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Animal health technician salary is the money that an animal health Technician gets every month from his employer including housing, transportation, and other benefits.

It depends on many factors such as geographic area, workplace, years of experience, skills, education, and gender.



Who is the animal health technician?

Animal health technician (AHT) is a person who provides veterinary care for animals also assist veterinarians in their work, his duties include treating wounds or injuries of animals, collecting animal fluids and tissue samples for analysis, feeding animals, cleaning cages, monitoring animals, and recording observations of animal health or behavior, sterilizing instruments and preparing animals for surgery.

He is a person who loves animals, works hard, is strong, organized, and has the ability for dealing with animals.

Animal Health Technician Salary

Factors affect on animal health technician salary:

1-Geographic area:

It varies from one country to another country even though it varies in the same country between states according to the geographic and climatic conditions which determine the existing animal species.

The presence of more people who have pets, animals, and the economic situation of this country.

The presence of more wild and pet animals in a certain area will increase the demand for animal health technicians which will increase the animal technician salary.



They work in clinics, small or large hospitals, zoos, animal research institutes, PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES, and veterinary colleges.

They are paid more on the research scale than other places.


3-Years of experience:

Experience is the main factor that determines the salary.

The animal health technician with 2years or less experience gets the lowest animal health technician salary, 2-5 years experience gets a higher salary with a certain percentage.

When an animal technician reaches 10-15 years of experience, he gets double his starting salary. 

After 20 years or more of experience, he gets the highest salary.



Skills are an individual factor related to the person if he is skillful or qualified or not.

Skills that increase the animal health technician salary include good computing skills, loving animals and their care, organizing data and information, good communication skills with veterinarians, having good physical fitness, good calculating skills, being patient, and working hard.

The more skills an animal technician has the more salary he gets.



Animal technician job doesn't require special education as its interests in the ability of animal care but more education is very important to increase animal health technician salary.

Animal health technician with an education level of high school gets the lowest animal health technical salary.

Certificate or diploma education level gets a higher salary than high school education level.

Bachelor's degree education level gets the highest animal salary.



Although male and female are equal in rights and duties, in the majority of countries, male animal health technician salary is higher than female salary.

Animal Health Technician Salary

Some values help understanding animal technician average salary:

1-Salary range:

It is the range between the lowest value and the highest value.

2-Median salary:

It means that 50% of employees earn less than a certain value and 50% earn more than the same value.


The 25% and 75% percentiles are two values that can be detected from the average salary diagram.

4-Average salary:

It is an indicator for every employee to evaluate his work and his position.

If an employee earns the average salary or more, he is on the right side and can be promoted.

If the employee earns less than the average salary, he needs to work hard or get more education.


Examples of animal health technician salary around the world IN 2021:

-United States of America (U.S.A):

The animal health technician salary average is $41828 / year which means $3486/ month or $20,11/ hour.

The annual salary range varies from $ 54000/ year ( the maximum level) to $26500/ year (the minimum level).

The majority of animal health technicians get an average salary between $34500/ year and $49500/ year.

Top 10% animal technician average salary $54000/ year or above is seen in California ($75.331/year) ,Arizona($53035/ year ), New York($51493/ year).

The lowest animal technician average salary is seen in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee.

Some jobs get higher average salary like director animal($74951/ year),manager animal($72145/ year),animal psychologist($69788/ year), animal health officer ($68311/ year) and animal control director ($67916/ year).



Animal health technician salary average is 280000 INR/year or 23400 INR/ month.

It ranges from 11200 INR/month ( the minimum level) to 36700 INR/ month (the maximum level).

As mentioned above, it varies dramatically according to state for example Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh have the highest average salary. Years of experience and more education increase animal technician average salary.

Male animal technicians earn more than females by 5%.

The average salary increases by 7% every 12 months.



Animal health technician salary average is 216230 ZAR/ year or 18020 ZAR/month.

It ranges from 108540 ZAR/year (minimum value ) to 350860 ZAR/ year (maximum value).

Animal health technician with 3 years or less of experience gets an average salary of 10000 ZAR/ year, with 4-9 years gets 17000 ZAR/ year, 10-20 years get 23000 ZAR/ year, more than 20 years get 25000 ZAR/ year.

Johannesburg in South Africa has the highest annual average salary.



Animal health technicians average salary is £18961/ year or £9,72/ hour.

It ranges from £16711/year (minimum value ) to £25582/ year (maximum value ).

London has the maximum annual average salary.



The average annual salary of an animal technician is 110744 AED/ year or 53 AED/ hour.

It ranges from 84462 AED/ year to 133487 AED/ year.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the highest annual average salary.


The majority of countries give great interest to veterinary care so animal health technician salary will increase in the coming years as animal technicians are the backbone of veterinary care.

Written by/Dr. Walaa Hassan Ebrahim


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