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Animal health international is the oldest in the field of animal health since 1967 so all your brain wants to ask or know about animal health you will find it.

Animal Health international

History of animal health international:

Animal health international invaded the scope of animal health from 1967.

In North America, with more than 70 locations and over 1500 manufacturers, animal health international is considered the master for presenting services for animals.

Either procedure, retailer, or veterinarian; you will find all you need for your animal health.


Animal Health international

How can animal health international Help you?

Animal products, equipment, technology, plans, and supplies; you will get all these services at no time with less effort.

Cattle, poultry, swine, livestock, equine, and pet; all types of business in animals can be easy with animal health international.

Where are you; in a veterinarian clinic, field, company, or farm you can get your animal demands.

A wide range of products such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and more; you can get these goods on time and where you are.

Your business will improve as animal health international provide great importance to their customers.

They will help you in planning, training employees, supplying equipment, nutritional products, vaccines, pharmaceutical, and all you think about it concerning animal health will be in your hands.


Animal Health international

Program for prescription services:

This program aims to save your time through a template prescription having a group of high-quality goods arranged according to species.

Also to record any reaction to the product; the prescriptions have a lot number so if any reaction results will be detected easily. 

Drug prescriptions should be through veterinarians alone; not only for animal health but also for human health as this is our food so good animal health equals good food for you.

If any challenges face you in your business in the animal health field; don't worry, only call the team of animal health international as they design their services and plans to solve your problems.


Animal Health international


Let's tell you How to connect animal health International:

As a leader in the field of animal health, you can trust our team and your services will reach you on time.

Just call animal health international via:




Animal health international is the place where you can trust for all you search for animal health products. 


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Written by Dr. Ferial Mo

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