Igk Hair Products| All You Need To Know About Igk

Igk hair products are professional hair brand that founded by four ininnovative stylists, it was founded in 2016, IGK means cool girl hair brand, this brand was created with a clear vision to fit into and work for the busy lives of women, and care for them, the tongue in their cheek products names world-class formulas are not to be missed, they used anew techniques and technologies, they shop their igk hair products for a variety of the hair types.

Igk hair products

Igk hair products stand for :

Igk hair products were named by Aaron Grenia ,Frank Izquierdo,Chase Kusero and Leo Izquierdo , all of them had deep roots within the hair industry and after working for another hair brand, they decided to create a united front and do their own thing, so they named their brand IGK which stands for the first letter for each one of them.

IGK hair products:

Dry shampoos:

Dry shampoo igk hair products are many types at IGk like:

First-class charcoal detox:

This one of the best dry shampoos that you can use, it has fewer fumes and less scent, this charcoal one is the best for oily to very oily one, this one can make your hair clean and look fresh and healthy, this work like a charm, they don't leave any white residue on the hair, this help the hair of grooming.

Jet lag invisible Dry shampoo:

This shampoo is a toned-down version of the first class detox shampoo above, this one is useful for slightly oiled hair, this keeps the hair looking fresh all time, but this one is not desirable for super oily hair. 

 Beach club texture spray:

This one is the best and reliable texturizing spray that you ever can use, it is working in creating and adding texture to your hair, this one is salty free.

Rich kid coconut oil Gel:

By using this gel of coconut oil, you can use it for many purposes like air-dried tousled hair, wavy textured hair or frizz-free beach hair care, unfortunately, this type isn't used for straightening the hair.

Antisocial overnight bond : 

It is one of the IGK hair products technology in building bonds inside the hair fibres, it helps in strengthening the hair from inside, it forms a conditioning network of amino acids on top of the hair to smooth the cuticle, it adds shine and prevents future damage from things like blow-drying and brushing.

Igk hair products

Is IgK hair products free from sulphates:

Sulphates are natural irritants but they cause major scalp irritation, as well as strip your hair colour,  IGk hair products, are almost free from sulphates.


Is Igk colour-safe:

This product is colour safe with UV protection, vegan as it formulated without oil, petroleum, minerals and gluten.


The new generation of igk hair products:

Each formula of igk hair products are created from the scent to the packaging to the use of it, and it is inspired by the signature cities, where they work and play as New York, L.A and Miami, they have a storey around each product 

New York:

Its packaging is gritty and sophisticated and its fragrance notes are blackberry, black pepper, dewy violet, geranium and leather accord.


Packaging is Allure of fame and fortune, its fragrance is lemon zest, heliotrope, black Amber, mimosa and bergamot.


Packaging is tropical and bright and its fragrance is Guava, pink lotus, vanilla, midnight violet and coconut 

By using the new technologies, each product has its own hashtag that helps the client for searching for hashtags on Instagram to know all the information about its use 


Igk hair products salons:

There are many igk hair products salons that are committed to safety and care for their team and the styling of their clients,t they have taken a lot of measures to ensure that the salon is of the highest standards.


Igk hair products are recommended by many hairstylists and the hair care females as it free sulphates or any additive that harm your hair, it gives a shiny look and healthy also, it repairs the damaged hair and the bind between them, it can be used on different types of hairs you can buy this by many online stores and you may get free shipping. 



Igk hair products are a brand that was created with a clear vision to fit into and work for the busy lives of women,t they used new techniques and technologies, they shop their igk hair products for a variety of hair types.

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