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Home remedies for clogged ears are some simple techniques we can apply at home to relieve the clogging of our ears.

What is ear clogging

To describe ear clogging we can imagine our sensation underwater, even if it does not cause pain or discomfort, it may cause disturbance in the main functions of the ears which are hearing and maintaining balance in the body.

Many people suffer from clogging of the ears due to some weather or health conditions.

So, before we know about the home remedies for clogged ears, it will be helpful to identify the reasons, symptoms, and how to prevent it as possible.

home remedies for clogged ears

Causes of clogged ears


One of the natural self-defense techniques that can protect your ears from infection is the production of earwax.

It works as an ear cleanser as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and also acts as a trap for external debris preventing them from entering the ear.

Normally it is soft, but in case of excessively secreted, it converts to its hard form causing ear clogging. Once ear clogging occurs, some signs will appear like earache and hearing ringing in the ears.

Some people use cotton swabs to remove that collected earwax. That May cause serious consequences.

Using cotton swabs to remove earwax may push the wax deeper making its removal more difficult and causing more blockage. Instead of using cotton swabs, we can use other more safe home remedies for clogged ears.

Blockage of the eustachian tube

The eustachian tube connects the middle ear with the throat and allows the fluids to drain from the ear to the throat. The blockage of this tube will result in the accumulation of fluid in the ear and clog it.

Many health cases can lead to the blockage of this tube including allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, influenza, and the common cold. 

These trapped fluids can trigger bacterial or viral infections of the middle ear and here comes the rule of the home remedies for clogged ears to prevent this risk of infection.

Higher altitude

The change in the air pressure upon being at a high altitude will increase the difference between internal and external pressure which can cause temporary ear clogging also known as barotrauma.

We can use home remedies for clogged ears before flying to prevent ear clogging or even as a treatment after flying.

How do you get rid of clogged ears?

home remedies for clogged ears

Home remedies for clogged ears

Although the clogged ear problem is annoying, it can be treated at home. The following are examples of home remedies for clogged ears:

Using natural liquids as ear drops

Many natural liquids can be used in form of ear drops to soften the excessive earwax and ensure its exit from the ears safely to unlock the clogged ears:

- Glycerin 

- Mineral oil

- Baby oil

- Hydrogen peroxide

Ear irrigation

One of the simplest home remedies for clogged ears can be applied at home but we have to follow the steps mentioned in the ear irrigation kit.

home remedies for clogged ears

Home remedies for clogged ears in allergies and infections

Ear barotrauma home remedies

Ear clogging is considered one of the signs of allergic rhinitis and other upper respiratory tract infections.

The unclogging of the ear is an important step that must proceed as soon as possible to prevent the deterioration of the case which will require further treatments, this emphasizes the importance of home remedies for clogged ears.

Steam bath

Steam can relieve sinusitis and, in the role, help unclog the ear. The steam bath is considered one of the simplest home remedies for clogged ears.

To use it, just boil water and put a towel over it and your head, breathe deeply many times and inhale the steam.

Essential and mineral oils

Here we have another group of oils that can be used in ear clogging. they are characterized by their dual action as ear cleansers and also have anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effects.

These properties give that group of oil priority over the other home remedies for clogged ears in case of infection accompanied by ear clogging. This group includes for example the following oils:

- Tea tree oil

- Peppermint oil

- Eucalyptus oil

The most popular way to use these oils is by adding one of them to the steam bath and breathing in their vapors.

Salt water gargle

Using salt water as a gargle can help remove the excess mucus in the nose and ears. To prepare this gargle solution, you need to solve a little salt in some water and gargle with the solution for a few seconds, then spit it out.

Oral decongestants or nasal sprays

They can be useful as both treatments for sinus congestion and preventive treatment when flying.

How to open a blocked ear at home

Some other remedies can be useful in case of ear clogging caused by the high altitude. These techniques are called passive techniques and examples of them are swallowing and chewing.

The most popular way to relieve the high altitude accompanied ear clogging is the “Valsalva maneuver”.

The Valsalva maneuver, also known as “popping ears”, can be easily done by plugging the nose and blowing out while your lips are closed.

home remedies for clogged ears

When to see the doctor

Although these home remedies for clogged ears can efficiently help unclog the ears, some cases do not respond to them. In other cases, ear clogging is associated with additional symptoms like fever or loss of hearing.

In these cases, we should see a doctor because this blockage may have other medical reasons. 

A benign growth in the tube, called acoustic neuroma, can put pressure on the tube and close it. This growth needs to be removed by a doctor if it is the cause of the blockage.


Most ear-clogging cases are not serious, even irritating, and can be handled by some home remedies for clogged ears. We should be careful and use light touch upon dealing with such a sensitive body organ like the ears.

We should always investigate the way we solve the problem and avoid the harmful way that may worth it. We should never use a cotton swab to unclog ears as it can be dangerous.

In the event you get ear clogging, start with these previously illustrated home remedies for clogged ears and if they fail to unclog the ears, you should see a doctor.

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