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Family Pet Health Center is a pet veterinary clinic that provides care for pets. Family Pet Health Center also has multidisciplinary clinics, different types of treatment, and different diseases for all types of animals. When you go to the family pet health center with your pet you can be a member of the pet health club in the family pet health center, you can choose a vet, he will be the family vet of your pet and you can get all the veterinary care at home if you want but in emergency cases, you should go to the pet hospital to take veterinary care of your pet.

‏The vet and team at the Family Pet Health Center are committed to providing the highest level of veterinary care for pets and providing a safe and clean environment for pets. while maintaining a comfortable pet atmosphere, you should believe that the value of preventive pet health care increases the life of pets

‏The family veterinarian can do everything to help your pet, he is always friendly. The Veterinarians take training efficiently and these exercises include providing physically and emotionally beneficial services to the sick pet

What's happening when your pet visits the pet clinic? 

When your pet visits the hospital, your pet will be weighed and a thorough examination will be done from their teeth to the tail. The vet and his staff will listen to his heart, lungs, examine his eyes, ears, and skin. His medical record will be maintained throughout his life. A technician will talk to you about pets and questions you may have. It can explain to you what tests and procedures your pet will receive. These tests will also help your vet when examining your pet and any treatment is necessary.

Family Pet Health Center

Available services at the family pet health center:


1- General physical examinations

‏During visiting a Family Pet Health Center your pet will have physical exams performed to ensure the family vet has a complete understanding of your pet’s health.


‏2-Wellness check

At Family Pet Health Center the Veterinarians recommend annual wellness checks to keep the patients feeling the best they can! During the wellness check, Veterinarians will discuss your pet's medical history and all current concerns. The vets will perform a full head-to-tail examination to identify your pet and its needs. They will be able to answer all your questions, address your concerns, and develop a tailored wellness plan for your pet.

3-Exotic Pets

Not only cats and dogs have health care, but exotic pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and pocket pets also have wellness and surgery clinics.

Family Pet Health Center

4-Digital Radiography 

In Family Pet Health Center there is digital x-rays technology, there have been many advances in digital x-ray technology, Which allows vets to diagnose issues that may not be seen on a traditional x-ray. it can also easily share the images with specialists or other vets we may consult for more difficult cases. and get veterinary care.


You need to see the dentist regularly, also it is important for your animals. Your animal's oral health is directly related to its overall health. Signs of dental diseases include bad breath, broken or loss of teeth, yellow or brown teeth, or pain when chewing, padding in the mouth, excessive. Therefore, periodic follow-up must be done to the dental clinic to obtain family health care for your pet and to check on his teeth.



Many diseases that can affect dogs and cats can be prevented through appropriate vaccinations. Therefore, you must go to the health clinic club for your pet to get the appropriate vaccinations.

Family Pet Health Center


7-Nutrition Counseling

Good nutrition and weight management are the keys to the overall health of your animal. These healthy habits are created at an early age for your pet, you can help them maintain these practices. Through a good diet, you can greatly increase your pet's chance of a long and healthy life. Weight is an important part of health, Sudden weight changes can help alert us to other medical problems.

8-Home Call

contact the nearest local clinic for a pet care service at home and also ask about a new offer.


One of the most important family pet health centers is. CVS is a community established to look for the animal, they aim to improve pet health by the standard facility they are looking for to help every animal with low cost and affordable.  There they welcome you with a friendly reception and their members are beloved and compassionate.



In the end, I'd like to say that caring for animal health is very important, so you must go with your pets to the Family Pet Health Centre to provide high-quality veterinary care for your pets and in the wellness clinic you can make wellness checks to keep your pets feeling the best they can

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