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Extend pet health customer service is considered one of the most important things which our pets need these days. Most people are interested in adopting different kinds of pets and care for them. So Extend pet health customer service is important to help pet owners care for them and ease of keeping it in their best. Extend pet health customer service must include medical services, entertainment, training, and caring to clean and feed the pets.


Extend pet health customer service

Who is Extend pet health customer service?

Extend pet health customer service are a group of pets owners who began a quest to create premium nutritional products for pets in 2012. Where they needed that kind of product and looked for it but it wasn't available. So they decided to manufacture these essential nutritional supplements that pets need with the help of a professional veterinarian, and they used natural ingredients and high production standards. They launched their first product, Extend joint care, in 2014. That got a lot of encouragement from pet owners. They continue to produce a lot of nutritional supplements to help pets and their owners.


Extend Products:

Extend pet health customer service provides four products for pets. These nutritional supplements are very good and important for pets, especially old dogs. The products are:

  • Extend joint care for dogs 

  • Extend joint care for cats

" nearly complete "

  • Extend superfood

  • Extend salmon oil

Extend pet health customer service

Extend joint care:

Extend joint care manufactured to suit every age, breed, and size as it relieves pain and increases mobility. It is one of the safest and most effective joint care for pets be it dog or cat supporting healthy joints. It helps nourish, heal, and strengthen the joints, cartilage, and bones of aging dogs. It is considered one of the best nutritional dog supplements. It provides natural building blocks for the growth, repair, and maintenance of cartilage. 


It begins working immediately to lubricate joints, help cartilage retain water, and prevent future breakdown.it soothes the effects of joint damage, supports joint and cartilage, helps retain flexibility, and improves mobility.

Its ingredients do an ok job of helping dogs. However, when carefully incorporated into an ideal ratio, they combine to become a powerful force in maintaining a dog's joint and limbs and reducing joint pain. 

This joint care was approved by licensed veterinarians and occurred under the trained eye of caring, licensed veterinarians.

Extend joint care has a savory beef flavor that dogs love. Add water to make a tasty gravy.


Extend Joint care ingredients:

Extend joint care is a blend of Glucosamine (300 GM), MSM (100 GM), Type II chicken collagen (100 GM), and Ascorbic acid (100 GM). Extend joint care made with pure, high-grade ingredients. Extend joint care is a newly discovered extra absorbable form of natural Glucosamine and MSM " Methylsulfonylmethane ".


Glucosamine strengthens connective tissue and supports hydration, mobility, and comfort.

MSM supports proper maintenance, connective tissue function, and joint comfort.

Type II Chicken Collagen is an essential building block for maintaining healthy articular cartilage. 

Ascorbic Acid stimulates the release of collagen and glycosaminoglycans like chondroitin sulfates and hyaluronic acid.

Is Extend pet health customer service products safe?

Extend joint care is extremely safe as it mostly has no side effects. There are some reports of side effects of Glucosamine alone. These side effects include stomach upsets or increased frequency of urination. And not all dogs have side effects. So Extend joint care is considered the best choice for dogs.

Extend pet health customer service

Joint illness:

Extend pet health customer service has concerns about joint pains for dogs. Many dogs suffer from joint illnesses. As dogs can't run and play as long with their owners and have more difficulty with common activities. 

Increasing this with untreated patients could lead to joint-related problems such as anterior cruciate ligament tears and osteoarthritis. 


Knowing the signs and symptoms early makes it easy to know the best way to treat a dog's joint pain with a veterinarian. However, it is difficult to know what the pet feels, so you need to check the dog's joints at least once a year.

There are some breeds more prone to joint injuries. Newfoundlands are the highest breed that has a prevalence of cruciate ligament disease. Rottweilers have more knee and ankle problems. Bernese mountain dogs commonly get elbow dysplasia. 


In general, increased size and weight are always predisposed to joint problems so bigger dogs are more prone to joint injuries. 

To avoid joint injuries we should try to get the dogs to an ideal weight so we decrease the stresses on the joint. We also need to get the dogs' strength built up. That's because the muscle will help protect the joints and mostly get stress on it. We can decrease inflammation by getting rid of fat because it is a source of inflammation in the joints. 

Extend pet health customer service

How to contact Extend pet health customer service?

Address: 60 W Main street Crt, 

               Suite 200 Alpine, 

               UT 84004


Tel: (800) 697-0163 Mail:support@extendpets.com

availability: 24 hours a day, 

                  7 days a week.


Service places:

Many places provide different services for pets. The staff of the center must be committed to making the pet at its best by considering the pet as important to them as they are to their owners.

There are mobile centers that send professionals to pet's homes with their needs and provide all services that pets need. That service is "mobile centers" for people who don't want to go to the center outdoors. And that is considered a step in extend pet health customer service.

Services must be provided in pets care centers:

1- Main Services:

Cleaning and feeding pets are the main services that must be provided in pets care centers. 


2- Medical Services:

Extend pet health customer service in this field is very important as pet’s lives almost depend on the quality of medical services. It must be paid attention to several sides like veterinary clinics as it must provide appropriate medical care including vaccinations, stabilization, the existence of all of the medical devices and tools, place cleaning, also, the experienced doctor. The staff of the veterinary medical center must be dedicated to the health and wellness of pets and provide clients and patients with kind and compassionate care, superior medicine, and state-of-the-art surgical services of the highest quality.

The medical services must be provided in veterinary clinics:

Wellness & medical care

  • Comprehensive wellness examination

  • Balanced vaccination protocol

  • Complete dental care

  • Parasite Prevention and treatment

  • Exotic animal care 

  • Internal Medicine

  • Reproductive medicine

  • Telemedicine 


Diagnostic services

  • Digital radiographs 

  • Endoscopy

  • In house medical and diagnostic laboratory

Surgical care 

  • General Surgery

  • Spays and neuter 

  • Orthopedic surgery 

  • Customized anesthesia protocol

  • Comprehensive Pain Management

Client Services

  • Microchipping

  • In house pharmacy

  • Pet boarding 

  • End of life planning 

3- Entertainment services

Many Centres provide entertainment services like hosting pets and playing with them. Some Centres provide different kinds of care services like hair cutting and trimming, trimming and clipping nails, bugs disposal bath, and other care services.


4- Training services

Some pets need to train to make it easier for their keepers or owners. There are specialized centers to train pets on the main habits that should do it. These habits are the right way to eat, drink, walk, and peeing in his toilet.

It is known that some dogs need special training to guard or help their owner. Also, centers are offering extra services including teaching animals different tricks. That may be fun for pets and their owners.


Extend pet health customer service is the first and best choice for your dog. You must not worry about your pet with the existence of such an association that does its best to provide comfort for you and your dog.

Written by/ Malk Elsharkawy


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