long time 

In contrast, If the cat is starved for a long time, the acids in its stomach such as gastric acid and hydrochloric acid cause irritation leading to vomiting. 


As cats always groom themselves, some fur from their coats can be swallowed. 

Sometimes, this fur accumulates in the stomach forming hairballs that irritate your cat which tries to expel the hairballs by vomiting white foam.


If your cat isn’t dewormed or regularly catches birds and mice, it will be highly susceptible to intestinal worms that are accompanied by vomiting and many other symptoms such as diarrhea and weight loss.

Kidney disease 

It’s a common disease in aged cats. In addition to vomiting, cats will show a lack of appetite, dehydration, weakness, and excessive urination.

Moreover, there are many other causes of vomiting such as Gastritis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, or viral infection.

Home remedies for cat vomiting white foam can be used in some of these cases to overcome the vomiting. 

What to do if your cat is vomiting white foam?

Home Remedies For Cat vomiting White Foam

Home remedies for cat vomiting white foam

What to do if my cat is vomiting white foam?

Many vomiting conditions in cats can be really serious and harmful so it’s always safest and preferable to visit your veterinarian before applying any of the home remedies for cat vomiting white foam.

However, if your cat appears healthy and there is no blood or worms in its vomiting you can try these home remedies for cat vomiting white foam to keep it feeling good and sound.

A very short fast

It's an easy home remedy for cat vomiting white foam.

Not offering food for a period of time that ranges from 8 to 12 hours or skipping one meal can rest the irritated gastrointestinal tract and help your cat’s recovery.

Availability of water 

The best cat throwing up white foam home remedy.

Your cat should always have access to fresh clean water to prevent dehydration. Vomiting leads to losing a lot of fluids. 

Bland food 

Feeding your cat bland, easily digestible food such as high-quality sensitive stomach cat food, boiled chicken, or boiled hamburger meat without fat and small amounts of white rice.

These foods are given to relieve the discomfort and prevent additional vomiting. 

Hairballs remedies 

Brushing your cat regularly, keeping it clean and free of ticks and lice, and feeding a hairball prevention diet is among the best home remedies for cat vomiting white foam.

Never give your cat mineral oil, butter, or vegetable oils as a home treatment for hairballs as they can make your cat very sick.

Check the environment 

Keep your cat in a safe and proper environment to prevent it from swallowing a potentially dangerous foreign object. 

Some objects can hurt and obstruct a cat’s digestive tract forcing it to vomit.

Furthermore, you can give peppermint tea or Probiotic Yogurt to lessen the stomach irritation. 

These were some home remedies for cat vomiting white foam that could help overcome the puking in your cat.

When your cat starts feeling better and is no longer vomiting, its regular diet can be reoffered gradually. 

Home Remedies For Cat vomiting White Foam

What medicine can I give my cat for vomiting

First, you need to know when to see a doctor.

Remember, vomiting is common for cats but it shouldn’t be repeated several times a month. 

If home remedies for cat vomiting white foam don’t work apparently and your cat is still throwing up, you have to take it to the vet to be diagnosed and given the right treatment.

If you decided to treat your cat at home, make sure that you are using natural remedies to treat cat vomiting.


Of course, your first goal should be to help your cat feel better as quickly and safely as possible. Whether by using home remedies for cats vomiting white foam or visiting the vet.

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