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Many articles have revealed that there are Home remedies to stop coughing, but what is cough and how can I manage such a thing?

Cough is a defensive mechanism in our body to expel dust and infection in the throat and the respiratory tract. 

It is classified into acute, sub-acute, and chronic cough which ranges from 3 weeks, 3 to 8 weeks, and more than 8 weeks, respectively.

Viral and bacterial infections can cause coughs so, are there Home remedies to stop coughing and diseases that cause coughs?

What about allergies and Acid reflux that can cause coughs too?

Home remedies to stop coughing according to many scientific articles are 9 to 11 remedies from drinks to food and inhaled things.

We here will classify Home remedies to stop coughing into two main groups, one for the Dry cough and one for the Wet cough, in a nutshell (Dry cough is the cough without sputum, phlegm, or mucus, and Wet cough is that with sputum, phlegm, mucus or feeling those in the throat). 

Cough can be triggered by nerves innervating the Diaphragm, which we will discuss in a Home remedy.

Before going into the article, consider that the remedies are somehow adjuvants or friends in alleviating the cough reflex.

In case of a chronic cough caused by allergens, you can go away from those allergens or take anti-allergic medications to make you feel better, which means being indoors in those seasons or wearing a mask outdoors.

In case you aren’t feeling well and/or your sputum is tinged with Pink reddish brown or red, you must see your doctor for further consideration.

Home remedies to stop coughing

Home remedies to stop coughing

Water and fluids

Drinking lots of water and warm fluids can cause the mucus to be thinner and easy to expel in case of a wet cough.

Such Home remedies to stop coughing can also soothe the throat relieving the severity of coughing.


Honey is a natural superhero in infection and cough suppression, and the mainstay in Home remedies to stop coughing but don’t use it for a child less than 1 year as it may be adulterated with botulinum toxin. 

It can moisten the throat and clear the infection of the upper respiratory tract which is the main cause of cough.


Ginger tea can be a good boost for the immunity to reduce the infection severity and in case of cough, ginger can alleviate the inflammation in the throat and help in relieving the asthmatic cough.


Turmeric which contains Curcumin (a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compound) can calm and clear throat infections which in turn clears the cough and relieves it.


Thyme is a powerful remedy that is added to many cough reliever products in the market and is used in cases of both wet and dry cough (more for wet cough).

Don’t drink plenty of thyme in case you are pregnant as it can cause uterine contractions.


A remedy to be added to the other remedies above in the tea is to drink it with some extra flavor, also, it contains vitamin C which helps in treating the infections causing cough.

Marshmallow roots

The first of the Home remedies to stop coughing contains a mucilage-like compound in its structure which can relieve the throat and clear the inflammation in the throat that triggers coughing.

Licorice roots

Licorice roots have a cooling effect for the throat irritation which can be used with the previous Home remedies to stop coughing.

Menthol from peppermint

Peppermint has a settling effect besides its’ relaxing effect on the throat. 

In some articles, it is believed that it can numb the nerve terminals for cough induction reducing the cough (Numb means deprived of feeling or response).

Slippery elm

The same as the marshmallow roots, the mucilage-like soothing effect.

Guava leaf

Guava leaf has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are the mainstay for using it in cough suppression. 

So what is for a wet cough and what is for a dry one?

All those Home remedies to stop coughing are Homemade remedies in everyone’s home.

They are sold in the pharmacy in packs as green tea or sold in the supermarket or can be planted inside your home or sold as a dried powder from the apothecary shop.

All of them could be made as ordinary tea or in a mixture such as Ginger, lemon, and turmeric.

The best mixtures are those of ginger and turmeric, Honey and lemon, and peppermint and lemon, besides everything can be mixed with lemon for extra flavoring.

Home remedies to stop coughing

Some unusual Home remedies to stop coughing other than herbs

Steam inhalation

Steam inhalation through the shower, before going to the shower fill it with steam, it helps moisten your throat and ease the breakage of the mucus to be expelled (don’t take that shower in more than 5 minutes).

Salt water gargle

Salt water gargling by your throat makes the mucus thinner and easier to get out of the throat.


Humidifiers moisten the air you breathe and so, moisten your throat and make the same mechanism as steam inhalation.

All those techniques to make herbs or to shower by steam you can make in your home without big force accumulated in you.

For a wet cough (Steam, salt water, humidifiers, guava leaf, thyme, and fluids)

For a dry cough (Honey, turmeric,  lemon, peppermint, marshmallow roots and slippery elm).

You can make new good habits to alleviate your cough quickly such as the throat-soothing effect of the gums when you chew them and staying indoors in the allergen seasons.

Finally, all those Home remedies to stop coughing contain Inflammatory and antibacterial agents inside them which accounts for their protective effects on the throat. 

So, Don’t hesitate about yourself and your well-being. Coughing can sometimes make your day without productivity because of its reflection in your day, on your phone calls, and so on.

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