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Dream coat supernatural spray is a treatment that is used as anti-frizz for your hair, it is made in the USA from a significant brand called " Color Wow". 

This product contains no silicone and can fight frizz, it also controls levels of moisture and smooths your hair fibers.

It doesn't contain any sulfate or parabens, is gluten-free, and can be used for anyone who has hair affected by humidity.

Dream coat supernatural spray is ve your hair greasy and you will have smooth hair-free from frizz for long days. It protects your hair for up to 3 days and protects for 2 or 3 shampoos.

dream coat supernatural spray

Which type of hair is suitable to use the product?

The product is suitable for all types of hair, it is used for curly hair as it creates shiny wavy looks, it's also used on wigs extensions, for dry hair, and if you have keratin-treated hair you can also use it.

The hair which has color processed is exposed to frizz because of chemicals that make your hair porous, but dream coat supernatural spray utilizes a polymer that is heat-activated so it can seal the fibers of your hair.

So using a hairdryer is so important with using product to get the best result for your hair.

dream coat supernatural spray

How do you apply dream coat supernatural spray on your hair?

- First, wash your hair with your shampoo then rinse it and put on some conditioner.

- Dry your hair with a towel (you can roll your hair up in a towel and leave it for a few minutes to remove the excess water). 

- Divide your hair into sections then put a little dream coat supernatural spray on each section and make sure you have saturated hair with the spray.

- Comb your hair to make the product distributed evenly.

- Now we come to the most important step, you will use a blow-dryer in each section to activate the dream coat supernatural spray (as it is activated by heat).

- Some hair experts recommend using straighteners too.

- Now you can enjoy frizz-free and smooth hair (the dream for each girl).

The ingredients of dream coat supernatural spray:


Used as a solvent for ingredients that are used in the preparation of dream coat supernatural spray.  

The water which is used in the preparation of cosmetics is deionized (that means no mineral ions inside it) which helps the product to be more stable.

Dipropylene glycol

Used as a solvent to decrease the viscosity of the ingredients.


Used as a preservative and it works against bacteria.

Propylene glycol

It is important in the preparation of dream coat supernatural spray as it is used for viscosity controlling and used also as a solvent and humectant.


It has large benefits for your skin and also for your hair.

Glycerin is a natural moisturizer that helps the skin lipids to be in a healthy state.

Silicone quaternion-18

Used as emollient.

Butylene glycol

Used as a solvent, moisturizer, and viscosity control.

Isopropyl butyl carbamate

Used as a preservative and it has a great effect against yeast and molds.

It is 0.1% safe.

Citric acid

Used as a buffering agent and for fragrance.

Trideceth-7 and Trideceth-12

Used as an emulsifier and surfactant.

Potassium sorbate, potassium benzoate

Used as preservatives.


Fix your hair as the anti-foaming agent.


As a preservative.

The flower extract of chamomile Recutita and Calendula Officinalis 

Both are antioxidants, for soothing and perfuming your hair.


These ingredients of dream coat supernatural spray may change at the manufacturer's discretion.

If you want to know the newest ingredients, please refer to the product packaging.

dream coat supernatural spray

Here are some precautions to get the best result from dream coat supernatural spray

You can style your hair the way you like but first, you have to dry your hair and brush it.

Using heat is so important when you apply the product as heat from an air dryer activates the polymer of dream coat supernatural spray and that will help to activate the frizz-fighting formula.

You shouldn't use a shampoo that contains silicone, oils, and thickening agent as these shampoos don't rinse out from your hair completely and that will lead to leaving a coat on your hair so dream coat supernatural spray won't give its action and you can't get the look you wish.


In the end, we hope that the product will help you to get the hair you wish and enjoy your hair's looks.

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