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International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) is an international organization that was founded in 1984 to promote reproductive, sexual health, and rights of women all over the world, particularly in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The IWHC supports national and international policies that benefit women in these regions. It also provides education and training to local activists and community leaders and issues grants to local women’s and female youth organizations. In its first 25 years, the IWHC assisted in the creation of more than 75 such organizations in 10 countries. The IWHC’s main offices are located in New York City.



International Women’s Health Coalition Vision:

International Women’s Health Coalition provides a world where all women can enjoy their health and rights. It can balance social, economic, and environmental factors and dimensions to make sure that every woman can reasonably enjoy their rights and health without compromisation of availability and quality of different resources. 

International Women’s Health Coalition Mission:

  • To support and fund different feminist organizations, movements, and leaders all over the world.

  • To advocate international and US policies, programs, holding, and funding governments to be committed toward women's issues.

  • To provide and enhance knowledge and leading debates of critical and emergent women's issues.

IWHC Provides a unique five-year strategic plan for females in the future in different languages including  English, French, Spanish and other languages allowing each woman to read it easily. 


Staff and board of the International Women’s Health Coalition decided to explicitly name a group of enduring values that have guided and motivated our growth on women’s health and rights. They have IWHC consulted grantee partners, sister organizations, and donors to understand how they experience us and our work. We reflected intensively and collectively on International Women’s Health Coalition 35-year history as advocacy, grantmaking, and intellectual leadership organization, IWHC role in national  and global women’s movements, our track record of achievement, the issues

IWHC face, and their ongoing aspirations. The following seven values because of this reflection.



What International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) Do ?


Advances Global Policies:

Bring leadership ideas to global negotiations on females’ rights and health.

Represent a unique role at the United Nations and cooperate with governments and international health policymakers. IWHC works to ensure that U.S. foreign policy and finance promote the health and rights of women and adolescents.

Build Young Leaders

IWHC enhances activists to be the new champions of the international women’s movement.

Support in Practice workshops helps young people get the leadership and advocacy skills they want to advance reproductive and sexual rights at the national and international levels.


Providing finance and technical add to organizations in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East region.

The women are ensuring access to legal and safe abortion, getting general sexual education, and providing safe communities for women and girls all over the world.


Adolescence is a critical period when a girl's future potential and opportunities can grow due to education, economic opportunities, and psycho-social support. Governments must invest in programs and develop methods that allow girls to thrive, and finish the persistent violence and discrimination that exists all over the world.

Nowadays, the generation of adolescents is the largest ever 1.8 billion people are between the ages of 10 and 19 alive today. For the protection of their health and rights, youngs need evidence-based, accurate information for their sexual and reproductive health, also supporting skills, an estimated 14 million girls are married younger than 18 years old. Child marriage is an in fort feeling comfortable and confident about their sexuality and their bodies.


Annually International problems that cut across countries, cultures, religions, or ethnicities. It robs girls of their childhood and denies them their health rights, for living in security, and to choose when and whom they marry.  

Although abortion is legal in almost all countries to save a female life, safe abortion services are often not provided by public health systems or are of low quality. That results in an estimated 20 million unsafe abortions all over the world. Women in developing countries risk dying from unsafe procedures or suffering other adverse health outcomes.


Front view of female doctor holding heart shape Free Photo

Work of the International Women’s Health Coalition addresses several core issues, including access to health care for women and young, sexual rights and gender equity for females, violence against and exploitation of women, getting a safe abortion and family planning methods, and AIDS prevention and treatment among women and young people. IWHC is governed by a board of directors headed by a president That receives finance from private donors and national governments.


Build Young Leaders:

Since 2007, the IWHC has defined and directed young people from all over the world to advocate for national and global policies that advance sexual and reproductive rights. Because engaging in international advocacy can be a challenge, the International Women’s Health Coalition holds practical workshops to prepare youth for negotiations with UN diplomats and government officials. invitation in practice in multi-day exercises include more learning and building of teams Participants develop the generic language to titled reproductive l and678 sexual health and woman rights and use techniques to connect with government officials.

Advocacy workshops are held in practice before major UN meetings and regional conferences to enable participants to apply their advocacy skills. The defenders will then return to their home countries more willing to press their governments for policies that support sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The work of the International Women’s Health Coalition(IWHC) addresses different core issues, including access to health care for women and young people, sexual rights and gender equity for women, violence against and exploitation of women, access to safe abortion, and family-planning services, and AIDS prevention and treatment of women and young people. IWHC receives financial support from national governments and private donors.



Our Dewtreats for you today are the very effective roles of the International Women’s Health Coalition in different fields in women and girls live all over the world and its important vision and services.

Written by/ Asmaa Abdelghany 




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