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Family Pet Health Center is a small exceptional animal veterinarian clinic/hospital dedicated to offering excellent, trusted, and most responsive care and treatment for you your pet, neighborhood, family, and all community.

If a client or one member of his family lives in South Bend, Indiana, or the surrounding area of Michigan, he/she comes to the right place to find a committed and friendly veterinarian on time. The vet at Family Pet Health Center is certified to handle cats,  dogs, and birds. Veterinary Pet Health Center cares deeply for your pet's health and wellness and will go to great lengths to offer directions and the best care possible.



Family Pet Health Center is a full-service veterinary animal hospital that treats both emergency and non-emergency veterinary, surgical, and dental problems. Family Pet Health Center's physicians are well-versed in a wide variety of diseases and available therapies for their patients with special family care.

Family Pet Health Center

Tonometry Services:

Family Pet Health Center veterinarians welcome, diagnose, and treat glaucoma and other issues with intraocular pressure (like pressure inside the eye) as soon as possible for your pet's vision providing high medical quality. In hospital; Veterinarian healthcare members can quickly and safely check your dog or cat's eyes for excessive pressure. The examination service, which is carried out with a tonometer, is painless and does not need sedation.


Glaucoma can cause permanent vision loss or even blindness if not treated quickly (within hours to days). This full medical examination care should be done on pets that have had eye injuries. The skilled team in Family Pet Health Center also suggests that breeds that are susceptible to glaucoma come in for routine measurements so that can control eye pressure and start treatment before the condition becomes permanent and needs surgery. For more pet care; Please contact your compassionate vet to see if your pet is at a higher risk for glaucoma. Please activate your location, phone number on the family pet center website. You can book, request appointments, know about health conditions for your pet online from your home. 

If clients observe dilated (enlarged) pupils, clouding of the cornea (the usually transparent outer layer of the eye), swollen or bloodshot eyes, one eye protruding or looking wider than the other, squinting, or weeping of one or both of eyes of your pets, please contact Family Pet Health Center professional staff right away or visit their hospital. Since glaucoma is painful, your pet may respond by rubbing or pawing at his or her eyes or rubbing his or her head more than usual against the floor or furniture.

Family Pet Health Center

 Ultrasonography services:

Family Pet Health Center is dedicated to providing your pet with the best possible veterinary diagnostic tools to offer special care. Ultrasonography (also known as sonography or ultrasound) is a painless, noninvasive valued technique that uses sound waves to analyze internal organs of pets and other general body structures. It may be used to examine the heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, and bladder of an animal, as well as to diagnose blood, cysts, tumors, or abscesses, and to confirm or control a pregnancy for your pets.


A veterinarian in Family Pet Health Center or hospital may use this imaging technique in conjunction with radiography (x-rays) and other diagnostic methods to ensure a proper diagnosis for your animal. Ultrasound picture interpretation necessitates a high level of clinical expertise on the part of the clinician.

Family Pet Health Center

Ultrasound veterinary practice does not use radiation, has no reported side effects, and does not necessitate sedated or anesthetized pets. For the ultrasonographer to get the best results, the hair in the region to be analyzed is normally shaved.


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