ASPCA Pet Insurance Pre Existing Conditions | Types

ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions are injuries or illnesses which are noticeable by you or the veterinarian before you enter the ASPCA pet insurance or during the Waiting Period.

For instance, if your cat’s leg was broken while playing and exposed to x-rays or any treatments before you enter the ASPCA pet insurance in this case doesn't cover it.

But do you have any information about the Aspca pet insurance? And what will it present to your pet?

Aspca pet insurance pre existing conditions

Who is the Aspca pet insurance?

It is a non-profit company that sees pets deserve all love, kindness, and respect, and call for prevention curtly to the pets. The ASPCA pet insurance has over one million members including pet owners, pet rights advocates, and professional veterinarians.

This company was founded by henry bergh in 1866 and headquartered in New York, city. The Aspca was the first humane society established in North America.

It covers injuries, illness, and other health issues in cats and dogs, but it doesn't cover pre existing conditions that are already present before you enter the ASPCA pet insurance.

Let's ask if the ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions have been typed or not?

The answer is "yes" 

And now we will talk about these types in detail. 

What are the types of ASPCA pet insurance pre existing conditions?

The Aspca pet insurance pre existing conditions are classified into two types: curable and not curable.

Curable conditions:

Such as respiratory infection, ears infection, urinary tract infection, vomiting, and diarrhea. ASPCA pet insurance considers the conditions are pre-existing if it's cured and Treatments for 180 days. 

For example: if your dog has a respiratory infection when you entered, treatment for your pet wouldn't be covered but in the case of your dog diseased by respiratory infection after 180 days from the first one was cured and Treatment. It would be eligible for coverage. 

Incurable conditions:

Such as cancer, orthopedic conditions, Diabetes, heart and kidney disease, bladder crystals, allergies, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia. These conditions are not covered by the ASPCA pet insurance.

Why are pre-existing conditions not covered? 

As the purpose of pet insurance is to protect your pet from bad things which may happen in the future, not in the past. In addition, the cost for pre-existing conditions is high.

Is it necessary to have your pet examined before entering the ASPCA pet insurance? 

The Aspca pet insurance doesn't need medical records or veterinarian exams before enrollment. 

Aspca pet insurance pre existing conditions

What type of pets are allowed to be entered and what is the plan of the ASPCA pet insurance?

Unfortunately, this company only covers cats and dogs but on the other hand, there are insurance companies that cover pets like rabbits, amphibians, and reptiles.

ASPCA insurance offers complete coverage and protection to cats and dogs and you can get preventive care by paying an amount of money monthly for giving your pet vaccines and screening.

Why is Aspca pet insurance different from the other insurance companies?

Because they have some benefits. Such as all cats and dogs are eligible in the Aspca pet insurance plans regardless of their health; however, they don't cover pre-existing conditions.

Not only this but also they cover alternative therapies, behavioral issues, and prescription food and supplements. and there is no limit for age.

After we know almost everything about the Aspca pet insurance and the Aspca pet insurance pre existing conditions. We should know the cost of ASPCA pet insurance. 

Aspca pet insurance pre existing conditions

How much does it cost?

It varies based on your pet's breed, age, gender, and the zip code you live in.

ASPCA pet insurance lets customers customize their pets insurance plan based on the percentage they are reimbursed for cost, their annual deductible, and their annual limit. 

All these points will impact how much you will pay a month.


Aspca pet insurance covers accidents, illnesses, chronic conditions, microchip implantation, and alternative therapies, but they don't cover pre-existing conditions. Aspca pet insurance pre existing conditions have two types: curable and incurable.

They only provide insurance for dogs and insurance for cats, so if you have another kind of pet you need to look for other insurance companies.


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