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Embrace Pet Insurance pre existing conditions policies are a group of the best deals you can get for your animal. It also provides fair waiting periods. No wonder this company is ranked third among the best pet insurance companies in the United States in the 2021 rating. Too many terms to digest? No worries, we will clarify all of them in this article.

Definitions of a pre-existing condition and a waiting period:

Once you secure an insurance policy for your pet, you have to wait for a period of time until the policy starts. This period is called a “waiting period” through which the coverage is restricted. Any injuries or conditions that occur during the waiting periods are called “pre-existing conditions”. Still, confused? Better detailed clarification is on the way.

What is a waiting period?

Waiting periods are short periods of time you have to wait, starting from the activation date of your insurance policy until its actual start. These periods are meant to prevent fraud; thus, coverage is restricted meanwhile.

Embrace Pet Insurance waiting periods:

For illnesses → 14 days.

For accidents → 2 days.

For bone problems → 6 months (dogs only).

Pre-existing condition definition:

A pre-existing condition is an illness, injury, or health condition noted by you or your vet during your waiting period. This includes any condition your pet develops due to recurrence or a predisposing factor the pet had before the enrollment.

embrace pet insurance pre existing conditions

Examples of pre-existing conditions:

1- Your pet injured his right cruciate ligament before purchasing the policy. Years later within the policy, he injured the left one too. The left ligament injury is a pre-existing condition.

2- Your pet is limping weeks before the policy enrollment. After your waiting period passed, she is limping again and records say the causes of previous limping are unknown. Limping is considered a pre-existing condition.

Categorizing Embrace Pet Insurance pre existing conditions:

Embrace is one of a few companies that categorize pre-existing conditions into curable and incurable, thus conditions vary according to this differentiation. 

Curable pre-existing conditions:

Simply, a curable pre-existing condition is a temporary condition your pet has been symptom-and treatment-free from for a whole year. In more detail, as we have illustrated before, if your pet was sick before purchasing the policy and recurrence happened during the waiting period, this is a pre-existing condition and the coverage will be excluded. When the pet shows no episodes and needs no treatment for 12 consecutive months, coverage is returned.

Examples of curable Embrace Pet Insurance pre existing conditions:

1- Respiratory system infections.

2- Urinary system infections.

3- Gastrointestinal disorders, including vomiting and diarrhea.

4- Other curable conditions.

Incurable pre-existing conditions:

They are chronic conditions that can’t be cured. The incurable pre-existing conditions are permanently excluded from insurance coverage if they take place during the waiting periods.

Examples of incurable Embrace Pet Insurance pre existing conditions:

1- Diabetes.

2- Cancer.

3- Allergies.

4- Arthritis

5- Other chronic illnesses.

embrace pet insurance pre existing conditions

What if my pet got one of Embrace Pet Insurance pre existing conditions?

No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions. Likewise, Embrace doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions either. However, there are a couple of exceptions.

Embrace Pet Insurance pre existing conditions that are considered curable are included in the policy coverage if your pet remained well for a whole year.

Furthermore, if your pet gets the same illness it caught before the policy, but due to a cause different from what is verified in the records, it will be covered. For instance, your cat got diarrhea before enrollment and the vet identified the cause as Giardia; later she developed diarrhea again inside the policy. The cause was anything other than Giardia, then it will be covered.

Don’t make the terms of Embrace Pet Insurance pre existing conditions confuse or prevent you from obtaining insurance for your pet. Embrace company provides long-term full coverage of any condition as long as it is new or unrelated.

Nevertheless, to make the best use of your policy and don’t fall for the terms and conditions you have to do the following:

1- Take your pet regularly to the vet to obtain verified records of your pet’s health condition for 12 months. Otherwise, you might find yourself without coverage at a time of need.

2- Request a medical history review as soon as you purchase the policy; through which you can know if your pet has any pre-existing conditions and for how long.


embrace pet insurance pre existing conditions

Medical history review and how to get it:

Medical history review is a detailed assessment of the pet’s medical condition and records. It’s done by a company adjuster to claim if the pet has an issue that is considered one of Embrace Pet Insurance pre existing conditions and to determine since when.

To get it, you must deliver the vet’s records of your pet for the past year until the policy activation date or the date of adoption if it is less than a year. Summaries are not considered. 

This should happen within the 14-day illness waiting period. Otherwise, the review will be postponed. You can address this mail: askclaims@embracepetinsurance.com  to request the review. Embrace company also allows you to appeal to the results if you see that they are incorrect.

embrace pet insurance pre existing conditions



Embrace Pet Insurance pre existing conditions are distinguished into curable and incurable ones. The company provides extremely flexible terms when it comes to pre-existing conditions.

Its website gives easy access to any information you might need, allows you to request a medical history review, and sign up to cope with your policy quotas. Moreover, a mobile app is now available making your manipulation even easier.

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