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Family Pet Health Center is a pet veterinary clinic providing professional medical care for your pet in a kind family environment including preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic services and procedures. It is located in the United States of America (in the state of Michigan). It is a family pet care center that treats your pets like valued family members. The family pet health center is a full-service clinic that has a highly skilled veterinary staff. The veterinarian doctor in this center has high experience in all kinds of health conditions and treatments. 

Family Pet Health Center

Veterinary services in a family pet health center:

This family health care center is a dedicated hospital in pet health that provides full veterinary service including different aspects.

  1. Wellness

Your animal needs different veterinary care at different ages. Family Pet clinics get your pet variable preventive health care programs appropriate for the different ages of your animal including small, adult, and senior pets.

  1. Small pets: puppies and Kittens (younger than 1 year)

Small dogs and cats require special veterinary care like human infants as they have low immunity and are more prone to different medical conditions. During the first 6 months of life, your animal needs regular comprehensive visits every month for routine health examinations and laboratory investigations. The visits include a general physical examination to ensure well development, screening, and treatment for the parasitic disease and vaccination.  The family pet health  center also provides preventative medicine for ticks, fleas, heartworm, and other parasites.

Family Pet Health Center

  1. Adult Pets (1-6 years)

Adult pet animals need a wellness visit per year including vaccinations, general physical examination, dental care evaluation, intestinal parasite evaluation, and screening for exposure to the common diseases (tick disease, intestinal parasites, heartworm disease, and others). 

  1. Senior pets (Older than 6 years): 

Senior pet animals can suffer from different diseases like arthritis, diabetes, renal disease, and cancer and they can hide their pain and diseases, unlike humans. Therefore, It is recommended to bring your senior animal for regular physical examination at least two times per year. the goal of the regular visits is to allow early detection and treatment of the diseases. The veterinarian will also provide you with the needed knowledge to treat your pet in simple conditions.

  1. Vaccination

This pet medical center is providing your pet animal with the needed vaccination committed to the following vaccination protocol.

Vaccinations for cat:

  •  Rabies vaccine --- every 3 years

  •  FVRCP vaccine --- Every 3 years

  •  FELV vaccine --- Annually for the outdoor cat

Vaccinations for Dog:

  •  Rabies vaccine --- every 3 years

  •  DHPP vaccine  --- Every 3 years

  •  Canine Influenza --- Annually 

  •  Bordetella vaccine --- Every 6 months 

  •  Lyme Disease vaccine --- Annually  

  • Leptospirosis vaccine --- Annually

  1. Pet dental services 

Diseases related to mouth and teeth are a common health problem among dogs and cats. It can be presented by different signs as discolored teeth, red swollen gums, Bad breath, and eating habits change. Dental disease can be also associated with many complications as heart, renal, and liver disease. So, regular care of your pet teeth is essential for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of different teeth problems. Professional dental care provided by the skilled veterinarian is available in a family pet health center. 

Family Pet Health Center

  1. Pet surgery 

At Family Pet Health center, different surgical procedures can be done by a skilled veterinarian with high safety and quality. The veterinarian in this family center has excellent practice and experience in different surgery and pain management and uses the most effective safe drugs available.

The veterinary team in the family center provides the best care of your pet before, during, and after the operation with a standard protocol that allows rapid safe recovery of your pet after the operation without complications.

Family Pet Health Center

  1. Rehabilitation therapy

Rehabilitation therapy for animals is corresponding to physical therapy for humans and offers the same benefits as physical therapy. This facility is available in family pet health centers for different conditions as pet patients with arthritis after undergoing orthopedic surgery which will benefit greatly from the rehabilitation therapy.

  1. Acupuncture

At the family pet center, acupuncture is indicated to treat different functional problems as those associated with paralysis, noninfectious inflammation (as allergies), and pain. It can be used in a small pet as a treatment of certain general conditions such as skin issues, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal problems, musculoskeletal conditions,  and some reproductive problems.  

  1. Laser therapy

Laser therapy is a non-surgical non-invasive treatment that can be used to relieve pain, improve inflammation and promote the healing process in pets’ joints. Laser therapy is valuable in various pet medical conditions: 

Acute conditions such as acute inflammation, wounds, post-surgical healing, and pain relief for sprains, strains, and other injuries

Chronic conditions such as chronic arthritis, degenerative joint disease, lick granuloma, periodontal diseases, and hip dysplasia

At the family center clinic, the veterinarian doctor will get you the appropriate protocol according to your animal condition.

Family Pet Health Center


Pet owners treat their pets as a part of their family members, so they require a family pet hospital with full veterinary service to get the optimum care for their pets. Pet owners who live in South Bend or the surrounding region in Indiana or Michigan are lucky as they can get the right veterinary team in the family pet health center. The doctors at this family pet center are well-trained veterinarians that are dedicated to the care of pets. Therefore you should not worry about the health of your pet if you are kept in contact with a family pet health center as you will get the best well-timed high-quality care.

By: Dr. Shimaa



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