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How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies? Let me ask first before answering this question. 

Have you ever seen a roach near you and the eyes met or maybe felt something crawl on your body in darkness or even you opened your meat pot and found it? maybe saw the worst thing if it can fly. Maybe you see all of that and for all these reasons we have to get rid of roaches.

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies


Public features of roaches:

In the beginning, we should understand the mechanism of living the roach, which species, how it lives, what it's looking for, and simply why my house?

You should know and check your enemy well to know how to fight him without wasting time or effort, so let's give some examples with a practical story about 3 Housewives who have the most common roaches in their houses who they wonder about every day.

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies?  and what do they do?

Let's see and judge from our point of view.

But first, we need to review together some public rules that we should abide by to make the roaches away as much as we can, let's go with the flow and dive deeper and ask ourselves what's the ideal features of that way which can get rid these cockroaches without a drain on our capacity or make us in danger.

To answer this question we need to chill out and think about what attracts roaches? 

We already know they are looking for humid uncleaned areas which represent a good environment for reproduction and survival so we must take care of these attractive factors every day especially before sleeping.

Let's show some of these attractions for cockroaches.

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies

Attractive factors for cockroaches:

1- We should collect escarp and dirty things and tie them in the bags of garbage tightly.

2- Clean all kitchen furniture's ovens, stoves, sinks, and taps especially after cooking, also wash dirty dishes and never keep them dirty or full of leftovers for a long time in the sink, and put sink plugs at night.

3- Checkup and clean ventilation holes, pipes, washing machines for clothes and dishes, and all moist and cracked areas. We should keep them dry as much as we can. All of this should happen routinely for general health before anything else.

Thus, we control the elements of cockroach survival:

Water-nutrition- shelter.

And to be more specific for our question:

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies? 

Let's go to the next paragraph and start to recognize common species of roaches (German-American -Oriental) cockroaches and how we deal with them?

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies

What's the German cockroach and how do we deal with it!

Let's explain that with the first housewife who has a German roach.

The German roaches:

Who has the "bad reputation of the roaches"?

Unfortunately, she was with a skilled woman who read an article like that and knew that this roach looking for two main factors to occupy and settle in the chosen place food and water, consequently if she tries to prevent or reduce the nutrition, this gonna affect him maybe even kill him and this is achieved by continuous cleaning especially kitchens and food places.

But this is not the only and final solution to this question:how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies?

Also after these roaches enter the housewives' house and with perfect daily routine cleaning, because simply the roach decided to stabilize there.

So this housewife decided not to give up and leave her house to be their prey, She was looking well for ways of how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies?

And she found The following:

Several ways to deal with the German roach:

Baking soda with onions dice:

She discovered that this way may be harmful and toxic to the pets so she excludes it because she has a dog; and also excludes the:

Citrus or essential oils like peppermint oil:

Of course, it is effective in repelling but not killing them and she wants to revenge them for thinking to colonizing and settling in her house not just repelling them; So eventually, she decided to use:

Diatomaceous Earth (DE):

She can achieve this revenge by killing them without hurting her dog so she followed the instructions and applied them regularly in the relevant places, and of course, the result is perfect for answering our question:

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies?

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies

What's the American cockroach and how to control it?

You know the answer if you move on to the second housewife who has the American roach and sees what did to solve her problem and answer the question is:

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies? 

The American roach:

Which is known as "palmetto bugs" the largest and longest-lived roach which can live for two years even it also fly if the temperature increases about 85 degrees.

It prefers warm, dark areas and sweets; This helps us to know how we can reduce it and for now let's see what she will do with this type of roach.

After she understood its mechanism she decided to block the cracks and voids that may be found under doors, windows, cabinets, shelves and glue them this way to control the places that may be occupied by them.

Then, what does she do to kill the roaches already in her house without affecting the baby and kitty? 

She searches for a method to be safe for both of them, let's know what she decides to use?

Borax and Boric acid:

She compared borax and Boric acid and preferred to use borax although boric acid may be more effective in killing roaches rapidly than borax but also may not be the best choice for babies or pets, on the other hand, borax can kill the adult roaches and their babies.

And now, do you have another solution for that case, let me know your opinion and suggestions?

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies

What's the Oriental roach and how do we beat it?

We will know that from the final case who we will talk about it today, the last housewife who has the oriental roach.

Let's know how she gets the answer for:

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies? 

The Oriental roach:

The Oriental roach often lives in moist areas, they come and are found commonly in bathrooms, kitchens sinks, and sewage systems so are called also "water bugs".

This roach doesn't distinguish between types of food by another meaning (non-selective) can eat everything and anything as:

decayed Leftovers so the garbage will be a festival for them if they found it.

Now we will see what the last housewife will do to solve the problem of how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies? 

she used some materials like:

Cockroach traps, gels, powder, and sprays:

All of that is effective but that housewife missed an important thing she put the materials regularly but the result, not the expected because she forgot to inspect all full gaps, cracks, and sinks and to block them first to prevent future attacks so after she notices that, this improved her plan and got a better result and now the question for anybody after you read this article.

Can you answer:

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies?

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies

Short hints and summarization:

Kindly lend me your ears and let's get to the point.

Now we know why getting rid of cockroaches is a mandatory process because these cockroaches are organisms that give us goosebumps; it's the source for a lot of diseases and epidemics and the worst is yet to come, so we shouldn't let these organisms get under our skin, we should rack our brain and innovate new answers and ways for how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies and live in a healthy environment.

As stated above, you must follow the rules of general hygiene without stopping from daily routine cleaning, check corners periodically, and use safe materials which you knew some of them in this article.

For now do you ready to answer:

How to get rid of cockroaches home remedies? 

Written by:- Eman Eldwansy

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