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Animal health services at the animal health center are seeking to strengthen the special bond between pets and people by providing the best professional care.

Animal health services for pets:

A healthy pet starts with a Wellness Plan!

To improve your pets’ quality of life pet care in the form of exams, vaccines, dental care, and specialty diets. Improvement in medicine, nutrition, and diagnostics have led to longer life duration for pets just as they have for their owners. Be sure your pet receives the vaccinations they need on time to avoid costly health problems later in life. That’s what makes Wellness Plans so great. A simple monthly payment covers your pet’s exams, vaccinations, and dental cleanings. The plans are modified to the health needs of each pet.

Puppy Wellness:

A puppy wellness program is developed to help get your puppy a healthy life. To help him or her grow in a healthy way. The first months in puppy’s development are an important period this can be achieved through:

Information on nutrition, training, behavior, and socialization.

Your puppy is sensitive to many serious but preventable diseases until he doesn't receive a series of vaccines to make sure your new dog is protected against rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and parasites that are extremely common in young dogs.

Kitten wellness:

A kitten wellness program is developed to help get your kitten a healthy life. The first months in your kitten’s development are an important period to help him or her grow in a healthy way that is achieved by information and advice on nutrition, training, and behavior. Your kitten is susceptible to many serious but preventable diseases. Until she has not received a series of vaccines.

Animal health Services for dogs:

-Physical exam -wellness.

-Physical exam -wellness follow up.

-Nurse visit for vaccine boosters.

-Nail trim.

-Anal sac expression.

-Distemper/parvo vaccination.

-Rabies vaccination.

-Lyme vaccination.

-Leptospirosis vaccination.

-Bordetella vaccination.

-Heartworm blood test.

-Intestinal parasite fecal test.

-Heartworm prevention.

Animal health services for cats:

-Physical exam -wellness. 

-Physical exam -wellness follow up.

-Nurse visit for vaccine boosters.

-Nail trim.

-Distemper/parvo vaccination.

-Rabies vaccination.

-Leukemia vaccination. 

-Intestinal parasite fecal test.

-Basic deworming treatment.


Other animal health services:


Dental disorders are the most commonly diagnosed health problem in pets.

Common signs of dental disease include:

-Yellow or brown buildup teeth.

-Bleeding gums.

-Bad breath.

-Excessive drooling.

-Changes in chewing habits.

-Loose teeth.

Dental problems can also affect other parts of the body: kidneys, liver, lungs, and heart. To determine if infection in the mouth has spread, a physical exam combined with appropriate laboratory work should be done.

Services of dental care:

Brushing your pet’s teeth, recommend foods and treats that will help fight plaque.


One of the animal health services that help identify the cause of the problem, recognizing possible problems, and giving helpful information about a pet’s bones, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, heart, and genitourinary system. 

Flea control:

A flea problem on your pet means a problem in your home. an animal health center can provide you with effective flea prevention and also flea treatment.


Skin problems can be caused by hormonal disorders, allergies,  and infections that are common in cats and dogs.

Diagnosis of a skin problem by simply examining your pet. Some dermatologic problems need additional diagnostic procedures to confirm a correct diagnosis.  If you notice your dog or cat scratching extremely or if he or she develops any bare patches, scars, scaling, redness, inflammation, lumps, or bumps.


It allows a veterinarian to take biopsies and see inside a pet’s body when necessary, it is used to examine the inside of the ears, nose, esophagus,  and colon by inserting the endoscope into the area to be examined.


There are various common endocrine diseases found in dogs and cats:

-Diabetes mellitus.

-Hypothyroidism, which is often diagnosed in dogs.

-Hyperthyroidism, which frequently affects cats.

-Addison’s disease and Cushing’s disease can also affect both species, although Cushing’s disease is limited in cats.


The goal of animal health services is strengthening and enriching the bond between pets and owners through comprehensive and professional care.


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Written by: Dr /Alshymaa Ahmed

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