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Grand Rapids Women's Health. What are services, top specialties?.. Top ob/gyn in Grand Rapids,West Michigan, importance of women's health. 

1.What's Grand Rapids Women's Health? 

It is the largest independent medical group in Obstetrics & gynecology practice in Grand Rapids. 

Providing comprehensive knowledge, evaluation, and treatment to the grand rapids patients. 

They offer a dynamic combination of advanced technology, physician expertise, and skilled, compassionate staff. 

Grand Rapids Women's Health

2.Specialties in Grand Rapids Women's Health. 

 At Grand Rapids Women's Health, they recognize and support the belief that every woman is unique with special interests and needs. So, they in Grand Rapids Women's health create a health experience that is tailored to women's concerns, needs, and interests. 

Providers at Grand Rapids Women's Health specialize in:





Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery Women's Health Nursing

 Grand Rapids Women's Health

3.Obstetrics services in Grand Rapids and preparing for pregnancy. 

The overall health of Grand Rapids women before pregnancy is important as only about half of pregnancies are planned and also this can influence the course of pregnancy, women's health, the health of your baby, and maternal risks. 

Obstetrical services include:

1.Consultation for prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum follow-up. 

2.Care for pregnancy complications. 

3. Services for Fetal diagnosis. 

4. Ultrasound and imaging services. 

  Grand Rapids Women's Health

4.Locations, headquarters:

 It is located at 555 Midtowne St Ne, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States. 

5.How do you Contact them and what office hours? 

If any Grand Rapids Woman has an emergency on weekends or at the time When the Center is closed, you can use the answering service phone number located on their website. 

You can't make a patient/physician relationship through their Contacting page (is not encrypted ). And does not make the submitter of the message a patient of this  Center. To be a patient of their practice, you should be evaluated by their doctors through your scheduled appointment. Their page for general inquiries only, and if you have any medical or scheduling questions, call their office. 


What about the working times of Grand Rapids Women's Health?

Grand Rapids Women’s Health is open from Monday to Friday.

(from 8:00AM to 5:00PM). 

To make an appointment call (616) 588-1200 during working times. 

During your 1st visit to them, you will receive an invitation to the Grand Rapids Women's health portal. You should complete your Health History forms in your portal account at least 2 days before the scheduled appointment date. arrive 30 minutes before your appointment (45 mint if you have not completed your portal forms), your nurse prepare you for your appointment with your dr. 

You should bring the current list of medications (with doses) driver's license or photo ID and insurance card. 

If you are an established grand rapids patient, you need to arrive 15 mins before your appointment to update your registration. 


6. Grand Rapids Women's health portal:

Through your patient portal account, you can:

  •  Complete your Health History Forms before your appointment. 

  • Ask about billing and medical questions. 

  • Request appointments, test results. 

  • Update your insurance and demographic information. 

You can receive all these services, without a phone, just log in to your portal account. 

To create an account login Grand Rapids Women's Health portal webpage to request an invitation that is sent to you via email. to process your request, allow 2 business days. 

Grand Rapids Women's Health

7.What about Top ob/gyn in Grand Rapids, west Michigan !

OB options for Grand Rapids moms, you want an OBGYN you can trust, feel comfortable with. If you recently moved to Grand Rapids, this can be difficult. Grand Rapids Women's Health is proud to announce (several of their doctors have been chosen as the Top OB/GYN in  Michigan!) 

It is exciting for GrandRapids Women'sHealth to be a top patient-rated OBGYNs in Grand Rapids.

 In 2015, Priority Health awarded them with the Physician Quality Award, and This means that Grand Rapids Women's health center has been recognized as providing affordable, accessible, and exceptional patient care. You can also search about Grand Rapids Women's Health rated. 

8. Policies & Insurance:

Grand Rapids Children under  18 years old must have a parent with them during each center visit.

Payment is done at the time of service unless you make other arrangements in advance.   so, you should make sure  that you have the most recent health insurance card  every visit

If you have any questions regarding their fees or insurance coverage, you can call their billing team at (616) 588-1100 before the day of your appointment. If you are unsure whether they participate with your insurance plan, you can review the list present on their webpage. If you do not see your plan listed, you can call the billing team at (616) 588-1100.

9.How to Refer a Patient to Grand Rapids Women's Health? 

They  are committed to maintaining and developing strong working relationships with referring health professionals, and the referral process is done via Great Lakes Health Connect or by downloading their referral form. 
Grand Rapids Women's Health


Women are important members of all societies. Seek for your dr in a suitable center to be in a well state, and also your baby and family. 


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Written by: Dr. Zeinab Magdy 











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