Feria shimmer conditioner gives your hair the care it needs

Feria shimmer conditioner is a perfect hair conditioner product that is brought to you by L’Oreal Paris and used as an after-color conditioner that has ingredients that keep hair healthy. 

It is used after dying your hair to maintain the color of the hair and improves the effect of the dye. It has a brilliant shimmering formula that is suitable for all hair types. 

Also, it has a little extra hydration that keeps your hair silky, smooth, and soft so it is good for dry hair.

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Ingredients of Feria shimmer conditioner:

Feria shimmer conditioner contains many ingredients that are important for your hair such as:

Aqua, water, Eau, Cetearyl, alcohol, glycerin, behentrimonium chloride, amodimethicone, and cetyl esters.

Isopropyl alcohol, ci 77891, titanium dioxide, mica sodium PCA, phenoxyethanol, theobroma cacao seed butter.

Cocoa seed butter, rideth-5, rideth-10, chlorhexidine dihydrochloride, parfum.

The action of feria shimmer conditioner

Feria Shimmer conditioner is a conditioner that comes with loreal hair dye. 

Using this conditioner is the first step that keeps your color looking its best. 

It slows down the process so that the color doesn't grab too fast and gives a more transparent coverage which can look more natural. 

It is the best conditioner for your colored hair and is known as the color and hair conditioner as it is formulated with camelina oil, vitamin E, and a UV filter. 

The conditioner helps preserve your hair color and boost it. It provides shine for healthy-looking strands and it helps your hair not to fade its color prematurely.

It reduces split ends, prevents hair breakage, reduces fiber hydrophilicity, and protects hair from chemical and mechanical trauma. 

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What does feria shimmer conditioner do?

Shampooing purifies and cleans your scalp, removes impurities, dirt, and excess oil, and infuses vitality. 

The shampoo doesn’t provide conditioning and moisturizing to the hair.

Feria shimmer conditioner conditions your hair week after week so that hair is never wrecked. 

It seals and smoothes for lasting bold color that will turn heads.

Feria conditioner also takes red to the next level of high intensity. The technology of color booster is with 3 highlights. 

It seals and smooths for intense shimmer and multi-dimensional color vibrancy. It gives a bold prismatic shimmering color.

It can reduce frizz, makes the hair manageable, and protects it against damage. 

If your hair is dry and brittle, it starts splitting which restricts hair growth and causes problems in hair styling. 

The conditioner can support healthier, stronger, and reduce the problem of split ends.

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How to use Feria shimmer conditioner?

After applying the best shampoo for your hair, you can apply a Feria shimmer conditioner to have its nourishing and protecting benefits. 

Rinse your hair well with normal water then press your hair to wring out excess water.

Take out an adequate amount of the conditioner on your palm.

Apply it to your wet hair and evenly distribute it along the length and ends of your hair.  

Leave the conditioner on your hair for about 3-4 minutes then wash off your hair with normal water thoroughly.

Now you can enjoy your hair and style it. 

Advantages of feria shimmer conditioner:

-Feria shimmer conditioner is the most hydrating conditioner for your hair.

-It moisturizes, smooths, and increases the volume of your hair.

-It has a gentle formula that helps your hair maintain its natural curly pattern and elasticity through the lightning process.

-It can make the hair shiny and strong due to advanced bounding technology.

-It can be used by all types of hair, and every hair texture.

-It can help with the dryness of your freshly bleached-out hair and leave it soft and shiny and easy to comb.

-Leaving your color shimmering, makes your hair soft and soaked.

-Dry weather and static electricity can cause friction in hair strands, and a conditioner can relieve these flyaways.

-The bottle can stay in its drawer for 36 months if it is stored correctly and kept unopened. 

-It can be squeezed too easily, it has a nice smell and a great deterrent effect.

-Feria shimmer conditioner is 100% free of sulfates, has no harsh salt or harsh surfactant, and is gentle on colored hair.

-It can be used with any shampoo, It isn't necessary to use a matching shampoo.

-It is silicone-free and suitable for every type of hair.

-You can use the conditioner every day, as it can re-hydrates your hair and replenish the nutrients. 

-You can use the conditioner alone without its shampoo. 

-A Feria hair conditioner is not a leave-in conditioner, it is a shower-and-rinse hair conditioner.

The disadvantage of feria shimmer conditioner:

-It is brought to you in the box of feria dye with other components.

-If you leave the conditioner in your hair for a long time, hair breakage, and scalp irritation can occur.

-Deep conditioner should not be left on your hair for more than 10 minutes.

-If you don't wash off conditioner swelling of the hair cuticles from absorbing too much moisture, can weaken your hair and may lead to breakage and irritation.

-Leaving Feria hair conditioner on your hair for too long a time can damage the health of your hair, it can cause accumulation of product leading to breakage, split ends, and dryness of hair.

-Over-hair conditioning can make the hair shaft dry by the effect of harsh chemicals, the chemicals can strip essential oils from the scalp which leads to breakage, and hair loss.


Any hair needs care with hair products and many products are important for the health of your hair.

There is no difference in gender in picking hair care. 

Men also require shampooing, conditioning, and nourishment as per hair type.

So, hair conditioner is as important for men as for women. 

Feria shimmer conditioner is one of these products that is brought to you by L’Oreal Paris company.

Feria conditioner can protect your hair from being dry, and fizzy with split ends, It can give your hair a healthy, shiny, and silky look.

In the end, the Feria shimmer conditioner gives your hair the care it needs.


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