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Cat Clinic Orange was established by the veterinarian Dr. Elaine Wexler-Mitchell in 1991 in Southern California. Relax, your kitty is in good hands. 

In the cat clinic orange, your cat receives expert care regardless of the diagnosis. Your cat is your baby. In this clinic, it will receive special care as their doctors deal with unusual cases in a week more than most veterinarians see in a year. 

cat clinic orange

Why choose cat clinic orange? 

  • Quicker diagnosis 

  • Wellness care for all ages

  • Stay up to date with surgery and technology

  • Dental excellence

  • Routine care for your cat

  • A home away from home

Quicker diagnosis

The team members of cat clinic orange have been there for more than 10 years, they treat thousands of cases all over the years so you don't have to worry about anything.

Wellness care for all ages

 A cat clinic orange You will enjoy 3 exclusive benefits QUIET, CLEAN, and LESS STRESSFUL. We know that taking your furry friend to the vet is not an easy thing, so they are doing great efforts to form personal, lasting relationships with their clients. They have the best-in-class veterinary services. They choose the location of their clinics very carefully as they choose centrally located clinics with nearby freeways for your convenience.

Stay up to date with surgery and technology

Their team of veterinarians collaborates to give your furry friend the best possible care. They make up their minds by x-ray detection and ultrasonic imaging. All their team of doctors regularly attend continuing education and share new information.

They keep their support team well trained and have state-of-the-art equipment. They have the luxury of being able to discuss challenging cases amongst themselves and get more than one opinion.

Dental excellence

The cat clinic orange team is committed to dental excellence. Your kitty's healthy body needs healthy teeth. a trained team of feline-focused and highly trained professionals who have been taught by board-certified dentists to perform dental procedures.

Routine care for your cat

A cat clinic orange can help your cat to look his best as they understand cat grooming. Your feline friend needs help taking care of its coat and nails. If you cannot do this yourself at home, they offer your kitty grooming services. They can provide nail trimming, comb-outs, baths, and shaving In the least painful and least stressful way possible.

 A Home away from home 

The kindness of team members to your cat ensures his safety. The only focus of them is felines so you can be sure that your cat is getting quality care and their boarding facilities are clean and bark-free. Your kitty will never endure the stress of dogs or other noisy animals found in kennels. The place enhances her feeling of safety and comfort.

cat clinic orange

How do you understand your cat's behavior? 

Cats are hunters by nature so they need an outlet for this behavior. A specific characteristic of cats is avoiding fights with other cats. They like hiding from other cats. you should keep this in your mind, cats are more comfortable in cars or hiding under a towel or in their carrier.

There are many signs of fear like Ear position, Changes in the eyes and face, Changes in vocalization, Tail movement, and Body posture.

Amazing funny facts about cats 

You may love your cat but you don't know everything about it. Cats are surprising creatures.  They have many surprising facts. They develop meowing especially to communicate with humans. They do have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents! 

Facts about cats behavior

  • They like to sit on things that have their owners smell, so don't be surprised when your cat sit on pillows and dirty laundry

  • If they are bored, they may attack your ankles

  • Some cats can go crazy for some food you don't expect like potato chips, olive, and the hops in beer

  • They like hiding in books and bags

  • Thieving behavior is common among cats as this reminds them of prey so they may grab objects like stuffed animals, feather dusters, and other things. 

Cats made the history 

  • There was a green cat born in Denmark in 1995. People believed that high levels of copper in the water pipes nearby might be the reason that gives his fur a verdigris effect. 

  • It was found that Abraham Linkon owned four cats living with him in the white house. He was a crazy cat president. 

  •  When Maria Assunta died in 2011, she left her $13 million fortune for her cat Tomasso

Physiological facts about cats

  • Cats are believed to be the only mammals that can not taste sweetness!

  • They have another awesome character is that they can jump up to six times their length

  • Humans only have 206 bones but cats have 230

  • They have the largest eye size relative to their heads of any other mammal

  • They share the same way of walking with camels and giraffes as they all move both of their right feet first then move the left ones. No other animal can walk like that

cat clinic orange


Cats mean different things to different people. Some love them, some fear them. Anyway, you don't have to worry about your lovely cat. At the cat clinic orange, they treat your cat like a family member. 

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