ASPCA Pet Insurance Pre Existing Conditions Review 2022

ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions usually won't be covered, these are illnesses and injuries that appear before signing up for the pet insurance.  

And we will talk about these illnesses and symptoms in detail in our article but now let's know more about ASPCA history.

What is ASPCA

 ASPCA is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

ASPCA was the 1st human society established in North America, they advocate for animal rights and animal welfare, and they succeeded to take more than one million supporters across the country.

ASPCA pet health insurance plans are administered by the C & F insurance agency. It acts as a part of a strategic partnership with ASPCA. Through this partnership, ASPCA can receive free in exchange for the use of their marks.


What kinds of pets ASPCA can accept

The ASPCA pet health insurance can accept just:

  • Dogs.

  • Cats. 

  • Horses.

It covers accidents, illnesses, and any other health issues that occur to them. 

So, unfortunately, if you have any other type of pet animal you can call another health pet insurance company.


What does the ASPCA offer to your pet animal

ASPCA provides a complete coverage program.

It also can include preventative care coverage as an add-value each month.

Preventive care includes vaccines and screenings but it will cost you a set amount of money each month. 


How Much Does ASPCA Pet Insurance cost

Its costs vary according to:

- Breed

- Age

- Gender

- Zip code

You can use pawlicy advisor to choose the best price and compare the ASPCA pet health insurance with other pet insurance companies.

There are many plans and they vary in cost according to the benefits that are offered to your pet animal.

Note that ASPCA pet health insurance seems to be more expensive than other companies but not too much, But note, as I said before it is very special insurance and has more benefits that you will not find in the other companies.

Let me focus on some benefits that are not found in the other companies

All dogs and cats older than 2 months are subjected to the ASPCA pet health insurance without regard to their health, although ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions won't be covered. 

The program provides alternative therapy.

The program also serves prescription food and supplements.

How special is the ASPCA pet health insurance 

In 2020, the ASPCA pet insurance program took an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot. 

What you should know about the ASPCA before you buy it

ASPCA policy duration is annual.

The payment plan frequency is either monthly or annual.

The minimum age is 8 weeks.

Geographic Coverage is the United States and Canada. 

When Should You Make Insurance for Your Pet

As soon as possible to avoid the incidence of pre-existing conditions, ( injuries and diseases) to make sure that costs will be covered by the insurance.

What is not covered in the ASPCA pet health insurance

ASPCA doesn't cover cosmetic surgeries as

Tail docking

Ear cropping 

Claw removal 

Also doesn't cover breeding costs as pregnancy costs.

ASPCA Pet Insurance Pre Existing Conditions

ASPCA Pet insurance pre existing conditions usually won't be covered by the pet's health, which occurs before you engage in the insurance or occurs during the waiting period.

Here are a few examples

If your dog has a fracture before you enter into the insurance, the costs of the X-ray and other medicine related to the injury will not be covered.

Also, future costs related to the fracture will not be covered until the condition will be cured completely.

Cases that are accepted to the ASPCA pet insurance should be free from symptoms and diseases for 180 days before entering the insurance, except for any injury occurring to the knee and ligaments before entering the insurance, these cases will not be covered at the recent time or in the future. 

What is happening in case the case hasn't been diagnosed yet

It will be considered ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions and anything that occurs and is related to the injury will not be covered.

Should I take a veterinary exam for my pet before enrollment in the insurance

The ASPCA pet health doesn't need it or any medical records. 

How can you avoid the occurrence of pre-existing conditions

Honestly, there is nothing to prevent them as they occur suddenly and may occur due to accidents but you can decrease their incidence by entering the insurance as soon as possible.

So let the insurance deal with the previously existing conditions.

Can you get the costs for past wellness services

No, you can't, they are the same as the ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions. Also, they are not covered. 

Although there is no waiting period for the ASPCA preventive care coverage, it starts immediately after entering the insurance by one day.

There are different lists of covered services and payouts. 

If you still have questions about ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions you can visit the sample policy

Also if you have any questions, ASPCA representatives are ready to answer your questions at 1-888-716-1203 during the following hours:

- Monday to Friday between 8:00 am till 9:00 pm Est. 

- Saturday 9:00 am until 5:00 pm Est.

- Sunday 11:00 am until 3:00 pm Est.

If you call before or after working hours, you can leave a message and they will reply to you as soon as possible.

So, now if you are ready and you have read ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions very well, you can see the prices available for your pet animal with a free quote


I hope you find all the information you are searching for in my article ( ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions ). 

Also, I hope you enjoy my article.

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