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Animal health and wellness center is an important piece of the animal care puzzle. Through Wellness care, we gain a deeper understanding of their lives.

Animal Health And Wellness Center

About animal health and wellness center:

The animal health and wellness center opened in June 2007. They are exclusively small animals (dogs, cats) with some exotic patients (rabbits, rats, ferrets, etc.).Their goal is to provide the highest quality care for you and your pet.

Services of Animal health and wellness Center:

-Behavioral consultation 

Behavioral problems diagnosis can be very difficult as well as treatment as it comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some behavioral problems may even need to be referred to a board-certified Behavioral Specialist.  If you feel that your pet is suffering any behavioral problem please call and set up a consultation today. They begin their evaluation with a comprehensive physical exam and other diagnostics to rule out medical problems before the actual behavioral consultation.


Animal health and wellness center provide a comfortable place for your pet while you are away. They can house cats and small dogs under 45 pounds. They proudly feed Hill's Science Diet here in the clinic but can feed any specialized or prescription diet, as well as medicate any animal as needed. If your animal has an illness that arises while you are away, you can be confident in knowing he or she is in their care and will be treated promptly. 

All cats and dogs are required to be current on certain vaccinations. They will take proof of current vaccinations (within the last year) from any licensed veterinarian. If your pet is not current, They will update these vaccinations when the animal arrives at the hospital but prefer that these vaccines be given at least 72 hours before arrival. Your pet will receive a complimentary nail trim before leaving their facility.

Animal Health And Wellness Center


Dental health is a major factor in overall health.  Diseased teeth have the potential to create an infection, pain, and discomfort in the GI tract, heart, and other organs of your pet.

At Animal Health and Wellness, They provide full dental cleaning services, including extractions when necessary, with the aid of general anesthesia. 
Extractions may be necessary in severe cases of dental disease and can be done at the time of cleaning, when necessary.  So they prefer to use dental cleaning as a preventative for tooth extraction.  


They offer in-house blood chemistry, complete blood count analysis and fecal examinations for intestinal parasites, heartworm testing, and FeLV/FIV/HW testing, urinalysis, cytology, and fine-needle aspirates of most cutaneous masses.  They also have contacts with several outside laboratories including Murray State University's Breathitt Veterinary Center.


Animal health and wellness center have their own in-house pharmacy to better serve you and your pets. Their pharmacy contains all the medications needed to keep your pet comfortable and healthy including antibiotics, medicated ear cleaners, eye medications, vaccinations, pain relievers, and shampoos. Rarely, they will need a special medication to treat your pet. Also, they can make special orders and even have medications compounded if not available in their pharmacy.

Animal Health And Wellness Center

-Radiograph (X-ray)

They have an x-ray machine on-site so we can take radiographs and give you fast results. They also have the option to send your radiographs to other doctors.

-Referral to specialists

In certain cases, they lack the diagnostics and expertise that only a specialist can provide, that is why they maintain a network of board-certified specialists in the surrounding area.  Like:

- Ophthalmologists.

- Dentists.




These specialists can provide better care for your pet.

Animal Health And Wellness Center


Animal Health and Wellness holds up Hill's Science Diet and Prescription Diet. They offer Royal Canin and Purina by special order. Their diets range from puppy/kitten to adult formulas to best fit the needs of your pet. Their prescription diets are prescribed according to different issues including allergies, diabetes, intestinal issues, kidney or liver disease, urinary issues, and weight loss.


At the Animal Health and Wellness Center, they offer a variety of surgical options, from spaying and neutering to more complex soft tissue surgeries such as mass removal, abdominal exploratories, and bladder stone removal. They offer surgeries 4 days per week.

-Wellness examination 

Their wellness exams and vaccination protocols are designed to help prevent disease, increase the quality of life and provide the normal values by which health status can be compared as our pets age.  

They emphasize early detection as a means of extending the quality of life for all of our patients and especially our senior pets. If problems do arise, we also examine sick patients and provide certain in-house diagnostics that may help us to arrive at a definitive diagnosis and a better treatment plan.  They also offer in-hospital treatments when necessary.

Because they strive to provide each patient with ample time to ensure the best care, They encourage clients to call for an appointment when possible.

Contact and location:

2477 State Route 94 East

Murray, KY 42071

Phone: (270) 753-4830

Heading east (toward the lakes) from Murray on State Route 94 they are approximately 2.5 miles from US 641. They are just past the Dollar General Store on the right. Please be aware that certain GPS systems will send you west on State Route 94.  If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to call at 270-753-4830.


Animal health and wellness center strive to provide compassionate care for you and your animals. They believe that through Wellness care, they gain a deeper understanding of their lives.


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Written by: Dr.Alshymaa Ahmed



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