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Causes of stroke in females and why Stroke is one of the first diseases that cause death, especially in women, we will talk about this in our article.

Types of stroke

Causes of stroke in females are a lot we will talk about in detail.

A stroke is an emergency medical condition in which there is a problem with the blood supply to the brain so we must deal with it immediately.

There are two types of stroke according to the causes:

Hemorrhagic stroke

In which there is an increase in blood pressure of the vessel that leads to rupture of the vessel.

Ischemic stroke

In which there is a blood clot that blocks the blood supply to the brain leading to the death of this part of the brain.

causes of stroke in females

Causes of stroke in females

There are some causes of stroke in females that increase stroke in females more than males and also increase the mortality rate of women than men:


Hormone changes may cause deep vein thrombosis and stroke, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy and the first three months after labor.

Hormonal contraceptive pills

They consist of estrogen and progesterone hormones so they will play a role in changing hormones in women's bodies, which can increase the risk of stroke.

Hypercholesterolemia and diabetes mellitus

Elevated cholesterol and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, especially those patients with hypertension, will be at high risk of stroke, this triangle of diseases is very dangerous.


Smoker women are at high risk of stroke.

African American patient

Has a higher risk of stroke than other races like white Americans as they also have a higher risk of other conditions like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and sickle cell disease.

Sickle cell disease

Those patients are at high risk of blood clots and stroke.

Symptoms of stroke that make people call for emergency

After we talk about the causes of stroke in females, there is a famous word that indicates stroke symptoms BE FAST


There is a problem with coordination and balance.


Patients have blurred vision, and may also lose vision.

Face drooping

Drooping of the face on one side when the patient smiles or speaks.

Arm weakness

The patient cannot raise both arms at the same equilibrium and feel numbness.

Slurred speech

Unable to speak well, even easy words or understand, patients are usually confused.


It is very important to call an emergency at a suitable time.

Also, there is another important symptom, which is a sudden severe migraine which may be a sign of stroke especially when there is no cause for it.

Now we know the stroke symptoms and we must be aware of it and tell everybody around us these symptoms to take the right steps when suspecting anyone that he may be a stroke patient.

We care about telling everyone about these symptoms as we can rescue people's life without disabilities in the first 3 hours of the symptoms.

After we know the causes of stroke in females, now we can go away from these causes.

Causes of stroke in females are a lot so we will be far away from them as follow:

- Increase exercise and walking to improve the lifestyle of females and decrease obesity which is one of the leading causes of stroke in females.

- Follow blood pressure measures continuously, especially in females with hypertension, and be careful about taking a suitable drug regimen.

- Treat diabetes mellitus and keep our blood sugar measures controlled.

- Be away from junk food that is full of bad fats that will increase cholesterol levels, thus increasing the risk of stroke.

- Females who have a family history of stroke must be away from hormonal contraceptive pills, and use another way for contraception like intrauterine devices.

- Smoking cessation is very important to be healthy and decrease the risk of stroke.

- For pregnant females who are at risk of stroke, the doctor will give them aspirin or other anticoagulant drugs according to their needs.

- If you have a sudden migraine, don't be careless about it.

- Patients with previous strokes or transient ischemic attacks should be aware as they may have another stroke at any time.

After talking about the causes of stroke in females, let's take a look at the diagnosis.

causes of stroke in females

Stroke in Females diagnosis

Causes of stroke in females are a lot, now we want to know the tests done to diagnose stroke.

The first method in this condition is the physical signs that we talk about above (FAST).

After that, we start to scan the patient's brain to know if the stroke ischemic as a result of a blood clot or bleeding as a result of blood vessel rupture.

There are two types of scans

CT scan

That is very good to show us if there is a blood clot or hemorrhage, usually, it is made at the first hour when the patient arrives at the hospital.


That is more accurate to show us the damaged area in the brain and other things that do not appear in CT.

Also, we do a lot of blood tests on the patient and examine if he can swallow or not by giving him 2 spoonfuls of water. If he swallows without any problem, give him half a cup of water to be sure.

Finally, we will talk about treatment and recovery that also depend on the causes of stroke in females

After the female has a stroke, she must take some drugs to prevent a second stroke.

These drugs are:

Antihypertensive drugs

There are many types of these drugs with different mechanisms,dr will choose the most suitable to the patient's condition.

High-intensity stain

Patients take statins regardless of their lipid profile tests.


Taking aspirin as an antiplatelet drug to decrease aggregation of platelet and thus decrease blood clotting


Like heparins, doctors use them as prophylactic doses in the hospital to prevent deep vein thrombosis in flat people.

But, doctors can use them in therapeutic doses in those with atrial fibrillation conditions when they are sure that this stroke is ischemic and not hemorrhagic

Also, these cases with a disability should have physiotherapy and psychotherapy to overcome this hard time.

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